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The Best Brushes For Persians

Keeping your Persian groomed and brushed is very beneficial to both you and your cat, so today we are showing you the best brushes for Persians. Persian’s fur coats are really something! They have both an undercoat and topcoat, and both are thick and long so Persians shed a lot. Battling your Persian’s fur can be a constant fight. You need the best brushes and grooming supplies to successfully win the battle. Being consistent in brushing cat will help avoid your cat getting hairballs, and will keep its fur in tip-top condition. If you do not brush often enough, your Persian will be at risk for pain, discomfort, and assorted health problems.

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What You Need In Brushes For Persians

There are many things to consider when purchasing brushes and grooming tools for your Persian. You need to get a set of brushes and grooming tools that all have the ultimate goal of keeping you and your cat happy. There are many kinds of brushes that accomplish various tasks to keep your Persian’s coat tip top.  You need a brush that will reduce shedding of your persian’s undercoat by removing excess hair to keep your house not overrun with hair. Also, a tool that removes excess hair will protect your cat from swallowing hairballs. You need a brush that will keep your Persian’s coat untangled, free of knots and mats, and you have to consistently cared for to keep its coat healthy.

Everyday, you will be using this thing, so finding the best brush is of massive importance. Your Persian needs a brush(s) that is delicate in keep it’s coat tip top , but is also effective in doing this. You need to find a brush that will  make brushing your kitty everyday enjoyable, and not a dreaded task.


1. Furminator Undercoat deShedding

A button that links to an amazon for the Furminator deshedder to add to your set of the best brushes for persians.Pros

  • Removes loose hair from undercoat
  • Comfortable And Ergonomic Handle
  • Reduces Shedding  and Hairballs
  • Maintain Quality Of Undercoat


  • Have To Brush Cat Before To Remove Mats
  • More Costly Than Other Brushes

The Furminator is a huge name in the cat supply business. And, It’s for good reason too, because they offer some of the best products in the pet industry.

The main purpose of this brush is to remove the excess hair in your cat’s undercoat to reduce shedding to free your house from the curse of cat hair. Also, it helps your cat stay safe from the danger of swallowing its own hair. When your cat self grooms, a lot of the hair that they lick is actually swallowed. When you remove this hair, it reduces the hair your persian swallows by a lot.

The Furminator has a eject button to clean the Furminator with ease. This product is hands down the best product for reducing shedding. It’s only true downside is it is more expensive than other grooming supplies, but it does it’s job very well. Overall, the Furminator is one of the best brushes for Persians, when it comes to reducing shedding.

2. Hertzko 2 Pack Pet Combs


  • Removes Mats, Tangles, and Knots
  • Anti-Slip and Comfortable Handle
  • Will leave your Persian’s Coat Soft and Sleek
  • Great For Your Persians Long Hair


  • Teeth Can bend

The Hertzko Pet Combs are a great for brushing your Persian, removing mats, and leaving your cat’s coat looking sleek, and soft. Furthermore, the comb is a great addition to your grooming set. In addition, the comb features a anti-slip handle.

The set comes with 2 combs, one for the your cat’s main areas to brush as efficiently as possible. The other smaller comb is perfect for brushing your Persian’s finer areas like its head, legs, and hard to reach areas.

We believe these Hertzko brushes work best when paired with the FURminator because you can brush your Persians fur to remove mats, and tangles. Then, use the Furminator for removing hair, and to reduce shedding.

3. GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake


  • Great For Your Long-haired Persian
  • Very Comfortable Gel Handle
  • Double Sided – one side gets out mats and tangle, and the other will get lots of hair out and regulate shedding
  • Good For Sensitive Skin
  • Removes loose hair, mats, and knots


  • Hair Can Stick To Handle

The Gopets Dematting Comb is a great addition to your Persian’s grooming. This tool is made to get out the tangles and mats in your Persians hair and also can be used to remove excess hair from the undercoat with its dual side functionality. The side of the brush with less teeth is perfect for untangling hair and mats. The side with more teeth is optimal for deshedding, and removing excess hair from the undercoat.

 The brush is also great for your comfort. The silicon handle will conform to your hand, and with its silicone material, it will keep a steady grip. Another huge plus with this brush, is the company selling them will give you a full refund or a new brush for if your not happy for any reason at all. In our opinion, this is one of the bests brushes to keep your Persians fur groomed and well kept.

4. Pet Grooming Glove

A button that links to an amazon for pet grooming gloves to add to your set of the best brushes for persians.


  • Gloves To Give Your Hands A Break, and Be able To Pet Your Cat At The Same TIme
  • Can groom with both hands at one time
  • Some are cats less scared of gloves then brush
  • Can get hard to reach places with out frightening your persian
  • Great at removing hair
  • Very Affordable


  • Hair can be hard to remove from gloves
  • Not as good at getting hair as brushes

The Pet Grooming Glove is one of the best accessories you could add to your grooming set to fight your Persian’s fur. In our opinion, is one of the morer fun options you can get when purchasing the best brush for your persian.

This is because you to bet your Persian and brush it at the same time. In a lot of sitatuions, your persian will love the gloves a lot more than any brush ever. The grooming gloves allow you to brush hard to reach areas because its jut your hand not a brush.

Also, the glove also includes one size fits all functionality, and you will be able to brush your Persian with both hands which can speed up the brushing process. All in all, the grooming brushes are a great addition to any grooming kit because of their unique benefits, but they definitely should be bought with good old fashion brush. Even though this is not the most efficient brush ever, we definitely think it is one of the best brushes for Persians, because your able to pet your Persian and groom it at the same time.


Brushing your Persian is very important to keep them healthy. If you are interested in some of our other articles about Persians, you can check out our Persian category.

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