The Best Cat Tree For Maine Coons

by Evan

All cats love to jump around and climb stuff, so picking the best cat tree for Maine Coons  can give your cat something it loves to do. Maine Coons are tough because their really big, but the product were showing you today takes this into account.

The distinguishing characteristics of a Maine Coon Cat is its size and therefore the two primary criteria in selecting the Best Cat Tree for a Maine Coon cat is the size cat the tree will accommodate, and the quality of construction.

Today, we just have one product to show you that we believe is a truly good choice for a cat tree for your Maine Coon.

Quick Look

Cat Tree King Corner XXL Beige (Our Choice As The Best Cat Tree For Maine Coons)

Our Considerations In Picking The Best Cat Tree For Maine Coons

Primary Considerations:
1. Size of Cat the structure is designed to accommodate
2. Quality of construction
In evaluating the quality of construction, you must consider the size of the support platform, the size of the posts, the size of the cat platforms and the features made for the cat.
It is also very important to consider the stability of the structure, which in part will be increased with increased weight if the
structure is well designed.
When your cat or cats jump from an upper platform you need to be sure the tree will not tip.
No cat tree deserves to be ranked the Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon Cats without
meeting these primary criteria.
Secondary considerations:
1. Budget. We all have budgetary constraints, but buying the cheapest is seldom the best move. In selecting the Best Cat Tree for Maine Coons we have selected a product that we believe is best value for money after meeting the first 2 primary considerations
2. Space requirements. Some cat trees are huge, some are small, for our choice of Best Cat Tree for Maine Coons we have chosen a “goldilocks” cat tree, which in our opinion is not too big and not too small.
3. Aesthetically pleasing. By choosing a quality product you are buying an item of furniture that will be in your house for a considerable period of time, in choosing the Best Cat tree for Maine Coons we have chosen a product that we believe you will be happy to have in your house.

Cat Tree King Corner XXL Beige

Features of the Corner Cat XXL Beige:
  • High Quality Cat Tree for large cats
  • Very easy to assemble. Assembly manual and toolkit included
  • 105 lbs total weight
  • Height 59 inch
  • Base Stand 24 x 22 x 1.6
  • Total size: 59x24x22 inch
  • Playhouse of 22x12x10 at the bottom with a large entrance at the front.
  • 1 large bed at the top of 24x20x4,3 inch with 2 inch thick removable pillow included. The pillow can be attached with Velcro.
  • 2 Large rotatable hammocks of 18 inch, tested up to 44 lb

(all specifications subject to change by the manufacturer)

Pros of the Corner Cat XXL Beige:

  • Typically, Very highly rated in customer reviews
  • Specifically designed for larger cats
  • Great value given the quality
  • Attractive design
 Cons of the Corner Cat XXL Beige:
  • Being designed for Large cats this tree is probably not suitable for kittens
  • Some cats may have difficulty transitioning between levels
  • Weight of unit may provide difficulties for some purchasers

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