This cute cat is looking for her food, but she has to wait for the timer to go off because she eats from an automatic wet cat food feeder.

The 9 Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Wet Food

An automatic cat feeder for wet food can really change both you and your cat’s life. The problem is finding a good one is hard to do. That is where we come in.

In today’s post, we talk about some of the best options for automatic cat feeders for wet food, considerations to think about before purchasing a cat feeder, and we answer some commonly asked questions based around automatic wet cat food feeders.

The Best Wet Cat Food Feeders


The Cat Mate is by far the best overall automatic wet cat food feeder.

We consider this as the best cat feeder because of its convenience, large number of meals, ease of use, and much more.

It also works good as a dog proof cat feeder.

The Cat Mate has 5 food compartments which means it can store 5 meals at once. This can last your cat a while when you are away for more extended lengths of time.

One of the coolest things about this product is there are sections, below the food tray, inside the feeder where you can put the ice packs that are included in the purchase of this feeder, and this will prevent wet food from becoming gross, and will mean you can leave wet food in the feeder for longer than if it didn’t have ice packs included.

This feeder is rather simple to use, all you have to do is fill up the feeder, and then you can schedule using the feeder’s led screen when your cat’s food comes out at. There is a clock on this feeder, so you can prearrange the time that your cat eats at with a few button presses.

With this feature, you are able to make sure that you never overfeed your cat, so they do not eventually have weight-related health problems. This will also certainly save you some time.

The lid and tray where the food is kept are both dish-washable. This is wonderful as it means less work for you if you can just throw it in the dish washer.

The top lid that separates the food from the outside world is very secure, so you can ensure that your cat doesn’t get cheeky and get food that they aren’t suppose to have.

You can also get a different version of the Cat Mate for less money, but the trade off is that it can hold only 3 meals at once.

All in all, this is a great product, and we believe that it is the best automatic cat feeder for wet food.


  • Cats have a hard time getting to the food behind the secure lid
  • Ice packs help preserve the wet cat food
  • Ability to store 5 meals at a time


  • Not as many food compartments as other options

The Ancaixin is the runner up in the race for the best cat feeder that works with wet food.

The Ancaixin and the Cat Mate are very similar products, almost identical. The difference is the price, having ice packs, and the number of meals each product is able to store inside.

The Ancaixin costs less than the Cat Mate, and the Cat Mate holds 6 meals while the Cat Mate holds 5 meals.

You might be thinking that the Ancaixin should be considered first based on the facts I just presented you, but you have to take into account that the Cat Mate has ice packs to keep wet food from turning bad. When you take this into account, the Cat Mate wins.

A huge benefit about this automatic wet food cat feeder is how convenient it is to clean. The tray that holds the food is able to being cleaned simply by removing it from the feeder, and then either cleaning it by hand or with the use of a dishwasher.

There are 6 different portions for where you put the food, so you can plan the meals far in advance, and you will not have to spend as much time reloading it as other cat feeders require you to.

We love how compact this product is at only 3 pounds, and a foot across.

Of course, wet food works with this cat feeder or we would not be reviewing it.

To conclude, this automatic wet cat food feeder, in our opinion, is the one of the best on the market.


  • Takes common Double A batteries
  • Ability to program when your cat receives their food
  • Actually plays a song to let your cat know it’s food time


  • Does not schedule time like 8 am but sets an interval timer for example it will give your cat their food in 5 hours
  • No ice packs

The WOpet cat feeder, in our opinion, is the best cat feeder if you are looking to occasionally use it on weekend trips and things like that.

The reason is because it only has 2 meal compartments, so it isn’t the best choice if your trying to start feeding your cat entirely with an automatic feeder. But, if you are looking for something that works whenever you are caught in a doozy, this one is the perfect choice.

This cat feeder also includes ice packs, so you can try extending the life of your cat’s wet food as long as possible. This will hopefully prevent the food from becoming inedible.

The timer on this feeder has a max time of 48 hrs, but there is nothing wrong with that as wet food will not even be good for much longer after that.

