The Top 5 Best Cat Backpacks (Reviewed 2019)

by Evan

This cat is wondering what the best backpacks are

So you are wondering what is the best backpack for your cat? Today, we will provide you with a thorough review on our picks of the top 5 best cat backpacks, a list of considerations when deciding on the best cat backpack for your feline friend and you, and we’ll tell you how to get the best use from this backpack. Cat backpacks are so much fun because they allow your cat to adventure and join with you on trips, and they look adorable while doing so.

Our 5 Choices For The Best Backpacks For Carrying Your Cat

Anzone (Best Cat Bubble Backpack)

Ytonet (Best Cat Backpack For Daily Use)

Mr. Peanut’s Backpack (Best Mesh Backpack)

Fat Cat (Best Cat Backpack For Larger Cats)

HITCH (Best Handheld Cat Carrier)

Guide To Picking A Cat Backpack

Kitty’s Experience

The kitty’s experience is probably the most important aspect of your decision. If your cat is not happy, the backpack is not going to get used. Make sure the inside of the bag has plenty more space than what your cat will take up, and comfortable padding. If the bag does not have enough space, your cat might become claustrophobic and this will make them scared of using the bag. Some bags are to flimsy, and when a cat gets into it she weighs down the bottom, and the rest of the bag comes closing in on her. Before purchasing a bag, make sure that isn’t a recurring issue in previous buyers.

User (Your) Experience

You are the one that will have to have the backpack on your back, and carrying your cat around. You want to make sure the bag is just as comfortable for you as it is for your cat. The quality of the straps are very important, as this will determine if your shoulders get sore. I would make sure the reviews say nothing about uncomfortable shoulder straps. You want to make sure that there is also plenty of padding for your back. Since your cat will be right next to your back, this might provide for some unpleasant experiences. If you have sufficient padding this will really improve your happiness while carrying the bag.


This is actually the most important factor. You NEED to make sure the bag has sufficient ventilation for your cat. If you are at all worried about not getting enough air for your cat, I would suggest a mesh bag. Sufficient ventilation means that there are plenty of holes to provide fresh air. All the cat back packs we are suggesting in this post have no history of not having enough airflow.


If your someone who has a lot of things that you like to carry around in your regular backpack, you want to make sure the bag your looking at has some extra room for your essentials. You might be annoyed if the bag you buy is perfect for everything except the fact that you have to shove everything in your pocket. I would also make sure the bag you purchase a built in security leash if your worried about a cat that is known to try to escape.


Durability means how long you will be able to use the bag for before it loses it functionality. The back pack your looking at should be made out of a quality material. Before purchasing a cat backpack, look to see if anyone has complained about the bag falling apart in the reviews. The zippers of a bag can either make or break the quality of the bag. If you go on the lower price range, I would consider buying some replaceable zippers to ensure that if the zipper does break, then you know you still have a usable backpack. Always read the reviews to make sure that zipper, and overall bag quality is not an issue.

The products we chose below were picked to keep you and your cat happy. This means each cat backpack we review has been carefully chosen to make sure that the bags will ensure comfort, safety, practical usage, and a good experience not only for your cat, but also you.

(Best Cat Bubble Backpack)

This is a classic bubble cat backpack. The bag holds cats up to 10 pounds, and it would be a perfect fit for a 7 pound cat. Please make sure cat doesn’t get near exceeding the weight limit.

Because, if you buy a bag with a weight capacity of 10 pounds for a 10 pound cat, there is a good chance your cat friend is going to be smooshed inside the bag.

This bag has the classic bubble window so your cat can look around, and enjoy the view while her servant carries her around. The bubble is removable, so you can let your cat stick its head out the hole.

You can also replace the bubble window with a ventilation screen to fix any ventilation issues. The sides of the bags are mesh to further provide your kitty with fresh air.

The backpack’s shoulder straps are padded, which will make any experience where your carrying your cat a lot better. Don’t worry about rainy days, because the bag is also waterproof. Your cat will probably only stay dry if it is a fairly light rain. If you are interested in something to keep them dry, we wrote a post about what the best raincoats for cats are.

Fashion IS Key

The bag is definitely fashionable. As a bubble backpack, your cat is going to attract a lot of attention from passing by pedestrians intrigued by the concept of your cat using the bubble window. On amazon, you can get this bag in a multitude of colors.

