This is a photo of a cat in a tree. She needs a real cat tree!

10 Best Cat Trees For Fat Cats In 2021

There are hundreds of options available when looking for cat trees for fat cats, so finding the perfect one is certainly a daunting task. Today, we help narrow your search into a few of the best cat trees around.

Fat cats have so many amazing things going for them. For example, they are extra snugly cuddle buddies. But, they also have their downsides. Finding products for them can be a struggle and a half sometimes.

In this post, we go over why cats need cat trees, what factors to consider when picking a cat tree, and based on these factors, we give you recommendations of some of the best cat trees for large cats.

Check out our top picks below.



The Armarkat Cat Tree is our absolute favorite cat tree for fat cats. Hands down!

This tree can be purchased in 2 colors, beige and gray, so you can choose whatever matches with your home the best. I would choose the gray option if you are someone who doesn’t want the tree to stand out as much, and you prefer a sleeker look.

On this cat tree, there are a bunch of different little features, and perches for your cat to play on/with, stalk the family dog from, snooze on, and much more.

We suggest this one as it is quite complex with tons of attributes for your cat to use, and at the same time, it is very sturdy which is unlike many cat trees that have a lot of features, but break within the first month of use.

The sellers of this product have many safety features in place to make sure this cat tree does not break or fall over. Safety comes first, am I right? The poles are quite broad across, and the bottom is designed specifically to prevent the tree from falling over.

There are many different perches for your extra-large cat to choose from when they are making the important decision, “Which one should I sleep on?”

Furthermore, cozy beds come with the purchase of this cat tree to help your feline babies doze off wherever their favorite place is on their new tower. It evens comes with a little cat sofa for them to relax. The real question now is: are we getting too soft on our cats? The answer is yes, but I don’t care.

You might think this product can’t get better, but it does. From the very top floor, a little ball toy hangs down, so your cat can not only get a new tree, but also be gifted an amazing new toy.

This tree has devices to further ensure this tree does not fall over by securing it with the wall next to it.

This tree could also double as a scratch post for a large cat.

Overall, this cat tree is on another level of quality. It has many safety features to protect your cat and prevent the tree itself from falling over, it is comfortable, it is strongly constructed, it is great at entertaining cats, and most importantly, it is suitable for large cats.

With all this being said, this product is our favorite option as the best cat tree for fat cats.


  • Cats can use the sisal wrapped posts as scratching posts
  • Easy for cats to climb as perches are not too far apart
  • Sturdy structure
  • Some cats can’t even wait for the tree to be fully assembled before messing with it
  • Easy to assemble


  • The material on the cat tree can shed, which can be annoying

Go pet club


We highly recommend the Go Pet Club Condo, if you are looking for a simple, affordable, and overall awesome cat tower for large cats.

This tree is specifically made for big cats. The seller says that the perches on this tree have a weight capacity of 50 pounds. You are going to have to have a really fat cat for this thing to break! It can fit and supports big cats.

One of the huge advantages of this tree is that you do not have to put it together. It is already put together before it gets to your house, so your cat can play with her new tree as soon as the mailman drops it off. This is great for anybody not looking for the extra hassle of having to figure out how to put a cat tree together.

The rope used to wrap the wood is free from any oils, which means you do not have to worry about the toxins that come from oiled rope hurting your cat.

On the second level, there is a little feather toy for your cat to entertain themselves with.

The simplicity of this product is one of the reasons we love it so much.

When you have a cat tree that has a lot of features, and parts, it means you have a lot more to worry about. Trees with lots of features are known to break more than simple trees like this one if they are cheap trees and therefore cheaply made.

All in all, this cat tree is great for fat cats as it checks off all the required boxes when you are looking for a good, functional tree that isn’t crazy expensive.


  • Rigid build
  • Comes in a mix of plain, but nice looking colors
  • 3 levels


  • Rather simple design, but simple is also a good thing


The On2Pets Cat Tree is something special. It is not only an amazing cat tree for large cats, but it also looks like an actual tree! This is the most tree-like cat tree on the market.

If you are looking to bring your cat back to the forests that their ancestors used to roam, I think we just found the right one for you.