The feeder has a locking system to make sure your cat can’t get to their meal early.

To conclude, this automatic cat feeder is a quick and easy fix for those who need to make sure their cat gets fed, but won’t physically be there.


  • Ice packs to keep your cat’s wet food from becoming stale
  • Very simple to use for those looking for one that has a manual timer and not a digital timer
  • Very quiet product
  • Does what it is suppose to do and does it well


  • Only has 2 food compartments

The TDYNASTY is probably the most technological advanced option of automatic cat feeders that also won’t absolutely break the bank.

This one is only a little bit more expensive than the others on this list.

It also has a few nice features that can’t be found in other products that we reviewed.

First off, you do not need batteries for this option. You can choose to either plug it in to an outlet or if you don’t want a tripping hazard in your house, you can use batteries.

Personally, I love that this feeder is able to be plugged in, because it is so much more convenient to plug something in rather than you having to hunt all the drawers in your house for batteries, and half the time the battery you find is completely dead.

Another feature that this feeder has that others do not is instead of twisting the lid to lock it all you have to do is simply click a button to lock the lid.

This is just another little thing that might not seem that important, but as you add everything up, it gets big. Instead of running on a timer system, this cat feeder works with a clock system.

This allows for you to set a regular feeding routine. This feeder can keep 5 meals at a time.

You are able to record your voice or any sound onto the feeder, so every time it is meal time, they will hear a specific sound and then they will know it is time to eat.

I would check out the TDYNASTY if you want an automatic feeder.


  • Has 5 food compartments
  • Lets your cat know when it is time to eat with alarm


  • More complicated to use than simple hand-twist dial timer
  • Does not keep wet food cold

The YGtech is another one of the best cat automatic feeders.

The cost of this device is a little bit above average for automatic cat feeders for wet food, but don’t have that turn you away. I would not have ranked it in our top 5 of favorite cat feeders for wet food, if I thought the price of it wasn’t for appropriate reasons.

First off, it has 6 compartments for your cat’s wet food. This is on the high end of cat feeders for amount of compartments. This cat feeder could do well in all scenarios since it has so many compartments, it could work as a feeder that you use to feed your cat with everyday, or just as a safety net for when you are away for short periods of time, and you don’t have someone to feed your cat while you are gone.

You can get all your money back with this for the first month of use if you do not like the product.

Personally, I love the white and modern look that this cat feeder offers. It is honestly the best looking cat feeder out there.


  • Awesome design and aesthetic
  • 6 meal compartments
  • Uses clock system rather than count down timer


  • Wet food will go bad faster with this product since ice packs are not included


Why should you get an automatic cat feeder for wet food?

There are two main reasons why you should get an automatic cat feeder.

The first one is simply for your convenience.

You might want to take an unexpected trip over the weekend. With a cat feeder, you are able to set up a few meals in advance, so your cat gets enough food dispersed evenly without getting too much food.

On a work day, you might want to give your cat a small snack at lunch time. The night before you can set up the timer, so she gets her snack.

If you do not want to worry about feeding your cat for a while, you could set up 5 meals on the Cat Mate, and then not have to worry about feeding your cat manually for the next 2 days, if you feed her twice a day, and then 1 extra time throughout those 2 days.

I know some people that have cats that wake their owners up in the middle of the night because the cat is hungry. With an automatic cat feeder, the night before you can set a little bit of food to come out at 3 am, and boom your cat will not wake you up at 3 am for some food, and also they won’t be hungry all night long. Both parties win.

Honestly, this is just a few examples of possible applications of automatic cat feeders for wet food.

There are probably a thousand more scenarios, where having a cat feeder will save the day.

The next big reason of buying a cat feeder is for the sake of your cat’s health. A lot of cats are overweight, and the main culprit is overfeeding.

Overfeeding can also lead to many other health affects. Some of the big ones are diabetes, dental issues, joint problems, and much more. By controlling how and when your cat eats, you can slowly help your cat get healthier and happier.

