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A photo of a cat disapointed becuase he can't travel with his owner as they don;t have a carrier with a litter box.

4 Best Cat Carriers With Litter Boxes In [2023]

Finding a good carrier that also has a litter box can be difficult. In this post, we review a few products that can help you end what seems like an infinite search for a good cat carrier that includes a litter box.

You want a travel cat crate that will keep your cat from running all around your car, and one that will a give her a pleasant experience wherever you are, and wherever the road takes y’all.

Having a good cat cage can make or break a road trip

A spacious cat crate, comes with a litter box, is not flimsy but still comfortable, and overall keeps your cat content will mean you are happy and stress-free. 

A bad travel portable carrier will not provide any of the above things, and subsequently will ruin your vacations.

Our Top Picks

The Best Travel Cat Carriers With A Litter Box

travel cat carrier with litter box

If you are looking for a travel cat carrier that is very sturdy, roomy enough for a litter box to easily fit, and will work wonders on long journeys in your vehicle, you have found the one.

The One For Pets.

The One For Pets does not come with a litter box, but you can buy a portable litter box to compliment the box. Honestly, it might be able to fit a pretty large one.

To be honest, if you are willing to spend the money, we suggest buying the litter box, and portable carrier separate. We have a review for a great portable litter box next.

In a car, this travel enclosure spreads across the back seat, which gives your cat(s) lots of room to do whatever they please. This can work for families with more than one cat.

When you want to carry the case around, but don’t want to carry the whole thing, you can unzip half of it to make holding it a walk in the park.

This comes with stakes, so you can safely attach the carrier to the outdoor ground, if you are looking to do a camping trip or something.

The pad on the bottom is washable, so when your cat stinks it up or pees on it, you won’t have to fret about not being able to wash it. It includes a specialized bag for holding the One For Pets in a discreet, and compact fashion when you are not using the product.

Overall, I highly recommend this cat shelter if you do not need a portable litter box, or you would rather buy separately.


  • Ability to secure your cat in the automobile with seat belt straps
  • Lots of area for your cat to get comfy


  • No litter box included

Necoichi Cat Carrier with litter box 1


The Neocoichi is our favorite product that we discuss, and works great as a shelter your cat. 

The Neocoichi has a sleek grey look which honestly looks fantastic. It comes with a litter box that can be removed from the inside.

A mat is included that will help contain any mess as it is made to catch any run-away litter to make the cleaning process simpler, and quicker.

There is a scoop included.

The box has a mesh screen to circulate, and remove odor. The travel crate has a pocket to store your extra supplies. 

The Neocoichi is large (32 inches by 20 inches by 20 inches), and has a little door for your cat to go in and out from.


  • Great warranty, if you don’t like the crate, you will get your money back
  • Simple but sleek grey design
  • Folds for easy storing


  • Might be hard to transport to and from places when it is set up

The next products we review do not come with a litter box, but can work great as travel cat cases for your cat. We also review a travel litter box, so you can combine an enclosure with a portable litter box if you decide not to buy them together.

Pet Fit For Life Portable litter box for cat carrier


This portable litter box is a wonderful device that can make vacations with your cat easier as you have a reliable, and convenient potty room for your cat to go on the go, so you have one less thing to worry about.

If you already have a great cat cage that sadly doesn’t have an included litter box, then consider complimenting your cat carrier with this litter box.

The waterproof aspect of this litter box is great as you won’t have to worry about urine leaks.

This litter box isn’t going to cramp your cat like many portable litter boxes do as it is quite big. When you need to store it, you just have to fold it up, and clip it together. When it is all folded up, it is very small in size.

I recommend using this product with the next product we reviewed, the One For Pets, as they are a near-perfect duo. You can also fill it with litter from Kitty Poo Club.

To conclude, if you need a portable litter box for your next journey, this is a great option.


  • Able to zip close to make sure there are no messes in your future
  • Roomy design to keep medium-sized cats comfortable
  • Easy to use (unravels open by undoing a single strap


  • Not suitable for very large cats


The Pet Fit For Life is made to act as an enclosure in your car or situations like in a hotel where you need an enclosure for your cat to stay.

This is the perfect thing for a cross country journey. This is because it will provide a pretty roomy space for your cat (19 by 19 by 32 inches) as long as you don’t have an abnormally large cat.

Your cat needs a little home on the road. The bottom floor bed is made from velvet helping to keep your cat comfortable.

The Pet is collapsible, and includes a litter box which is also collapsible. This makes storage easy, you can just fold it up and keep it in the garage when you are not using it.

It also comes with a wand toy, and bowl. We love how they include so much extra stuff to help improve your cat’s experience. You could combine a cat backpack with this kennel to make a great combo. You could fold up the enclosure, and then put it in a pocket on your cat carry bag. Then, when you need to give your cat a more spacious place to rest, you can pop open the carrier, and have the perfect solution.

The carrier is made from nylon, and has a metal frame. A metal frame means it will be rigid.

When you are using this with your car, there are straps on the bag to loop seat belts through to keep the enclosure from sliding everywhere.