Of course this bag features a inner leash to keep your cat secure, and from running away. This will give you extra comfort if you decide to leave the bubble hole open, so your cat can enjoy the view. The bag only weighs 3.2 pounds.

I think the selling points of these kinds of backpacks are their style. If you’re looking for a minimal but fashionable bubble backpack for carrying your cat around, this is a pretty solid inexpensive (35$ range) option.

To conclude, this bubble backpack is one of the best cat backpacks for carrying your cat.

Dimensions are 11.3 for length, 8.2 inches for width, and 16.5 inches for height.


  • Bubble Backpack (have to love the style)
  • Made from oxford cloth and durable plastic
  • Plenty of ventilation through many vents around the bag
  • Able to interchange the bubble with an air vent or leave it as a hole
  • Comfortable back and shoulder straps padding
  • Outer layer is waterproof


  • Some cats are not made to go inside a backpack, and get scared
  • You might get a little too much unwanted attention by curious people

(Best Cat Backpack For Daily Use)

The Ytonet Carrier Backpack is a mesh type cat backpack. This bag is at a middle price range (somewhere around 32$), and is definitely a great choice for an everyday cat carry backpack.

The backpack features a pocket on both sides, so you can have extra storage for any of your things making this a great bag for day to day activities. You can open the bagpack from the top or front depending on what is easier for you and your cat. This convenience is an absolute plus.

This cat backpack holds up to 18 pounds, and comes in classic grey which goes with about anything. When it come to your comfort, the shoulder straps and the part of the backpack that meets your back is padded. The inside base of the backpack is actually lined with a nice quality Sherpa fabric to further help your cat relax.

Benefits Good Mesh Provides

This mesh back pack has 4 different mesh windows that will provide your cat with plenty of fresh air to make sure they don’t overheat. The mesh also gives your cat a nice view of the surrounding areas. The backpack features a pocket on both sides, so you can have extra storage for any of your things.

A security leash is also included within the bag, so you don’t have to worry about any chance of your cat freaking out, and finding a way to escape without you noticing. If your cat feels like experiencing the outdoor world while chilling in your backpack, the top has a zipper, so it can poke its cute little head out.

We believe this is one of the best mesh backpacks for carrying your cat around on day trips. The zippers for the bottom door actually have a locking function to prevent any escape attempts your cat might try to pull. On the bottom of the bag there are grip foots to keep the bag in one place with your rowdy cat inside. The back pack complies with many major airlines.  If you’re looking for something for short errands, this might be the bag for you. This back pack is one of the best for carrying your cat around for small outings.

Dimensions are 17.5 inches for the height x 10.8 for the width x 10.8 inches for the length.


  • Mesh backpack (no worries about ventilation problems or overheating)
  • Weight Capacity is 18 pounds
  • Extra pockets for water, and treats
  • Works for air travel
  • Removal bottom for cleaning (soap and water)
  • Made from Ecofriendly polyester made to withstand scratching


  • Cats can scratch through side of mesh

Mr. Peanut’s
(Best Mesh Cat Backpack)

Mr. Peanuts cat carrier backpack is a mesh backpack without a bubble window. Mr. Peanuts Cat Backpack is specifically designed for airline travel, but can be used for other purposes.

This bag is one of the more sturdy mesh backpacks out there, and is still within a reasonable price range. It is designed to follow major airline requirements for carry on luggage. This backpack fits cat that are 10 lbs or less.

It has multiple places to store things which is a lot better than many competitors who have 1 or less storage compartments. You can use these pockets to carry a water bottle, food, treats, and any little essentials you will need on the trip.

This backpack has mesh on 3 of its sides to make sure your cat gets plenty of fresh air, and doesn’t get stuffy. The bag weighs at 2.7 lbs which is fairly light. When you need to store this bag when its not in use, you can fold the bag into a small thing for easy storage.

The bed at the bottom of this bag is made from fleece and is removable so you can give your little one a place to rest when your resting as well. A security leash for your cat is featured within this backpack.

Dimensions of the bag are 17 inches for height, 11 inches for length, and 10.6 inches for width. The manufactures specifies further and says cats that are 14 inches long or less, and 10 inches or less in height are suitable for this backpack.


  • Mesh back pack (lots of airflow)
  • Security Leash
  • Pad at bottom of the bag is made from fleece
  • Suitable for airline travel
  • Solid base so the backpack doesn’t collapse inwards on your cat.