If you are ever curious if your cat is obese, you can check out our post, is your cat overweight?

You can also help your cat by getting them some exercise with the use of toys. A great way is with toys that you control personally. These toys let you have fun with your baby, while your cat gets to burn some fat. Learn more with our article here.

To conclude, I would suggest getting an automatic cat feeder for a multitude of reasons, from helping your stay away from being obesity through portion control, to helping you be free from always having to manually feed your cat.

How do these automatic wet cat food feeders work?

Automatic cat feeders are a really cool tool that not enough people take advantage of. Cat feeders are dispensers that allow you to dispense your cat’s wet food at any time. So how do they work?

The first step in the use of a cat feeder is filling it up. Each automatic cat feeder is able to hold different amounts of food. Some can hold up to 6 meals while other can only hold 1.

Also, some are able to hold more food per meal compartment.

After filling up your cat feeder, now you have to input when your cat’s meal times are going to be.

Most cat feeders work with a timer rather than a clock. You have to input for the meal time to be in 10 hours versus just inputting a time like 4 pm. I don’t really think this should be a big factor in your buying decision. You might have to spend a few extra minutes calculating the right time to put into the timer.

Make sure the top is securely attached, so no sneaky cats come and get food that isn’t quite yet theirs. Once your cat has eaten all the scheduled meals, you can refill it or clean it depending on how gross the feeder is. Most feeders are super easy to be cleaned.

That’s it! It is rather simple isn’t it. All in all, automatic cat feeders are simple to use products that help free up your time.

Can automatic cat feeders work with multi-cat household?

On paper, yes some automatic cat feeders can work with multiple cats, but they are only a rare few.

If you have one cat that usually hogs the food then it will be hard to have a cat feeder work with more than 1 cat. Usually cat feeders have different sounding alarms for each cat, so the cat knows when to eat.

This is a good system in theory.

The cat that steals the food will eventually learn the other cat’s food alarm, and this multi-cat feeder will not serve it purpose. The food hog will get twice as much food, while the other cat will starve, and you might not even notice for a bit because you aren’t home when your cat gets their food from their automatic cat feeder.

If you have two cats that are not too food-oriented than an automatic cat feeder for more than 1 cat can work.

How can I preserve the wet food longer?

If you are going to be gone for more than a day or a day and a half it is important to keep the food fresh. I have a few simple tips to help prevent your cat’s wet food from going bad too fast.

The first thing you should do is buy an automatic cat feeder for wet food that comes with ice packs. Ice packs will keep the food cold, so it stays fresher for longer.

Another thing you can do is freeze the wet food before you put it in the cat feeder. You can freeze it in small chunks and put it in the feeder in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th compartment.

The first few meals should be good for your cat since they will eat it in like a day, and by the time they work their way around to the 3rd, 4th, and 5th meal, those meals will have thawed, and hopefully still be fresh for your cat.

If you end up buying a cat feeder that doesn’t include include ice packs with the purchase, you might be able to make a DIY rig at home that keeps the wet food inside the feeder stay fresh.

What Should You Consider When Purchasing An Automatic Wet Food Cat Feeder?

1. Suitable for wet cat food

This is exactly why you are here. We know, it is HARD to find an automatic cat feeder that is suitable for wet food.

You need to make sure that whatever automatic feeder you decide to purchase that it works with wet food.

You can skip this consideration by picking any product from this list, as we have hand picked these products to ensure people say that these feeders work with wet food.

If you want your cat’s wet food to last longer, consider getting a feeder that has ice packs included. These can help keep the food fresh for longer.

Say you are going on a vacation over the weekend, you will want the wet food to not go stale to quick during your vacation.

Many automatic cat feeders say they work with wet food, but in reality they actually don’t. You can check the reviews and make sure people have a positive experience with that specific feeder and it working with wet food.

Another thing is if a feeder works for wet food, it almost certainly also works for dry, and semi-moist food. If you are someone that likes to change up your cat’s diet, so they get a wide range of nutrients from different food types then any automatic wet cat food feeder should work for you.

