Best Litter Box Furniture

The 10 Best Litter Box Furniture (Reviewed 2021)

Today, we will be showing you our picks of the best cat litter box furniture to effectively hide your cat’s litter box, while also looking like typical, and lavish furniture.

The concept is cool, and weird at the same time. You take something gross like where your cat uses the bathroom, and then you disguise and hide it within a beautiful cabinet or bench, and you put it somewhere with lots of traffic in your home. It is quite ingenious. You can keep the litter box hidden in plain sight.

Now instead of putting your litter box somewhere random in your house like the garage, you can save space by combining the place your cat goes potty with a graceful piece of decor that adds to your whole house’s vibe.

Next up, our team at Kitty Cat Reviews has made a list of the best cat litter box enclosures.

What is litter box furniture?

It is basically furniture specifically made to discreetly hide the litter box.

It is supposed to look like any other piece of furniture in your home. By looking like a regular piece of furniture, hiding the litter box is easy.

The 10 Best Cat Litter Box Furniture

The Merry Bench Litter Box Enclosure is a piece that beats out all the competition when it comes to providing a cat litter box enclosure that matches with almost any home, is extremely convenient, and doesn’t break the bank.

For these reasons, it is our favorite piece. It functions fabulously as a way to hide the litter box. This piece’s design is basic but stylish and will match with almost any house’s interior design. It has lots of storage, lots of room inside for your cat, and is easy to clean.

This enclosure is great for cleaning. Access to the inside is very open and easy to get to. With this piece, there should be no problems with the weight of your cat and its supplies as it is has a weight limit of 80 pounds.


  • It will be suitable for even the biggest litter boxes, and cats
  • Can hold up to 80 pounds of weight (not fragile piece)
  • Simple hidden litter box enclosure to harmonize with any existing style to your house
  • Can keep other litter supplies inside the bench


  • Some have trouble assembling this piece

The Refine Feline Litter Box is a very stylish hidden litter box enclosure that functions wells in hiding your cat’s litter box with ease. The great part about this box is it actually has a drawer above your cat’s potty room to store little stuff for your cat. You could store some treats for your kitty or whatever else you could think of.

A downside with this litter box enclosure is you won’t be able to hold extra cat litter inside of the enclosure, so you will have to have a different place to store extra litter.

This piece was chosen as one of the best litter box enclosures because of how clean it looks. It is a nice, and modest piece that will only add to the style of your home.


  • Has a plastic interlining inside to catch litter and to prevent pee from sinking into the wood
  • The wall with the entrance point for your cat can be placed on either side of the enclosure
  • There is a drawer above the main cabinet for an additional place to store little pet stuff


  • Can be difficult for some to set up

What makes this enclosure special is how it has two stories instead of the traditional 1 story.

With this distinct feature, the litter box is a lot more space-efficient and is more versatile when you’re deciding where to place it in your home. The second story of this enclosure can act like a little cat cave for your feline friend.

There is a hole on the shelf separating the two stories, so your cat can move between either story with a little bit of its feline athleticism.

Whatever you decide to purchase this piece for, whether as a way to hide the litter box in plain sight, or to give your cat their own home, we believe this piece can definitely bring some worthwhile value.


  • Dual story furniture
  • Lots of holes that provide circulating air to control odor
  • Can work as a bed side table
  • Can be solely used as a place for your cat to get away
  • Easy access
  • Can hold two litter boxes


  • It is larger than one might expect
  • No compartments for storage

This enclosure is another beautiful piece that can definitely add to the “feng shui” of your home decor.

The hole where your cat gets into the furniture is structured a little above the bottom of the enclosure so that litter won’t be accidentally spilled on the outside ground. Also, the hinges open from the top and the top stays up by itself.

The inside of the enclosure has two sections, one for the litter box, and the other for whatever you would like, maybe a cat bed or storage area. This enclosure is constructed with wood, and the paint on the litter box is free from lead, and toxins.

It comes in two different colors white and black for whatever suits your home better.


  • Reversible entrance wall
  • Hides the litter box in a very delicate manner
  • Easy access
  • Big enough for larger litter boxes


  • The litter box may be more difficult for cleaning since you have to bend over as the furniture opens from the top

To be honest, this is a great piece. It is so sneaky and innovative. Whoever thought of hiding a litter box in a fake flower pot is an absolute genius. Who doesn’t love this idea?

This furniture piece is WAY less expensive than many other enclosures on this list. If you are looking for cheaper litter box enclosures, go look at litter box tents.

There are only 5 pieces in this furniture piece, so if you aren’t looking for an assembly project, well I think we just found the cat litter box enclosure for you.

I would not personally mind the little extra hassle involved with this product, and with its exceptional price, sneakiness/novelty, and solid functionality, this furniture piece is definitely a worthwhile purchase.


  • Very realistic looking as it looks like a plant
  • Vents around enclosure
  • Designed for big cats
  • Most clever out of all the other enclosures on this list
  • Cheaper than most enclosures


  • No additional storage
  • Harder to clean that other enclosures that open up wider and that open from the side

If you are looking for a simple, and inexpensive piece, this is one of the best litter box enclosures out there! This enclosure is a lot less than others on this list.