  • Not for large cats

Fat Cat
(Best Cat Backpack For Larger Cats)

If you have a big cat, then you’ll need a big backpack. As the weight limit for this bag is 19.8 lbs, this bag will be able to hold almost any breed of cat other than maybe a really fat Maine Coon.

The bag features a top that can be opened, so your cat can peer out the top to chill out, and get some wind blowing on them. The bubble on this bag is removable, or you can replace it with a mesh screen if you would rather have that.

If you have a cat that loves to do magic tricks and disappear the Fat Cat has a leash attachment to keep any sneaky cats from running away.

If your cat is the one to try to escape, you won’t have to stress about any possible situations that could occur with a cat on the run, since it has the leash security feature.

Most cats should be able to lie completely down in this bag if they would rather just chill out. If you’re looking for a backpack for a cat scared of really tight space, and they are normal sized cats, I might consider getting a bigger backpack like this one to help relieve any anxiety. This bubble backpack is a great choice for owners looking for an easy way to bring their larger cats around with them on daily errands.

Dimensions for the Fat Cat are 15 inches, 11.4 inches, and 17.7 inches. 


  • Fits the largest cat breeds out there
  • Weight capacity is 20 pounds
  • Chest straps for extra support
  • Bubble backpack with window
  • Mesh for fresh air


  • On the pricier end (120 dollars), but worth the cost!

(Best Handheld Cat Carrier)

We had to include one cat carrier because these do work well, they just don’t have the pizzazz of the cat backpack and especially nothing close to the style of the bubble backpack.

The great thing about these kinds of carriers is the extra space they provide your cat. The bag holds up to 23 pounds which is way more than any cat backpack, unless if you payed 100 dollars for a back pack.

The downside with this bag is you have to carry it in your hand or on a singular shoulder. This is going to be a lot more tiring.

The zippers on this bad boy are locking, so you don’t have to worry about having to play a game of tag with your cat at an inconvenient time. Also, this bag comes in at a inexpensive 26 dollars, which is not bad for what this offers.

In addition, there are pockets on both the front and backside. So, you can bring any extra thing you might need.

Like every backpack we talk about for carrying cats, this one comes with a leash to provide extra security in case a little game of chase does occur. The cat bed is machine washable, which is huge since cat pee is for sure gonna end up in here.

There are mesh screens on three of the sides of this bag for good airflow. If you’re looking for a product that will provide you with great practicality and durability, then the classic handheld cat carrier is great for carrying your cat. The thing about these kinds of cat carriers is they just don’t have the steez of any cat bubble backpack, but cat carriers are definitely a solid choice!

Dimensions for the HITCH carrier are 20 inches by 13 inches by 13 inches.


  • Maximum weight is 23 lbs
  • Multiple mesh screens (circulating air)
  • Fleece cat bed at bottom of carrier
  • Zippers that can lock
  • 10 year warranty on bag


  • Carrying your cat is harder with handheld, and shoulder strap carriers rather than cat backpacks.

What Is A Cat Backpack?

Cat backpacks are backpacks that specifically designed to carry a cat around. They are just like a regular backpack in the sense that it carries stuff. Cat back packs usually have a few air vents to provide circulating air for your cat. They have small windows to give your cat a place to look out, and enjoy the surrounding area. Most cat backpacks are very minimal and are just there to carry your cat, and nothing else. They are perfect for trips that last only a few hours, and where you need to carry very little.

In the past, there was almost no viable options when you needed to take your cat somewhere. Have your ever seen a cat backpack in use? It’s really adorable, and fascinating when you see a cat peeking out the little bubble on the backpack. It’s like the cat is the captain of their own space ship.

How Are Cat Backpacks Used?

Most bags are designed just to carry your cat around for very short trips. Say you want to go to a coffee shop across the street, but your cat friend is being needy. You don’t want to leave her at home, but you have no good way of taking her out with you. Cat backpacks solve this commonly faced issue.

Another use could be a day hike to a beautiful park, and you have guilt about leaving your cat at home. Also, you think your cat would love to reconnect with nature, and get a taste of the outdoors.

Getting To The Vet Is A Walk In The Park

Don’t even get me going on how much easier this can make getting your cat to the vet. Slowly introduce a cat backpack, and get them to start liking it. Next time you go to the vet it will be a lot easier.