On this tree, there are 3 levels not including the ground. The synthetic leaves surround the levels, so your cat can hide behind these leaves like they are stalking prey, but they are just chilling in your living room.

It can support almost any size cat as the limit of this tree is 30 pounds! This tree is meant to be inside your house, and can add a refreshing touch to any room you decide to put it in.

To conclude, if you are looking to give your cat the feel that they are back in the wild fending for themselves, consider purchasing this tree for them.


  • Fake tree to appeal to their feral side
  • Unique compared to other choices
  • Cats get to get back to their roots of being in a real looking tree


  • You do have to set up this product your self, but it is a pretty quick build

If you are looking to treat your cat, and you want the biggest cat tree on the market, well it looks like your search is over.

As you can see, this cat tree condo is a little bit taller, and probably twice as big as the woman in the photo above! This is insanity!

Imagine, how your cat must feel when they perch themselves on the very top. They must feel like they are a king peering down on a bunch of peasants. This cat tree is quite literally a throne for your large cat. It could even work for multiple cats.

It is not just the size of this product that wows me but also the quality. This tree comes in a nice looking beige. Plush is the material used to hide the wood, and this will be super cozy for your cat at all times.

This cat tree is not likely to fall over, or break as it crafted well. It weighs a massive 140 pounds. It has huge poles to support it, and keep your cat safe.

There are a bunch of different places on this cat tree for your cat to lie down and look from.

All in all, this cat tree is by far the most expensive, but it is for good reason. It has everything your fat cat could every need.

Once you buy this tree, your cat is immediately transformed into a King or Queen with their new cat throne.


  • Huge, so your cat has a lot of places to try out in their tree
  • Made specifically for big cats, so every cat perch should fit perfectly for your fur baby
  • Fuzzy material for cat to snuggle with everywhere


  • Big, so it might be annoying to find a spot in your home

The FurHaven Cat Tree is one of our top picks as a heavy cat tower.

This tree has faux fur completely covering it except for the posts which are wrapped with a cord.

A disadvantage of this tree is the very top level might not be big enough for your cat if they are a particularly heavy breed. The posts that are wrapped with a cord can also have double functionality as cat scratching posts.

There are two colors to pick from. I think the gray colorway looks fantastic and will look great in almost any house. This is another cat tree that we would call a “luxury tree”.

It even has a little toy included on the tree for your cat to play with. I wish I was a cat, so I could sleep on the plush on this tree. It looks super comfortable.

This cat tree is close to 6 feet tall, so it will be like your cat is truly in a tree, since it is so high off the ground.

All in all, the FurHaven Cat Tree is another quality option to check out.


  • A spring toy is featured with the cat tree
  • Quick assembly
  • Cat cave to give your cat their little haven


  • Very affordable

Guide To Picking

1. Cat Capacity And Size

This one might seem obvious but getting the right size tree is super important.

If your cat has to squeeze themselves into each perch, they are not going to use the tree.

Also, you want to make sure the tree can hold enough weight for safety reasons. If you have a heavier feline, ensure your purchase a cat tree for fat cats. You do not wanna your cat to break the tree, and tumble over when you are not home to help them.

If the tree is not meant for large cats, then using a large cat with the tree is a safety concern. It is like buying a small litter box for a Maine Coon. It just doesn’t make sense. Please don’t waste your time and money by buying a tree not meant for large cats.

The way you make sure this doesn’t happen is by checking the reviews on the product to make sure that other people with fat cats have the tree work for them. Many sellers also specify if the tree is made for large cats.

You also want to consider size in terms of how much room it takes up. It would be a real bummer if the cat tree showed up at your house and you did not have any good place to put it.

I suggest finding somewhere in your house that looks like it could fit a cat tree before purchasing a huge one.

If you have space limitations, consider getting a more simple product as these will not take up as much space horizontally and vertically, but still get the job done as a good cat tree for your large cat.

2. Quality Of Construction

This one is another huge factor to consider as it is critical for both your cat’s safety and happiness. You want the tower to be built with strong materials to ensure that it doesn’t collapse or break while your cat is on it.

Check out the weight limit for the product that you are looking at to make sure your large cat is safe. Make sure the posts are fairly thick.

