The Best Cat Food For Overweight Cats

Today, we will provide you our opinion on some the best cat food for overweight cats, and how to effective reduce your cat’s weight healthily. So, you have come to the conclusion that your cat is probably overweight and you are not alone, as a study in 2017 determined that approximately 60 percent of cats were obese. So now you are considering replacing your cat’s food with a food specifically designed for weight management.

Below you will find our recommendations on quality Cat foods that you should consider transitioning to as part of a weight control strategy. Please note that we are not recommending weight control specific food as we believe the correct number of calories of a quality cat food is the better approach. We also don’t advise a dramatic shift in yours cats’ diet without first consulting with a veterinarian and then only as a last resort remedy when the following items have been addressed first.

What To Do Before Changing Your Cat’s Food

The first thing you should do is read the manufacturers recommendations for the amount of food you should be feeding your cat with your current choice of cat food. If you find the manufacturers recommendations difficult to follow then a common formula for calculating calorie requirements is 30 times body weight I kilograms plus 70 for weight maintenance, and something below that for weight loss. (some recommend as little as 70 percent of this). So for 16 pound cat the calculation is as follows. 16 pounds = 7.27 kilograms, 7.27 x 30 + 70= 288 calories per day for weigh maintenance. Chances are you are currently feeding your cat too many calories, when all the food and treats are added up.

Don’t Always Leave A Full Bowl Of Food Out!

Overweight cats are probably suffering from many things that contribute to their weight other than the type of cat food they eat, so using some of the other best methods for becoming a healthier weight is definitely necessary. Perhaps this is because your feeding approach is to leave bowls full of food and let your cat self-regulate consumption. This may seem like the right thing to do but you may be inadvertently harming your cat’s health with this approach. So first we suggest measured servings with your cats current diet. If you have difficulties with this then perhaps you should consider an automatic food dispenser. If so please review this article for some to consider (the best food dispensers for overweight cats).

Get Moving!

Next we recommend finding ways for your cat to get more exercise. Fortunately, there are an abundance of cat toy manufacturers that have tried to solve this problem for you. These toys typically keep the cat entertained by triggering the hunting instinct. If you are able to find a toy that works for you and your cat then you will end up with a happier and healthier companion. To help you with this choice we have made some recommendations in the article (the best cat toys for overweight cats).

Another option that you might consider is taking your cat for a walk. This is not everyone’s idea of a good time and certainly not every cats idea of a good time but some breeds can actually be trained to walk and some even take to it with enthusiasm. If your cat is a Bengal, Abyssinian, Siamese, Savannah or American short hair then this could be worth a try. If you are considering this then here is a link to an article discussing harness options (the best harnesses).

Quick Look: The Best Cat Food For Overweight Cats

What To Consider When Trying A New Food To Acheive Weight Loss

If after considering the above you still want to try a new food to help achieve weight loss then here are a few more considerations.

1. Pick a food that is right for your cats’ stage in life, a kittens needs are different from a mature cats needs, that are different from a pregnant cats needs. So read the label and make sure the food is specifically designed for your cat.

2. Transition to the new food slowly. Follow the manufacturers recommendations. Monitor your cat’s health during the transition and if your cat has health issues on the new food then consider going back to the original food.

3. Follow the manufacturers recommendations on total calories for a cat of your cats weight don’t underfeed your cat or try to achieve results to quickly. Be patient, this is a major change, so don’t do it in a way to negatively affect your cats health.

4. If you have any concerns consult with your cat’s veterinarian.

The Best Cat Food For Overweight Cats

Keep your cats at their best with IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Healthy Adult Dry Cat Food with Chicken—a chicken-first recipe designed to support healthy bodies and provide healthy energy. Chicken is the #1 ingredient in this cat kibble (made for outdoor or indoor cat diets), but its unique, tailored fiber blend, with prebiotics and beet pulp, supports your cat’s ability to absorb nutrients to aid in the digestive process. 

If you’re looking for the chicken flavor cats naturally desire and complete nutrition for lifelong health, get your paws on this—and keep your cat happy, healthy, and ready to pounce with the 100% complete and balanced nutrition of IAMS Healthy Adult Dry Cat Food. 

Help your overweight cat become the best they can be with this 
  • Customer reviews show few negative reactions when transitioning to this product
  • High Quality Dry Food Product at a reasonable price
  • Clear manufacturers direction on daily needs and appropriate adjustments for weight loss
  • With High Quality Chicken/Protein And 0% Fillers, The Adult Cat Food Helps Your Cat Maintain Lean, Healthy Muscles

The Purina ONE Indoor Advantage adult dry cat food makes the nutritional needs of cats a top priority(and for overweight cats), so she can reach her best health, by both inside and out. 

As a carnivore, your cat naturally craves protein, and the 42 grams found in each cup of this dry food for cats help meet those cravings and, support strong muscles. 


This dry cat food also promotes a healthy weight, and the crunchy kibble helps reduce plaque buildup and whiten her teeth. 

Omega-6 fatty acids support your cat’s radiant appearance and healthy skin too, leaving her with a coat you love to pet almost as much as she loves the taste of her delicious meal. 

Try Purina ONE, and let your cat know you care about her health and happiness.

  • Customer reviews show few negative reactions when transitioning to this product
  • High Quality Dry Food Product at a reasonable price
  • Clear manufacturers direction on daily needs and appropriate adjustments for weight loss
  • Made With Real Turkey As The #1 Ingredient Contains Omega-6 To Help Maintain A Radiant Coat And Healthy Skin

Hill’s science Diet Adult indoor cat food provides precisely balanced nutrition tailored for cats with an indoor lifestyle.
This premium pet food is made with real chicken as the #1 ingredient, a high-quality protein that helps maintain lean muscle.
Science Diet indoor dry cat food contains a proven antioxidant blend to support the immune system.
And like all Hill’s dry pet foods, adult indoor dry food for cats contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
Give your precious pet Great taste and great quality with science Diet Adult indoor cat food.

This food is one of the best  foods out there for all cats regardless if your cat is overweight or not.


  • A premium product
  • Manufacturer offers 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back
  • Made with Real Chicken
  • Hills products are made with natural ingredients (plus vitamins, minerals & amino acids) and never contain artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or chicken by-product meal.
  • Great choice as one of the best cat food for overweight cats or any cat


There are many ways to help your cat lose weight. 

The best cat food for overweight cats is not a specific weight-loss food, but instead, healthy, quality cat food that you feed your cat in good proportions. If you do get your cat dry food, I highly recommend that you also get them a water fountain, as dry food has very little water content.