This enclosure is made from wood and is finished with a nice coffee stain that looks great.

In the back of the enclosure, there are lots of holes to circulate bad smells around, and not let any terrible smells build up inside the box. There is a hole on the cabinet door for your cat to enter and leave whenever.

To conclude, this piece is a fantastic little piece that serves the purpose of a minimal, but lush cat litter box enclosure wonderfully.


  • Simple design
  • Inexpensive compared to other litter enclosures
  • Sleek and lavish style
  • Enough room inside for bigger litter boxes


  • This enclosure does not have any extra storage other than the top of the enclosure
  • Does not have a plastic liner to prevent pee from sinking in

This is another piece that is perfect for someone just looking for a piece that will successfully hide the litter box and looks great while doing it.

If you have an extra fat cat, you can opt for the jumbo size enclosure to suit your cat’s needs.

One of the best things about this enclosure is it is made from a material called ecoFLEX, which will prevent your cat’s pee from soaking in and leaving a nasty smell.

I like this piece a lot because the hole where your cat gets into the enclosure from looks a lot less like a hole where your cat enters and exits from, but more just like a part of the furniture.

This piece would fit great into a modern-styled house’s living room.


  • Constructed with ecoFlex material
  • Pee will not soak into material of this box (way less odor)
  • Affordable
  • Lots of options for colors to match any house


  • There is zero extra storage for this enclosure, other than putting stuff on the top surface

We absolutely love this piece. The reason is because of its overall functionality, and also the unique design.

This box has two cabinets that open up to the inside of the enclosure, so you will have some extra room to put a bag of litter or other stuff for your cat.

This enclosure has a little table that extends a few inches up from the main part of this piece, which makes it more convincing than just a regular cabinet. For this reason, this enclosure hides the cat litter box inside even better.

To conclude, this enclosure could make a great addition to your house’s existing furniture with its sleek design, while also acting as your cat’s bathroom space.


  • Lots of room in the interior to store other pet necessities like extra litter
  • Could work great as a place to put your TV on in the living room


  • Only 1 option for color

This piece is different from every single item on this list. Instead of being a closed enclosure, this product is actually a screen that allows your cat to be in the open, while also being hidden from the unsuspecting eye.

Basically, you put this screen somewhere in your house where it looks natural, maybe you could put it in an empty corner, and then you would put the litter box behind the screen.

This is great for cats that hate having their potty place closed off from the world. Some cats just can’t go to the bathroom in a dark, and confined space because they are anxious and claustrophobic in tight spaces.

It is definitely unique and can spice up whatever room you decide to put it in. The screen is 3 feet by 4 feet, which will adequately conceal a litter box.

To conclude, this screen is perfect for cats that have a hard time using the bathroom in confined enclosures.


  • Great for cats that get anxious in closed off enclosures
  • More affordable than traditional cat enclosure
  • Different vibe than a regular enclosure, if you are looking for something more unique


  • This is not a cat litter box enclosure, but is a great alternative
  • Not a litter box cover

This is a sleek litter box enclosure that offers storage as it has two cabinets.

When there are two cabinets, you can put the litter box behind one cabinet, and whatever you want behind the other.

This enclosure’s entry hole is very distinctive as it is shaped like a cat. If you love having everything reflect your love for cats, then this is your perfect litter box enclosure.

Speaking about the entry hole, there are entry holes on both sides of the enclosure to make it easy for your cat to get in and out.

Overall, this is a very solid choice for litter box enclosures.


  • There are two holes one on each side of the enclosure for your cat to come and go conveniently.
  • Extra space inside for storage


  • The holes on each side might make it less discreet than other enclosures with only one hole.


Do Cats Like Litter Box Furniture?

litter box furnitureIt is all up to preference, but if you get the right piece and set it up in the correct way, your cat will most likely like the hidden litter box enclosure. 

If you get a large piece, has good ventilation, and then you place it somewhere that is relatively quiet and accessible, your cat will probably enjoy her potty spot.

What To Look For In Cat Litter Box Furniture?

These are some of the characteristics I would look for.

  • Effortless access for human and cat

When it comes time for you to clean the litter box, make sure the furniture is easy to access. You also want something that isn’t going to be too much of a hassle for your cat to get in and out of whenever they have to use the bathroom.

  • Odor control and good ventilation

Make sure the enclosure has plenty of holes for ventilation or the enclosure will become too smelly for your cat and they will avoid it.

  • Matches with your house

Make sure it looks like it belongs in your living room.

  • Plenty big

Keep in mind, a cramped piece will not allow your cat to comfortably use the litter box.

  • Durability

You want something that is not going to absorb pee into the material as this will quickly become unbearably smelly.

  • Extra storage

What Is The Best Cat Litter Box Furniture?

After looking at all the different pieces, we concluded that the Merry washroom bench was the best piece.


It is a relatively new cat product that isn’t an absolute necessity but is useful. 

If you don’t like how much space a piece of furniture takes and hate how smell is trapped inside, you could get an enclosure that is just a privacy screen, so she isn’t completely confined. Our team actually put together an article on the best litter box privacy screens

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