I would also check to see if the wood is completely covered with something like plush or carpet. Not only will this protect your cat and be more comfy for them, but it will also look better in your house.

Plush is much more likely to be ruined by your cat rather than good old fashioned carpet. On the flip side plush is comfier than carpet.

If you are worried about chemicals, look for the sisal rope that wraps the trees to be free from any oils.

Some trees come with anti-toppling things, so you can secure the tower to the wall or ground.

Usually the quality of construction correlates with how expensive the tree. Some trees come with toys attached, and these can be a lot of fun for your cat whenever they are bored. These toys come in the form of rope toys or feather toys.

If you want your cat to live the life of luxury, some trees have beds on each perch, and these usually have plush everywhere on the surface. If you don’t want to drop the extra money on expensive plush, the average one has carpet, and this seems to be fine.

Also, you can buy a little cat bed for their favorite perch on the tree, so they can have an extra comfy places to sleep. If you are looking out for your cat, don’t worry about spending a little extra cash to ensure their safety.

3. Complexity Of Build

There are pros and cons to having a complex build. If the tower has a lot of perches, couches, and other things, it is more likely that the tree will break.

Also, complex trees are usually a bit more expensive. If you do buy a complex tree, I would buy on the higher end of prices. Sure, it is more money to spend on a cat tree, but I have my reasons for saying this.

The more expensive a tree, the more care that went into the product. I heard a story, where someone found what seemed like the perfect one that was super complex, but fairly cheap. They used it for a while, and it seemed to work well. This particular one had a hammock attachment. The hammock fell off and left the hooks that used to hold up the hammock exposed. Their cat got caught on one of the hooks, and had to have a serious visit to their local vet.

Things like this can happen with more expensive complex trees as well, but it is less likely as the quality of construction on expensive trees is usually much higher. Don’t be scared of a complex tree, but take this as a warning for really inexpensive complex trees.

Simple cat trees usually have no assembly required, and since they are simple there are fewer things that could wrong with them. These trees are more affordable and take up less space. Don’t be mistaken though, a good quality complex cat tower will be better than a simple one any day of the week.

If you are interested in a complex cat tree, then here are some of the top features you should look for.

  • Cat Cave – A cat cave is a little enclosed area that has a hole for your cat to get in and out from. Some cats like to have a little place they can escape to like this. If you are interested in other products that people use to give their cats an escape room, check out our recent post best litter box furniture. Many people buy these for their cat and put a bed inside, so their cat has a dark and quiet place to chill out like the cat cave.
  • Toys – Lots of more expensive trees have either spring, feather, or string toys attached to the tree. These are a nice little touch but if a product doesn’t have one included we wouldn’t consider them a deal-breaker in any way.
  • Lots of perches – This one is a must because it is more similar to an actual tree. With more perches and levels, they have more areas to climb from and to.
  • Scratching posts – Almost all trees on the market have posts that are wrapped with sisal rope which then transforms the posts into scratching areas for your cat. This is more like the norm for a cat tree, but is a great feature that might make a tree a no-go if it doesn’t have the extra function as a scratching post.
  • Cat couches – Some trees have little sofas attached to them where it is a bowl where your cat can nap in. It usually is padded nicely, and honestly looks appealing. If you have a cat that loves to snooze, look for a cat couch.

In the end, it is about your cat’s enjoyment, and when they end up getting a throne of a cat tree, they sure do love it. All in all, consider the complexity of the tree before purchasing to get something that suits your needs best.

4. Match With Your House

You do not want this new piece to stand out like a sore thumb once you put it in your house. If you don’t care about how it looks inside your house than you can skip this section.

Try getting one that doesn’t stand out too much with its colors and is more neutral like a nice gray. You can always put this somewhere hidden like in the garage if you find a great cat tree, but you know it won’t look good in your house.

I would try hard to find one that looks great in your house as well works great for your cat, so they can be in your presence while they enjoy their new cat tree.


Why Do Cats Love Cat Trees And Why Should You Buy One?

Large cats are just like any other cat maybe just a little bit fatter. Like other cats, large cats LOVE cat trees.

