10 Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Two Cats In 2021

Are you a frequent traveler or your working shifts aren’t fixed? People with irregular routines have a hard time feeding their pets. They get disturbed by cats waking them up too early because they are hungry. 

After all, it’s not an easy task to get up from deep sleep. If you don’t have any helper, then having an automatic cat feeder for two cats can resolve this issue. These automatic feeders take care of your cat’s feeding routine.

Being an owner, it is crucial to take proper care of cats’ feeding schedule. With an automatic cat feeder, your cats will be fed on time with the right quantity of food. They might face health and especially growth issues if they don’t get adequate feed.

Are you looking for an automatic cat feeder for multiple cats? In this post, a few of the best cat feeders are reviewed. A brief buying guide is also provided to clear out your confusion while making a buying process easier.

Quick Look

The 10 Best Automatic Feeders For Two Cats



This feeder is by far the best for its ease of use and programmable features. 

This programmable feeder can free you from the repetitive task of feeding your cats. It can overall hold 24 cups of food in the machine, and the 5 cups in the feeding bowl. This quantity is enough to keep feeding your pet for a significant time.

It can feed your cats with up to 12 meals a day. You can adjust the quantity from 1/8 to 4 cups. Also, it gives you an option to set the feeding schedule. Thus, your pet won’t stay hungry while you’re busy with long working hours. 

It makes programming easier with its LCD screen and 5-button navigation. You can effortlessly set the feeding time, method, and quantity. Its translucent lid and hopper let you view the food level immediately. 

This product is good for solid and semi-solid moist food. The best part is its ability to adjust the food dispensing speed. It has various modes. 

The Slow feed dispenses food while taking a time of above 15 minutes. It thus prevents your pet from vomiting or bloating. Pause Feed Mode will stop emitting meals without breaking the schedule. 

It also gives Immediate Feed Mode that dispenses the next meal instantly from the conveyor belt. Such features help in establishing your pets’ routine. All these attributes make it one of the best automatic cat feeders for multiple cats. 


  • Made up of BPA free plastic.
  • Easy to clean it.
  • Helpful in adjusting your cats’ eating schedule. 
  • Dispenses accurate food quantity.


  • You might find it difficult to use its keys.
  • You’d need to separately buy its power adapter. 

This product is great if you want some adequate food storing space along with good programming capabilities. 


It is probably the best product for feeding the right meal to your right pet.

This product is suitable for those with multiple naughty cats, as it prevents them from snatching each other’s meals. This feeder has functions to provide feed to a selected pet only. 

It works by identifying the cat’s unique microchip or RFID collar tag. You’d need to program the specific pet by using a single button and it will keep the feeder lid closed and would open for the right cat only. 

It could be a great option for owners whose pets are on a restricted diet and it can also help in controlling the weight of your chubby feline. 

Gives you great control over your pet by identifying up to 32 pets. However, you’d need to get more microchips or RFID collars for adding more cats.


  • Good for both dry and wet food.
  • Keeps food fresh for a good amount of time.
  • Its bowl is tip-resistant and lead-free. 
  • Its programming is compatible with all microchips. 


  • Only comes with one collar tag.
  • Doesn’t support programmable timing. 

This feeder is great for multiple pet owners as it effortlessly stops prohibited pets from accessing food. 


This feeder is great for its numerous feeds and versatile quantity control.

This automatic cat feeder for multiple cats is a good quality USA product. It comes with a great food holding capacity. 

It can hold 5 cups of food. However, you can even add more space by using extensions. The good thing about this dispenser is you can customize it to fulfill your specific requirements. 

Moreover, it allows minimizing the food quantity for kittens having health issues or obesity. Its versatile timer gives the option of setting a few kibbles to cups. So, you won’t need to worry about the quantity. 

You can save up to 48 feeds in its timer. This versatility and big capacity can certainly make it one of the best automatic feeders for multiple cats. You can even use this disperser with your home automation or web-based system.