This new cat supply is a relatively new idea, and no wonder that is has popped off. This new invention allows you to take your cat with you in a comfortable fashion.

Some cat backpacks have a lot more space, and are not just backpacks for carrying cats, but for overnight trips.

Once your cat starts loving going on adventures in her new backpack, you’ll truly love the backpack too!

What Are Bubble Cat Backpacks?

Bubble backpacks usually feature a little clear window which is a sphere that barely protrudes from the bag. This feature allows your cat to get a view of what is outside the back pack by getting into the bubble portion of the bag, and looking around the surrounding area.

Bubble backpacks usually feature holes all around the bag to provide ventilation, and they are usually not big. These backpacks are usually a little more expensive than the other kind of bag, mesh backpacks.

Bubble backpacks are generally better at protecting your feline friend from the elements. They have a window, and plastic external layer rather than mesh everywhere, which will keep your cat dryer, and warmer. In our opinion, they are pretty cool looking, as most of them are pretty stylish.

If you are a hiker looking for something that will keep your cat more isolated from the cruel outside world, maybe a bubble backpack is the type of bag to go with. Also, it will give your cat a view of the trail.

What Are Mesh Cat Backpacks?

Mesh backpacks are like bubble backpacks. But instead of featuring a little window for your cat, there are mesh screens everywhere, and these act as windows/air vents.

The entire backside of the cat mesh backpack is a mesh fabric to provide proper ventilation for your kitty. These kinds of backpacks are generally a little less expensive than their counterparts, bubble backpacks.

This backpack is great for places that have generally warm, and dry weather. Any rain will easily seep through the mesh, and we all know most cats hate water.

This guys just got taken on a hike with his parents with the use of a cat backpack and is now resting in the grass.

How To Get Your Cat Used To The New Backpack?

Carrying your cat on in your backpack sounds so fun. But, what if your cat doesn’t want to use the bag?

You want to make sure to reward good behavior in regards to the bag. If she gets into the bag, give her a treat. Soon enough she will associate the bag with goodness.

Take It Slow!

Make sure that you start out slowly with the use of the bag. You do not want to jump straight into going into the city with your cat backpack.

Carrying your cat into a situation with a lot of loud noises, and commotion will definitely leave her having a bad association with the bag and the experience.

Once you have her in the bag, for the first few times walk around your house so she gets used to the new experience while in a safe environment like your house.

Progressively make the trips in the cat bagpack longer, and with more commotion. You could do the first few times in your house, then go to a quiet park a few times, then try a place with other people like a coffee shop.

Periodically check on how your cat is doing, and adjust your behavior on what she is expressing. If she is freaking out, take her out of the bag and make sure she feels loved. With the proper steps, soon enough your cat will love your new backpack, and call it her second home.

How To Find What Size Backpack Will Work For Your Cat?

When choosing a cat backpack to carry your cat, you want to make sure the backpack will provide plenty of space for your furry friend.

Weight Capacity

First, consider the weight of your cat. All backpacks on Amazon will tell you how much weight the bag is able to hold. When considering this make sure you leave a few pounds for other things you might bring with you during the day.For example, if you have a 7 pound cat, I would suggest buying a bag with a 10 pound weight capacity, so you have room to put water, and snacks or other daily essentials.

The more you follow the guidelines manufacturers suggest for weight capacity, the longer the bag will last, and you will have a generally better experience with the bag. They have set the guidelines for a reason, so I would suggest making sure you take these into account.


Next you have to consider the dimensions of the bag, and how that corresponds to your cat. Again, on amazon there will be dimensions for the bags. You want to give your cat plenty of space to move around, get comfy, and lie down.

Measure the length (head to but), width (horizontally across the back of your cat), and the height of your cat. Once you find these dimensions, you want to make sure the back pack will give your cat plenty of space. You can do this by adding a few inches to your cats dimensions, then comparing those new dimensions with backpacks with the same dimensions.

Get Extra Big Backpacks For Claustrophobic Cats

If you know your cat get anxious in small spaces, but you think a cat backpack might work, I would really try to get a bag that you know has plenty off extra space.

Also, consider a mesh bag so your cat is exposed to the outside world more than a bubble backpack if they are claustrophobic. This will fill the bag with lights, and constant fresh air comforting her.

If your cat is a few pounds less than the maximum capacity of the bag, your cat should fit fine in most bag, but always check dimensions before purchasing any bag. Read the reviews for the product to make sure other people don’t have a problem with space.

