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Best 5 Toys To Help Cats Lose Weight In 2023

Calorie consumption and exercise are the main factors in weight management. Obesity in cats can cause serious health issues so as cat lovers it is our duty to help our cats lose that extra weight.

Exercise for your cat means getting your cat moving as much as possible to burn those extra calories and one of the best ways to get your cat moving is by finding some good toys.

Find out if your cat is obese with our article (is your cat overweight). In this article, we give you the information, and resources to help you determine your cat’s current condition. 

Today, we will be showing you toys that exercise your cat in a fun, and playful way.

Buyer's Guide For Picking A Cat Toy To Help Lose Weight

Cat toys for heavy cats need to get your cat running to be the best at helping your cat lose weight. 

When looking for the perfect toy, consider how much exercise your cat will be getting by using the toy. If you purchase a toy and the cat can play with the toy while lying around then you will not have achieved the main purpose for purchasing the toy. Sure they will probably still enjoy it. 

However, your main goal is to not only to find a toy they love, but one that will get them moving. Your cat won’t burn the calories just lying around.

A great way to do this is by getting toys that trigger hunting instincts. 

You need to get them running around, chasing stuff, and hunting just similar to when they had to fend for themselves. Here are some more factors to consider before purchasing a toy or toys to help your cat lose weight.


Safety is so important when it comes to choosing cat toys. Some cat toys can be dangerous from posing choking hazards to being toxic. One way to gauge how safe a product is to look at the negative reviews of the product. This is where you are going to find safety complaints. Look for recurring patterns of issues.

Can the cat play by themself or do they need you?

Considering how your cat is going to play with the toy is important before purchasing. If you only have toys that require you to be playing with them in order for the toy to be fun, then you should purchase some toys that your cat can play by themselves with. It’s important to have some toys that let your cat have a good time by themself, but also have some toys that let you play with them.


Another consideration is does the toy you are considering getting add variety to your cat’s collection. Cats can have short attention spans and lose interest in things quickly. That is why it is important to have many options for them to play with. Adding variety to their collection can help them always have something fun and exciting to do at play time.


Some cat toys last longer than others. A plush toy is not going to last as long as something made from plastic.  Longevity of a toy goes hand and hand with the price. If something is very expensive and you have a feeling that it might not last too long, then avoid that toy. Plush toys should not be too expensive, because you are going to have to replace them somewhat frequently. 

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Toys To Help Cats Lose Weight

1. SmartyKat

The SMARTYKAT Skitter Kritters pack is one of the most well loved cat toys in the entire industry. This is probably one of the most widely bought cat toys out there. And everybody seems to love it with near perfect reviews. This toy is great for a few reasons. 

First, cats love it. It’s simple. It looks like a mouse. The appearance makes cats go crazy for it. It prompts a deep instinctual response to hunt and catch the toy. 

Next, its cheap. Compared to other toys, this one is inexpensive. Coming a pack with ten mice means that it will last awhile. Even if your cat is notorious for ripping up their toys, ten is a lot to rip up. The mice contain catnip for further enjoyment by your cat and to create a even stronger association of joy when they play with these mice.


  • Simple and works
  • Inexpensive
  • Large amount of mice per pack


  • Sometimes the amount of catnip seems too small and there isn’t enough catnip to have an effect

2. Pet Fit For Life

One of the best toy options for fat cats is toys that they can chase that are being moved by you.

This type of cat toy is available in every shape and size, but you can’t beat the quality and price on this set! It comes with two retractable wands that resemble fishing rods. When extended, the wands are 38in long with a 24in string.

Now you don’t have to worry about being in the danger zone when you’re playing with your furry friend! In addition, the nine included teasers have built-in loops that the string clips onto, so you don’t have to hassle with changing attachments. The set includes five feather toys and four furry snakes are sure to keep your cat pouncing all day.

This is one of the best cat toys to encourage your big cat to move and jump around, because you are playing with them.


  • With nine included teasers, you won’t have to worry about getting more replacements anytime soon.
  • The wands are lightweight so you can keep playing.


  • Toys intended for human playing with a cat, so will not be a good choice if you are busy.

3. CATIT Tunnel

This tunnel offers endless entertainment for your cat. Cats have a natural drive to explore and sneak, and this tunnel gives them the perfect place.

The tunnel is made out of a polyester material that helps prevent rips, even against kitty claws. The frame is made out of steel and is engineered to be collapsible and lightweight. 

In our opinion, this cat toy is the best tunnel type cat toy for heavy cats around.