  • The Analog programmer is easy to use. 
  • Its stand and bowl are built with good quality material.
  • Adjustments to numerous feeds.
  • It gives great accuracy for meal quantity.


  • You’d need to do some assembly before using it.
  • It doesn’t operate on batteries.

This feeder is remarkable for its versatile features and customization options.

This product is outstanding for providing clean food and water to your multiple cats without creating a mess.
This Bergan Gourmet aims to provide clean water and dry food to your pets even when you are away. It comes in the form of one water feeder and one dry meal feeder. They have 1.5 Gallon and 6lbs. food capacity respectively. 

Both these feeders release food and water slowly. These dispensers have a wide opening. So, you won’t face any problem cleaning them. The lid helps in preventing spillage or water splashing.

Thus, your cats’ feeding area remains clean and tidy even when they are being fed in your absence. Furthermore, as they have clear sides, you can get a better idea about the remaining food quantity. 

As feeders are strong, they will stay intact even when your cats are being mischievous. All these attributes make it one of the best automatic cat feeders for multiple cats. 


  • Both feeders are BPA free.
  • It’s simple and easy functioning ensures well-organized feeding.
  • It has enough capacity to feed multiple pets.


  • It could have some instructions too.
  • The water feeder could be colored to identify clear water easily. 

This product is amazing for its tidy and simple functioning.

This automatic feeder is good for providing two feeds on scheduled time.

This relatively simple feeder helps you if you have two pets or want to schedule two meal times. It comes with two bowls with lids. 

They both have enough capacity. You can hold 450 g or 1 lb food in a single bowl. Moreover, this feeder is suitable for both dry as well as wet food. 

To keep the food fresh, it contains built-in ice packs. You can set the timer for both bowls, and they will open lids up on scheduled time. The timer limit is up to 48 hours.

Its bowls and lids are removable and dishwasher safe. So, you won’t face any difficulty cleaning them. With all these traits, it surely is a great automatic cat feeder for multiple cats. 


  • Comes with 3 years guarantee.
  • Keeps food fresh.
  • Effortless to clean bowls and lids.
  • Contains adequate food capacity.


  • Suitable for two feeds only. 

This product is incredible for providing two scheduled feed with simple maintenance. 

Arf Pets

Arf Pets automatic feeder is recommended for its various automatic features and timely feeds.

This Arf Pets feeder can be helpful if you want to schedule the whole day meals for your cats. You need to fill its compartment once, and it will dispense 4 meals a day.

Besides setting the time, it also gives an option to choose the required portion. You can choose anywhere between one to 10 24ml portions for any meal. This feature helps in preventing your small pets from overfeeding. 

It has a capacity of 1.14 Gallon and it is quite enough to feed your multiple pets. Moreover, it has an LCD on the top to make timer settings. The feature best about this feeder is its ability to give personal meal time calls.

You can record the message that you normally use to call your pets for mealtimes. It will play it on every scheduled feeding time. Also, it will beep an alarm when its compartment would need refilling. 

It also has a magnetic lid to prevent the naughty pets from peeking inside the compartment.  


  • Its alarm will timely remind you about refilling.
  • A specific meal call wouldn’t let your pet miss your absence. 
  • It dispenses 4 scheduled meals with accurate portions. 
  • The lock keeps pets away from the food compartment.


  • It could have more programmable meal options.
  • Its clock only operates in 24 hours.

This product is great for dispensing 4 scheduled meals with an accurate portion along with a personal message. 

This feeder is great for its versatility and advanced automated functioning. 

The WESTLINK can be suitable for you if you want versatile meal options along with other fancy features. It has a 6L capacity. 

It allows adjusting 4 meals in a single day. You can set every meal to dispense any portion from 1-39. However, each portion comprises a food quantity of 10-12 grams. 

It also contains a built-in voice recorder and speaker. You can record your message and use it to call your pets. It uses infrared detection to prevent food locking. Thus, your cats will have a good time feeding even when you’re not around.

