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Best 4 Toys For Weight Loss [Reviewed In 2020]

Calorie consumption and exercise are the main factors in weight management. Obesity in cats can cause serious health issues so as cat lovers it is our duty to help our cats lose that extra weight.

Exercise for your cat means getting your cat moving as much as possible to burn those extra calories and one of the best ways to get your cat moving is by finding some good toys.

Find out if your cat is obese with our article (is your cat overweight). In this article, we give you the information, and resources to help you determine your cat’s current condition. 

Today, we will be showing you toys that exercise your cat in a fun, and playful way.

Cat Toys For Weight Loss

PetSafe Laser Toy For fat cats


Here are some pros about the toy:

  • It is silent!
  • It randomly moves the laser around, meaning that your cat won’t get bored predicting where it will go.
  • There are three variable speeds you can choose from, so your cat can enjoy it best.
  • It operates on a 15-minute timer, so you know your cats will be entertained and exercising for a bit.
  • The laser is only ever pointed downwards, meaning your cat won’t be tempted in jumping up on the furniture or knocking anything over in their hunt!

Now some cons:

  • While playing, your cats might knock the toy over. It isn’t very heavy (about 9 ounces) so it can’t hurt anything, but it might be best to put it on a small table so it doesn’t get knocked down.
  • The toy isn’t too tall, and the laser only points down, so the area the laser shines can be limiting. Try putting it higher up so your cat has more space to play!

This is an awesome toy that’s perfect for entertaining your cats and sure to get them moving! The toy is a tower with a laser pointer on top that moves in a full 360 degrees and randomly moves the laser around your floors.

There are three speeds available to make sure you keep your cat interested. Also, this exercise toy has a built-in timer that will automatically turn off after 15 minutes to make sure your furry friend won’t get tired of it. 

The Petsafe laser toy is great at getting obese cats moving around, and is one of the best overall cat toys.

Pet FIt For Life Wand Toy


Here are some pros:

  • With nine (9) included teasers, you won’t have to worry about getting more replacements anytime soon.
  • The wands are lightweight so you can keep playing.
  • The set includes five (5) feather toys and four (4) furry snakes are sure to keep your cat pouncing all day.

The cons:

  • Toys intended for human playing with a cat, so will not be a good choice if you are busy.

One of the best toy options for fat cats is toys that they can chase that are being moved by you. 

This type of cat toy is available in every shape and size, but you can’t beat the quality and price on this set! It comes with two retractable wands that resemble fishing rods. When extended, the wands are 38in long with a 24in string. 

Now you don’t have to worry about being in the danger zone when you’re playing with your furry friend! In addition, the nine included teasers have built-in loops that the string clips onto, so you don’t have to hassle with changing attachments. 

This is one of the best cat toys to encourage your big cat to move and jump around, because you are playing with them.

Frisco Cat Tunnel Toy For Weight Loss


Here are some pros:

  • Three tunnels provides additional fun
  • Cats love batting the ball with the bell
  • Can be collapsed for storage
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Has a peeping hole in the center to play through
  • Crinkly lining for extra entertainment

Here are some cons:

  • You might have to clean the inside of the tunnel if the cat pees in the tunnel
  • Once it is worn out the wireframe can be exposed

This three-pronged tunnel offers endless entertainment for your cat. Cats have a natural drive to explore and sneak, and this tunnel gives them the perfect place. The tunnel is made out of a polyester material that helps prevent rips, even against kitty claws. The frame is made out of steel and is engineered to be collapsible and lightweight. 

In our opinion, this cat toy is the best tunnel type cat toy for heavy cats around.

Petstages​ Weight Loss Cat toy



  • Three levels
  • Sturdy construction
  • Balls spin and roll
  • Pads on the bottom prevent skidding
  • Bar across the top to prevent heads from getting stuck


  •   Cat doesn’t have to run around

The balls on this toy are on three levels, and are brightly colored. 

They both spin and roll which encourages your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and play. 

This toy is perfect for multiple cat households due to the multiple levels and nonskid pads on the bottom. 

Even though your cat is not moving around as much as other toys, it is still a very fun option, and is one of the best cat toys.

Buyer's Guide

Cat toys for heavy cats need to get your cat running to be the best at helping your cat lose weight. 

Make sure your cat is plenty hydrated. A lot of cats do not drink enough water! A perfect way to get them the water they need is by getting them a water fountain. They love drinking from running water. A water fountain made from stainless steel is my recommendation.

When looking for the perfect toy, consider how much exercise your cat will be getting by using the toy. If you purchase a toy and the cat can play with the toy while lying around then you will not have achieved the main purpose for purchasing the toy. Sure they will probably still enjoy it. 

However, your main goal is to not only to find a toy they love, but one that will get them moving. Your cat won’t burn the calories just lying around. One toy that also seems to capture the love of cats are flopping fishes.

Here is an article that details great methods of getting your fat cat to exercise.

A great way to do this is by getting toys that trigger hunting instincts. 

You need to get them running around, chasing stuff, and hunting just similar to when they had to fend for themselves.  Another great option to exercise your cat is to take it for walks. 

To do this you will need to find a great harness for your cat. Check out our recent article where we show you some of the best harnesses to get your cat moving, and walking.

For more techniques to help your cat lose weight, you can visit this great article I found.