Most manufacturers of cat backpacks have designed their bags for a cat in the 7 – 12 pound range so if your cat is in this range most bags will work just fine. If you are the owner of a cat that weighs more than the average cat like a Maine coon, the Fat Cat Backpack could work well.

If you are interested in a visual on how someone else measures a pet for dimensions consider watching the video below. Even though, this video is with a dog, and for a crate, it can help give you a visualization of measuring a 4 legged pet.

What Are The Alternative Options To Cat Backpacks?

Cat Strollers

A cat that is chilling in a cat stroller. He likes having more space in one of these than in a bit more cramped cat backpack.

Photo by Beth Skinner

Cat strollers are a pretty good alternative to cat backpacks. The reason you might choose a cat stroller over a cat backpack is if your worried about your cat being to claustrophobic. A cat stroller will provide your cat more room to move around, and will definitely not be as cramped as a cat backpack.

The problem with cat strollers is their practical use, and price. Cat strollers are great if your just going on a walk on a nice paved path with your cat. If you want to go to any restaurant, cross streets, or do anything that goes off a nice path, cat strollers will be a hassle, and simply not work in many instances.

Too Much Of An Effort!

If you want to go inside a restaurant for a drink or something, you will have to leave the stroller outside. This means locking the stroller up. Even if your not worried about the possibility of it getting stolen, it might be hard to find a place to put the stroller.

Also, you have to consider that you will have to bring your cat inside with you which is another large hassle. You will have to put them on a leash, and there is just so many things that would be involved in the process of taking your cat anywhere.

Honestly, the cat stroller is great if you like to go on walks on paved paths daily, and you know your cat loves to tag along. This could be a great product that compliments a cat backpack in use, but is definitely not as versatile as a backpack.

Also, the price is significantly higher than a cat backpack. Cat strollers can range from 50$ to 200$. It’s definitely not terrible, but if your purpose is a device to carry your cat with you daily then a cat backpack is definitely optimal.

Cat Harnesses

Harnesses are another option instead of a cat backpack, but instead of carrying your cat, you walk them around like a dog. You might think walking your cat will never be an option, but you should give it a try because it can be very rewarding.

The pros of walking your cat is you can help your cats get exercise, while you also do too. If you are going for a short trip like going to the vet or walking through a local park, the harness strategy could be for you. The problem with walking cats is that a lot of cats aren’t made for a leash and harness.

Cats are made for short, but intense spurts of exercise like when they are hunting. Walking is almost the exact opposite of short, and intense. Some cats are definitely into being walked though.

Taking Your Cat On Walks

Bengal cats are known for going for walks, and we actually have a post where we show reviews some of the best harnesses for Bengals. Again, I would suggest a harness as more of a supplementary product to a cat back packs. Cat backpacks will work in almost every situation on your hands, but harness and leash won’t.

The leash though will work better for getting your cat exercise especially if they love being on a leash. Furthermore, a cat leash, and cat stroller are kind of interchangeable with each other as they serve very similar purposes.

If your cat is not the harness kind of cat, consider a cat stroller, but if you want to help your cat get exercise get a cat harness. Another thing is cat harnesses will not break the bank nearly as much as a cat stroller.

Hand Held Cat Carriers

Hand held carriers are very close to the practical use, and function of cat backpacks. These provide your cat a little cat home, more space to sleep and lie down, act as a kennel, can be used to go on planes, and for longer trips.

The reason we say these bags are good for longer trips is because they provide your cat a more spacious little home.

If you want a carrier that can take your cat driving with, here is a review on the best ones.

Great For Longer Trips

Cat carriers are great for longer trips. Backpacks beat them in everyday life, and short errands. With cat backpacks, you can carry your cat on your back, which is a lot more comfy than any hand held or shoulder carrier. Also, cat backpacks are less tiresome than any hand held cat carrier.

I would suggest a cat carrier if you frequently go on long trips, and you wanna bring your cat with you on them. If you go on very few long trips, a cat backpack should be sufficient for the rare long trip.

a cat looking at something in the distance maybe his favorite back pack

The Best Cat Backpacks For Carrying Your Cat

In our opinion, cat backpacks are the best way to carry and transport your cat around as they can do the jobs of all the alternatives mentioned above. Cat backpacks are truly a great solution to not being able to carry your cat around easily.

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