The protection mechanism stops cats from interfering with its functioning. Its Lock design keeps the food safe inside the compartment. It operates both on batteries and USB. Thus, this automatic cat feeder for multiple cats can be a great addition for your pets. 


  • Its Protection Function prevents pets from causing any functional disorder. 
  • Removable bowl
  • Effortless to clean.
  • It allows recording your voice for 10 seconds. 
  • Keeps food dry and clean.


  • It might feel difficult to program meals.
  • The screen might not feel easily visible to everyone. 

This machine is amazing for dispensing accurate and versatile meals along with advanced functioning to prevent mishaps. 

This product is excellent for its big food capacity and ease of use. 

This feeder comes with good food storing capacity. It can store up to 6.5lbs of food. It dispenses an accurate quantity of food on time. 

Thus, it becomes easier to feed your cats even when you are asleep early in the morning. The minimum food portion that it dispenses is 10 grams. You can set it to discharge more if required. 

It has LCD control that you can use to program the schedule. It is easy to read and program the timing on this device. Besides being functional, it is easy to maintain as well. 

All its food parts are safe to be used in a dishwasher. It makes cleaning them a quite easier task and it operates on batteries that add a bit more to its convenience. Moreover, it uses 4 x C batteries that give nonstop use of 6 to 9 months. 


  • Long-lasting batteries.
  • Easy to use. 
  • Dispenses accurate food quantity on scheduled time.
  • Effortless to clean it.
  • 3 years warranty.


  • Its dish seems a bit deep to reach all corners. 
  • You might feel it slightly noisy.

Cat mate C3000 is suitable for rabbits and small pets.


This product is great for its multiple feeds option along with plain functioning and ease of use. 

If you want an automatic food dispenser with multiple feeds options and simple features, C500 can be your choice. It allows you to set a schedule for 5 meals. 

You can see all the programmed meals on it. It has a tamper-proof lid that keeps the food safe from naughty cats.

It contains 5 small compartments to store food. They remain closed with a lid and open only when it is feeding time. It also comes equipped with twin ice packs. They help in keeping food fresh for long. 


  • It controls each meal separately.
  • LCD screen display.
  • The timer is effortless to use.
  • Simple to clean and maintain. 


  • You’ll need to buy its batteries separately. 
  • You would need to refreeze its ice packs. 

This automatic feeder is good for its simple features, temper-free design, easy maintenance, and adequate meal options. 


This product is great for its compact design and feeding two meals on scheduled time.

This product is suitable if you don’t want any sophisticated dispensing system. It is rather a simple tray-like feeder that takes care of your pets’ mealtime. 

It has two trays that have the capacity of holding 1.5 cups of food each and allows adjusting timer for up to 48 hours. At the scheduled time, it opens up one tray while keeping the other one strictly locked. 

Its trays are removable and dishwasher safe. Thus, cleaning them wouldn’t be trouble anymore. It needs AA batteries that add more to its convenience and ease-of-use. 


  • Doesn’t need any assembly.
  • Helpful in controlling meal portions for cats with special requirements. 
  • Needs simple maintenance. 
  • Constructed with BPA-free plastic.


  • It cannot preserve the freshness of canned food for a long duration.
  • You might find it difficult to remove the battery.

This feeder is great for its straightforward automatic two meals feeding and simple maintenance. 

Buyer’s Guide

Here you’ll see a few aspects of automatic cat feeders that are important to consider before selecting an option:

Size of Feeder

The size of the feeder you choose is key to ensure smooth feeding. All pets are different, and they have different food requirements.

A few of them are quite petite and they need a nominal food quantity. However, some beast cats can’t get full with a single meal or ordinary size.

So, you know your pet and home space well. You should choose the feeder that goes well with the available space and cats’ requirements.  

User-Friendly Functioning

You are planning to purchase an automatic cat feeder for your ease. What if it feels even difficult to operate it? It wouldn’t be of any use of course. 

Many models claim to offer a highly automated system, but they make things even difficult for the users. 