  • Three tunnels provides additional fun
  • Cats love batting the ball with the bell
  • Can be collapsed for storage
  • Lightweight, strong and durable
  • Has a peeping hole in the center to play through


  • You might have to clean the inside of the tunnel if the cat pees in the tunnel
  • Once it is worn out the wireframe can be exposed

4. PetSafe

This is an awesome toy that’s perfect for entertaining your cats and sure to get them moving! The toy is a tower with a laser pointer on top that moves in a full 360 degrees and randomly moves the laser around your floors.

There are three speeds available to make sure you keep your cat interested. Also, this exercise toy has a built-in timer that will automatically turn off after 15 minutes to make sure your furry friend won’t get tired of it.

The toy isn’t too tall, and the laser only points down, so the area the laser shines can be limiting. Try putting it higher up so your cat has more space to play!

The PetSafe laser toy is great at getting obese cats moving around, and is one of the best overall cat toys.


  • It is silent!
  • The laser is only ever pointed downwards, meaning your cat won’t be tempted in jumping up on the furniture or knocking anything over in their hunt!


  • While playing, your cats might knock the toy over. It isn’t very heavy (about 9 ounces) so it can’t hurt anything, but it might be best to put it on a small table so it doesn’t get knocked down.

5. Petstages Tower of Tracks

The balls on this toy are on three levels, and are brightly colored.

They both spin and roll which encourages your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and play.

This toy is perfect for multiple cat households due to the multiple levels and nonskid pads on the bottom.

Even though your cat is not moving around as much as other toys, it is still a very fun option, and is one of the best cat toys.


  • Three levels
  • Sturdy construction
  • Balls spin and roll
  • Pads on the bottom prevent skidding
  • Bar across the top to prevent heads from getting stuck


  • Cat doesn’t have to run around

Tips For Playing With Cats

  • Actually play with your cat. Playing with your cat is the best way to make sure they are getting the activity they need and it makes the playing a lot more fun for them.
  • Make the play as engaging and realistic as possible. Playing for cats imitates how they used to have to hunt prey in the past.  Hunting was intense and difficult. If you are waving a wand around with a mouse on the other end, you should try to make it a fun competition for your cat to get the mouse. You can do this by changing what you do, stopping and starting randomly, and making them put in effort.
  • Make sure your cat is plenty hydrated. A lot of cats do not drink enough water! A perfect way to get them the water they need is by getting them a water fountain. They love drinking from running water.
  • Play for short periods of time but play a few times each day.


What other ways can I get my cat active?

Getting cat’s active with their eating is a great method for increasing their amount of activity. There are a few ways to do this. One is to walk around the house with your cat’s food bowl with your cat following you. Periodically, put the food bowl down for a few seconds, and then pick it back up and start walking again. Something similar to this is hiding your cat’s food. Each day put the food in a different spot to make them have to go for a search to eat. This emulates more of what they would have to do in the wild.

You can also play a game of fetch with treats. Find a decent sized space in your home and purchase small treats that your cat likes, but doesn’t have too many calories. Throw a treat so they have to go to eat it. Then, throw another treat in a different direction to make them run a different direction.

Trees can also get a heavier cat active. Cat trees entice kitties to climb, and play.

Another great option to exercise your cat is to take it for walks. To do this you will need to find a great harness for your cat. Check out our recent article where we show you some of the best harnesses to get your cat moving, and walking.

Here is an article that details great methods of getting your fat cat to exercise.

What should I do do if my cat doesn't like toys or loses interest quick?

If your cat is not that interested in toys, there might be a few things going on. The first to consider is what kind of variety do they have in their toys. Maybe you have not found the kind of toy that clicks with them. Another benefit of having a large variety of toys means that even if your cat has a short attention span, there is enough toys that means they can show a little interest in each one and get a decent amount of time playing. Another thing to bring interest back into toys is to play with your cats. Playing with your cat can bring a lot of joy to the both of you. By playing with the toys, it becomes a lot more engaging for your cat. Make sure to not just go through the motions when you are playing. Keep changing your movements, add pauses, and make it a playful challenge for your cat. If you do everything possible to make the most out of toys, then maybe toys just aren’t the thing for your cat. But there is still plenty you can do. You can add exercise and activity into the way your cat eats and you could try taking your cats on walks. We cover these methods 

How much time should a cat play everyday?

At least half a hour per day of activity is recommended. It is best to break this total up into smaller bits. Cats are meant for 30 minutes of continuous exercise. They are predators that would hunt their prey in short bouts of intensity. Multiple 10 minute spells of playing and exercise seems to work well. It should be noted that it is awesome if you are able to get your cat to be active for more than 30 minutes.


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