Also, when you are away from your cat for longer amounts of time, you can fill up their automatic feeder with dry food, so you can rest assured that the food doesn’t go bad on your kitty.

When you are on your regular schedule, you can feed your cat wet food, as the wet food will not have to last as long, and therefore not go bad.

The take away from this paragraph is that you need make sure the feeder you are thinking about buying is able to support the use of wet food.

2. Amount of meals and amount of food per meal it can store

There are so many different varying amount of food each automatic feeder can hold, it is crazy. Some have 5 food compartments while other’s only have 1 or 2.

It isn’t just about the number of meals, but also the amount of food per meal. Some trays can hold 5 meals, but then each meal is super small.

Now that you know that some feeders have different amounts of food that are stored in them, you have to apply it to your situation.

If you are looking to buy a automatic cat feeder for wet food, because you want to start using it all the time, you will want to get one that holds a lot of meals.

The more meals it holds in a single filling, the less amount of times you will have to refill it.

When you are getting a feeder that is for occasional uses, whether you are going to get home from work late that day, or you have plans one night, you are still going to have to feed your feline friend.

For these situations, you will only need a feeder that can hold 1 meal as you are only going to be gone for a short amount of time.

The automatic cat feeders that hold only 1 or 2 meals are less expensive, and this might be a reason you get one that holds a small amount of food.

In our opinion, it is worth it to get an automatic wet cat food feeder that has 5 meals, so even if you need it for 1 meal uses most of the time, the time you need to be able to feed your cat for a whole weekend, you will have one that can do so.

3. Amount of features

You can get cat feeders that have a lot of different features.

This could be you are able to connect to it through WIFI, or you have the ability to record your voice to it, so your cat gets used to a specific noise every time their food is ready.

We believe that it is certainly nice to have cat feeders that make life easier.

At a certain point, these features will not be adding much value, and will be taking more money from your wallet.

The features we believe that are crucial to making a cat feeder good are: it must have some sort of timer system, has to have a locking lid system, at least 3 meal sections per tray, easy to wash, probably should include ice packs and it should be easy to use.

Anything else is not urgent. It is more important to get the basic features right before adding a bunch of complex features. You will see while you are looking for a feeder that the more complex feeders are usually poorly reviewed. This is because the necessary features are mediocre.

One feature that isn’t necessary but fairly nice is if has a good charger that plugs into the wall. Most cat feeders only have the option of being powered by batteries.

The TDYNASTY has this feature, and also has the ability to be powered by batteries. It might be convenient to be able to plug this in the wall most of the time, but when the power goes out or if your cat unplugs the cord, it also can be powered by the batteries, so you don’t have to worry about your cat going hungry.

How should I decide what food I fill my automatic cat feeder up with?

Deciding the food to fill your automatic cat feeder up with is very important.

Below I have made an info graphic that can give you a visual of what ingredients you should look for in cat food.

Even though you will now use a more convenient way of feeding your cat, you do not want to sacrifice your cat’s health by choosing a poor choice when picking their cat food.

You want to ensure your cat is getting proper diet to ensure your cat will live a long, happy and healthy life.

Cats are obligate carnivores which their ideal diet and the diet that they lived off of in the wild was a diet were what they almost entirely ate was meat.

In the past when cats would fend for themselves in the great outdoors, they got all the necessary nutrients they needed to live in the animals they hunted.

I say this because meat should be the number one ingredient in the cat food you look for in cat food. This does not mean just the ingredients “meat” being listed, but actually something specific like “salmon.”

Lots of cat food today fill up their cat food with cheap carbohydrates. Cats do not need a cat food that mainly is made up of these filler carbs.

It is fine if these fillers are just used to hold all the food together and is kept to a minimum, but it is not okay if it is the main ingredient. Cats can also be allergic to corn as a filler.

Cats get all the necessary nutrients they need from animal meats. These nutrients are those like taurine, and fatty acids. Taurine is absolutely required in your cat’s diet as it is needed for many body functions.