To conclude, this is the perfect pet carrier as it is spacious which will keep them happy, safe, and not squished in a tight enclosure.

It includes a litter box for both you and your cat’s convenience.


  • Perfect for long trips in automobiles or when you need an easy to set up short-term thing
  • Temporary home for your cat to not be restricted
  • Included litter box, toy, and bowl


  • Not for actually carrying your cat around. It is a stationary enclosure, not a carry bag


Why should I buy a litter box for my cat carrier?

Having a cat carrier with a litter box is a lot more practical than simply a pet carrier by itself.

The litter box can save time, allow your cat to relieve themselves wherever y’all are, and prevent bad situations. On a long journey, having a litter box is a must.

Your cat is going to need to go somewhere, and having a litter box ready to use can save time.

Another possible situation where a litter box can be a lifesaver is when you are in someone else’s house or a hotel.

Having your litter box set up can be the difference between having to explain that your cat just pooped on somebody’s floor and having your cat potty in a place that won’t cause any damage and stress.

A litter box is necessary if you plan on traveling with your cat. Usually cat carriers that can contain a litter box are too big for airline travel. For more tips on using a litter box while traveling, you can check out this article.

Should I buy a crate that includes a litter box or buy them both separately?

It depends on what your priorities are. If you want your purchase of a travel carrier to be easy, and hassle-free, then buying one that comes with a litter box might be your first choice. The two products we first talked about come with their litter box.

It is quite appealing to have a one and done purchase. Plus, the prices are pretty inexpensive.

The problem with purchasing a crate that features a litter box with it is that it is impossible to find one that is not flimsy, and can be carried around easily. For some reason, all the crates that include a litter box are not good for carrying around.

That is not necessarily their purpose, but it would be great if it was also a great carrier for your cat, while also being an automobile crate. If you do not need something to carry your cat, but only something for them to call their temporary home on the road that keeps them contained, secure, and happy, then the crates with litter boxes we first talked about are great.

If you are willing to spend a little more cash, and are willing to have the hassle of buying a crate and litter box separate, and you want the freedom to be able to easily carry the carrier around I would suggest buying them separate. As I said earlier, there are 0 viable options for cat cage that come with litter boxes that easy to carry around. When you buy separate, you have a lot more choices, so in the end you will have a rig that truly fits your needs.

The two last products we recommended above are great options when buying separately. In our opinion, these two combined are better than buying a combo pack. Together, they are expensive, but are quality products. They bring more value as the portable litter box can be zipped closed, and the travel carrier is sturdy, and able to be carried, while also staying comfy.

How to improve your cat’s experience while using a crate

When your first getting your cat used to their car crate, I would suggest short trips on the road in the beginning.

Progressively work your way up to longer trips, so they are comfortable with the crate. Keep their environment clean by emptying their litter box.

They will be a lot more comfortable if they have their enclosure clean from dirt and such. Get a non-tracking litter to keep the crate clean. Here are some more tips for getting your cat used to traveling.

When would I use a carrier?

So you might now be wondering when will you use the cat carrier. You think it is not necessary to own a carrier because in the past you have never taken your cat in the car.

Probably the reason you have never taken your cat in your vehicle is because it is a difficult experience. Getting a carrier can mitigate a lot of the stress and anxiety for your cat on the road and traveling.

Imagine if you buy a carrier that your cat is in love with. One that your cat loves to snuggle with and one that your cat is inseparable from. With proper training and techniques, this can happen.

Once your cat loves their carrier, you might be able to travel with them more. Say you always go visit your family in another state, but you have to leave your precious kitty with a house sitter.

Once your cat is used to going in the car, you could take them along. Now just pack them some food, their bed, and some other stuff, and you can be on the way.

Another incident where you would want to have your cat used to a travel carrier and also driving could be a possible emergency in your home. If a fire or similar emergency was to occur, having your cat used to their car carrier would make evacuating easier.

Another possible time where you having a carrier would be useful is when you have to take your cat on their annual vet visit.

Many vets state how important it is to go the veterinarian every year to ensure your cat maintains their health. One of the main causes of people not taking their feline to an animal hospital is because getting their cat there can be an absolute hassle and require a lot of effort.

One of the steps to reducing the overall hassle of getting your cat to the vet is getting a carrier and getting your cat to fall in love with the carrier. With all that being said, there are also other things that you can use instead of a carrier, if you are interested in that.


To conclude, finding a good carrier that includes a litter box is super rewarding as now you will be able to take your feline on adventures.

If you want one last opinion on a good carrier and litter box combo, the Neocoichi is a good choice.

Honestly, I believe that getting a car carrier is one of the best supplies you can buy for your cat. It opens up a lot of opportunities for you and your cat.

Even though it requires a lot of upfront effort, the return you receive from these things is worth it.

Getting a carrier is one of the most important techniques to getting your cat used to your car.

There are so many reasons why having your cat be able to get in the car with limited stress will be extremely useful.

From visiting to the vet, to when you can’t find a cat sitter right before going on a road trip, having a cat car carrier your cat likes is going to pay dividends in the future.

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