There is a possibility that you’d need to spend a great time just to adjust the schedule or meal quantity. It is therefore important to first see its proper use and all features before making any decision. 

Manufacturer Reputation

While searching out for the right automatic feeder you might see numerous sellers offering the more or less same thing. Which one should you go for?

Though less renowned names seem tempting because of their low prices, it is always good to choose a trustworthy brand. There is also a good list of reliable manufacturers who sell automatic cat feeders. 

If you go to a famous brand, it is going to offer long-term value for your money. Good quality products can not only keep you easy but your cats happy and content as well. 

However, it is also important to see real buyers’ reviews about that specific brand and model. It will tell you a lot about its benefits and detriments.

Additional Features

Different automatic feeders come with various features. A few of them are quite simple and offer a few functions to feed your pet.

However, there are more sophisticated models available that take feeding to the next level. They make the process a bit more automated and easier by connecting it to your home automation system. You can then control it with your smart devices.

Also, a few feeders give reminders, alarms, voice messages, and other indications to make feeding even easier. 

Though it is just an automatic cat feeder, it can entirely change the scenario for you and your feline. The more automation and help you acquire the happier your pets would be. And you’d feel relieved.


You are planning to purchase an automatic cat feeder because of your busy routine. Would you be able to take time out for its maintenance?

This device will contain your cats’ food, so it’d be a must to maintain it properly. It is crucial for good health. 

You’ll find a few models that offer simple maintenance and cleanliness options. They don’t need any complicated assembly or disassembly. Rather, a simple removing and dishwasher cycle can do the task for you. You need to look for such models. 

Power Source

This feature also has a significant impact on the ease of use of the feeder. Some models only need batteries for their functioning. It could be an easier option as you’d be free to put it anywhere you want. 

Modern feeders are becoming efficient. They consume low energy and batteries last more than 6 months. However, if you are going for an advanced system, the one with Wi-Fi, you’d need to connect it to the wall socket. If you have any specific space at home with a power outlet nearby, you can go for this option as well. 

Food Type

Cats feed includes both dry as well as wet food. However, most of the automatic feeders only support dry food options. The reason is; it is easier and simple to maintain the device after dispensing it. 

The wet food can stick inside the walls, and it would be difficult to remove its residue too. Moreover, wet food is more likely to get stuck inside instead of dispensing. It can end up in feline fighting with the machine. 

So, a very few feeders are capable of handling this situation. Thus, if you want to feed wet food, check out a dispenser for this feature first.


How Can I Train the Cat to Use a New Automatic Feeder?

It might get difficult at the start. However, it is completely doable. You can put the new feeder beside the old feeding bowl. During mealtime, put a small amount of food on a new feeder as well. 

Once your cat is familiar and happy with the new feeder, remove the old one and start the feeder. Its noise might frighten your cat at the start. But it will eventually start loving it as it is the sound of FOOD. 

Why the Food Doesn’t Dispense Smoothly Even When It Is Time?

It happens sometimes. However, a few feeders might face this problem more as compared to others. It occurs when food gets stuck on the discharge port. It is therefore recommended to use only the food of up to specific sizes to prevent this problem. There are a few sophisticated feeders that give an indication when this problem occurs. 


The automatic cat feeder is a great innovation for pet owners. These tools seem to understand pet owners’ tough schedule and take care of their adorable little friends. 

In this post, a few automatic feeders for multiple cats have been reviewed. It also contains a brief buying guide to help readers easily choose the best feeder option. 

Though there are many products, the SureFeed is probably the best option for multiple cats. It identifies the pets based on their microchips or RFID collars and gives feed to a designated cat only. It is a smart system that functions to prevent your cats from overfeeding or stealing others’ meals. 

Besides, the PetSafe is a runner up. It provides multiple feeds. It not only discharges the required quantity on preset time but also allows selecting a mode.

These versatile features control your cats feeding just like the way you want. It thus makes leaving them behind at home reasonably an easier and worry-free thing.