Some things to avoid in cat food are not natural preservatives, animal by products (animal fur, digest), and things that just do not look like they belong in your cat’s tummy.

Anything that looks chemically or gross I would just do a quick internet search to make sure that they will not do harm to your kitty.

In almost all situations, price is a big factor in whether you are getting a high quality product.

I know that it might be a little more expensive to purchase the high end cat food, but if you want your cat to be as healthy as they can be I would advise choosing to purchase cat food that might be a little more expensive, but gives your cat their required diet.

It is just like bathing your cat with shampoo. It can be a huge hassle, but if they need it, then you should do it for their best health.

Wet cat food is better than dry cat food. You can get a water fountain for your cat for better hydration.

Before going on any trip, where you are skipping feeding your cat, and relying on your new cat feeder, you should have extensively tested out the feeder to ensure it is reliable. There are always defects in products, so you want to make sure that your cat feeder is going to get your cat their food every time. You should also get a reliable water fountain to provide them water while you are gone. I recommend getting them a stainless steel cat water fountain or a ceramic fountain because these are far cleaner than plastic fountains.

Other Automatic Wet Cat Food Feeders We Reviewed


The Petzilla is similar to the WOpet feeder that we talked about earlier in this article.

They are similar in the way that they both have a limited number of food compartments, and they also have the same kind of timer system where you actually twist the dial to set a time rather than press buttons to put a time into a digital timer.

People generally think that the WOpet feeder is a better choice for this type of feeder, but this is still a good feeder.

This automatic cat feeder can store up to 600 ml of food at once.

The Petzilla runs on batteries, and is one of the more simple devices we talk about in this post.

You can put water in this feeder, but that would’t make much sense, since your cat should always have access to water. You could do this has a back-up water source in case your worried about them drinking all of their water all at once, and then not having any.

Overall, we truly believe that this is a pretty great and inexpensive option as an automatic wet cat food feeder.


  • Has ice packs to keep food from spoiling
  • Can be washed in dishwasher
  • Simple to use


  • Timer only goes to 48 hours

This is not our first choice as a cat feeder for wet food, but it isn’t a bad option either. This feeder has 6 meal compartments.

You can run the pieces of this feeder that gets dirty from food through the dishwasher.

The lid on this feeder is designed, so your cat can’t break through.

This feeder is this cat feeder actually tells you how much battery is left in it, so you can see how much longer it will last before it dies.

This is a great feature as it is nice to be able to make sure that your cat’s food source will keep working when your away.

If you see it is low battery, you can then change the batteries, and ensure your cat gets their meal.


  • Can hold 6 different meals at a time
  • Inexpensive


  • This automatic feeder does not come with ice packs or a way to prevent the food from going bad

The Home Intuition cat feeder is a great choice for those looking for a reliable cat feeder that can store a lot of food.

This cat feeder has 6 different meals sections on the food storage tray. This feeder needs batteries to work.

With this feeder, you have the option to record your voice onto the feeder, so your cat can be called when it’s eating time.


  • Tells you when batteries is close to being dead
  • Can store plenty of food at once, so you can be away for longer


  • Timer has occurring issues with people

The JEMpet is a good choice for those looking for an automatic cat feeder, but we would suggest the first few feeders that we reviewed.

This feeder has the nice characteristic of being both plug and battery compatible. It also tells you when the battery is getting low with a light.

One of the unique features that this cat feeder has it saves battery by going to a mode that uses less battery if it is not in direct use, but it is still ready to go when it is your cat’s meal time.

This cat feeder can store 5 meals at once.


  • Sleek design
  • Holds 5 meals at a single time


  • Only compatible with semi-wet food


I hope you enjoyed our post today talking about the best automatic cat feeders for wet food.

Whatever product you end up with, I suggest buying a cat feeder.

These cat feeders offers so much from saving you time, to preventing potential health issues in your feline friend. 

Buy an automatic cat feeder today, and I believe that you will thank you me later.