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A cute siamese cat with blue eyes

The 30 Best Names For Blue Eyed Cats

There are hundreds of names for blue eyed cats, so choosing the one you really like can be difficult. No worries though, because today we have a list of our picks for the best names for cats with blue eyes. Now that you have your cute blue eyed prince or princess, you’re probably wondering what is the name for them.

Picking names can be difficult, and boring, but taking the time to choose the purr-fect name for your blue eyed cat is definitely worthwhile because this will be your cat’s name for the rest of their life.

You have to pick the perfect name sooner rather than later, so your cat gets accustomed to the name, and you are able to communicate with your cat, so you can discipline them or just call them over. Imagine, once you pick the perfect name, you will be able to call your Kitty in the best times, and be able to play together or snuggle. You will also be able to use that name to call her in the not so good times, like when she has to be washed with shampoo for the first time after getting in some mud.

Down below we have compiled a list of the 30 best blue eyed cat names we could think of, and find from around the web. Hopefully, you are able to find the perfect name for your new family member.

If you want a list of some really good names in general, you can check out the post from Rover.

In the list below, we have names for both boys, and girls, so finding a name for your kitty shouldn’t be a problem.

Blue Eyed Cat Names

Here we have names for cats that have blue eyes, and these names work with any gender.

  • Blue (We had to include this one.)
  • Mavi (This means blue in Turkish. I think this name fits with blue-eyed Ragdoll cats.)
  • Mr. Blue (Anything with blue works as a name to be honest.)
  • Aoki (This means blue tree in Japanese. It would work perfectly for a Siamese cat with blue eyes.)
  • Bluesy (This is a very cute blue-eyed name.)
  • Ocean (This one is a little generic but still great. It is for sure one of the best names for blue-eyed cats!)
  • Icea (This is a very mystical sounding blue-eyed name.)
  • Saphy (This comes from the blue gem Sapphire, and rolls off of the tongue nicer than Sapphire.)
  • Aqua (This means blue water in Spanish. This name works well for really any personality.)
  • Lapis (Comes from Lapis Lazuli, but the Lazuli isn’t as smooth sounding. Maybe their last name could be Lazuli. This is one of the best names for a white cat with blue eyes.)
  • Topaz (Another gem that is colored blue.)
blue eyed cat names

Male Blue Eyed Cat Names

Apollo (Apollo is a god in Greek mythology, so if you have a particularly majestic, and fancy cat, Apollo is definitely a great pick.)

Plavo (This means blue in Bosnian.)

Prince (This is just like Apollo if your cat seems more high and mighty than the average cat look no further.)

Oscar (This name fits a strong, intelligent cat.)

Lewis (With Lewis, I imagine a cat that is very independent.)

Romeo (Romeo reminds me of a cat that has very vivid blue eyes.)

Nilo (This is blue in the Nepali language. The foreign sound is very appealing, so definitely a great pick. Plus the double meaning for blue is a little mysterious.)

Felix (This name is great for cats that are very playful, and energetic, but you will also catch them sleeping a lot.)

Calvin (Another solid choice if your having trouble picking a unique name.)

Denim (This comes from the jean material.)

Austin (This name is like Calvin, if your someone lacking inspiration, Austin might be your pick.)

Names For Female Cats With Blue Eyes

Tiffany (Tiffany is a great choice if you want a name you will never really regret, since it is so simple, and full of personality.)

Indigo (The blue dye that comes from the indigo plant. Sounds like a farm cat kind of, if you like that vibe.)

Elle (This reminds me of a very innocent, and sweet cat.)

Zaffre (Its a variant of the color blue. We love the foreign sound.)

Bella (This name fits a cat that loves her people and is needy, but is also very independent.)

Sky (Some cats have eyes so majestic, it looks like your looking into the sky.)

Skylar (Skylar means eternal life and strength in English.Could fit your baby perfect)

Blueberry (This name fits a fat, and sweet kitty.)

Brooke (This name is simple, but beautiful.)

Livie (Livie is for the cat that is always kind, and patient no matter what’s happening.)

A Siamese Cat With Blue Eyes Hoping It Gets A good Name

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Considerations In Picking Names For Blue Eyed Cats


Make sure you are certain about your kitten’s gender before you get attached to a specific name, and make sure the name fits your kitten’s specific gender. If its a boy, don’t have the name be feminine. I actually have a funny story, that relates to this subject.

We found a stray cat that we thought was a boy. We decided to name “him” Max, but when we went to the vet for shots, we found out “he” was actually a she. This was a little surprising, but we still thought her original name Max fit her well.


When choosing cat names for blue eyed cats, I think you should really consider the cat’s personality before naming her. With a mischievous cat, you can name them something that really highlights their naughty character like Luci”fur”. I always find it great when the name perfectly correlates with the cat.


It can be funny to name your furry friend after someone famous.

But, I also think that certain celebrity names might grow old, and annoying on you, and naming your cat after some random celebrity doesn’t give your cat their own identity. Consider how you would feel in 5 years calling your cat after a random celebrity name, and if that doesn’t bother you go ahead.

Don’t make it too complex!

I would try to find a name that is very simple to say, and not too over the top. Finding something that easily flows out of your mouth is key!

I hope the list of names helped you find a name that you truly love, and one that you think fits your new blue eyed kitten well.

If you are a new cat parent, this guide is a good starting place for learning about how to care for your kitten.

Being a new cat owner, you are going to need some new supplies. The most urgent things you probably need to get ahold of for your cat is toys to play with, a good brush, and a carrier that also includes a litter box.

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