Cats love cat trees because it is in their instincts. Cats need to climb on trees, because that is what their ancestors did, and that is what their big cat relatives do today.

For example, Norwegian forest cats, a large breed, used to live in the forest where they would climb trees to hunt, and hide from larger predators. Cats like to be able to see everything, and they do this by getting high up in trees. From the tree, they can sneakily stalk their prey, and wait from their hidden position until the right moment to pounce

It is in your cat’s blood to climb, and whenever you can help your cat act out on their instincts, it is a great thing.

Your cat will not feel as inclined to climb all over the stuff in your house, if they have a designated place to climb. Buying a tower can help prevent the damage of household items like furniture and curtains.

When you buy a tree, you are investing in your cat’s physical and mental health.

Other Cat Trees We Reviewed


This cat tower is made in America, and its quality shines like the American dream. This tower has three perches, each a comfy spot where your cat can get some much-needed sleep.

There is nothing too fancy about this tree, but if you are looking for a simple tree, then this one will fit your needs. Carpet covers the entire surface.

Once you have this product, the only assembly you have to do is attach the highest level to the rest of the product. It is solidly built with actual solid wood rather than cheap materials.

The seller of this item says it can hold cats 18 pounds or less, so it should work for most fat cats.


  • The carpet material is more cat-proof than plush on other trees
  • 5 different colors to choose from
  • Will not take up as much room as other trees on this list


  • The carpet will not be as soft for your kitty

The Amazon Basics cat tree is another reliable alternative to end your hunt. This product comes in classic beige.

Like all cat trees on this list, the posts that are wrapped with rope can be used by your cat as a place to groom their nails. There are a lot of different variants for the Amazon Basics cat tree, but not all of them will work with heavy cats.

The multi-level option that we are talking about should function for fat cats.


  • Easy Assembly
  • Toy


  • Padding isn’t that great

We like this cat tree tower as it is not too expensive and is a wonderful piece of cat furniture.

There are so many things going for this one. First off, it has so many different parts to explore from the numerous cat caves, to all the flat levels.

The top floor is perfect for when your cat wants to feel like they are at the top of the world, as the top is about 7 feet tall.

The tree is covered in a fuzzy faux material that looks cozy. There is an assembly required with this tree, but it is relatively short with instructions.


  • Many different aspects like a cave, and a toy make it interesting


  • Some levels might not fit the absolute biggest cats

The LAZY BUDDY cat tree is another one that we thought belonged on this list. This is because it is not only an overall good tower, it also has a unique vibe to it.

This one is sleeker than other trees and has more wood showing. This is different than all the other trees that all look similar but have slight differences. I am happy to include an option on this list that has a different aesthetic for those who doesn’t like the style all the other cat trees have.

This item has a rope toy hanging off of the 4th level for your cat to bat around a bit.

A disadvantage for this tree is the price. Many similar trees serve the same function as this tree, but cost much less.

I think if you enjoy the look of this tree, and want it because you think you would enjoy the look inside your house then purchase this tree.


This cat tree might not be as tall as others on this list, but it is certainly just as big or bigger than most on this list. This is another product that is pretty expensive, but is probably the best option for those looking for a cat tree in that price range.

It has everything you could want in a cat tree, lots of perches, cat couches, and a nice bed on the very top. Sure, it might be missing a cat toy or cat cave, but the features it does have are top-notch.

Like all the rest of the trees, plush covers this whole tree. This tree has a fast assembly time.

All in all, this is our last product on our product recommendations for the best cat trees for large cats, but this product for sure is not least.


  • The cat couches have a weight capacity of 44 pounds, and the sellers claim this is the strongest in the industry (best tree for fat cats)
  • Durable – beautifully crafted
  • Luxury cat tree


  • Some cats have trouble jumping from level to level


I believe that cat trees add some good value to your cat’s life as they return them to their wild selves just a tiny bit. They get to act out on their instincts off climbing trees. Anything that brings them back to their feral selves is probably pretty good for their health both mentally and physically. After playing and climbing all day, they might need to rest in a marshmallow cat bed.

Go to Amazon today to pick out one. They will love it, and you will love that they love it.

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