4 Best Ceramic Cat Water Fountains In [2020]

Do you want a quick answer?

We have decided that the IPETTIE is the best ceramic cat water fountain.

If you are going to get a water fountain for your cat you might as well get a ceramic cat water fountain.

A ceramic cat fountain is better for numerous reasons.

When looking for water fountains, you will be mostly shown plastic ones.

This is annoying because ceramic fountains have a lot more benefits compared to plastic ones.

I want to help you make the right decision of a water fountain, and I believe this is probably getting a ceramic water fountain.

Here are some of the best cat ceramic water fountains.

Our Selection

The 4 Best Ceramic Water Fountains For Cats


Do you want a really good ceramic cat water fountain?

The IPETTIE is just that. It is an outstanding item that you ought to know about.

The IPETTIE will certainly not displease you when it comes to how much sound it makes. It is as quiet as a whisper.

If you don’t like the default style, you can get a more modern looking fountain or one that is partially blue.

This fountain’s maximum capacity of water is 70 oz. This will keep your pet drinking for a while.

The water that is produced by this pet fountain is very sanitary as the fountain uses two filters.

Cleaning this product just needs you to wash it by hand.

The pump that creates the running and filtered water on this drinking fountain consumes very little power.

It costs a very competitive amount.

If you want a less expensive fountain, but want the perks of being hygienic like ceramic fountains, check out our article on stainless steel cat water fountains. 

Lots of people are very pleased with this item as it has great reviews.

In conclusion, I am a fan of this ceramic fountain.


This fountain is made from porcelain which is just a stronger version of ceramic.

It is FDA approved which shows how safe and worthy this product is.

Another positive of this fountain is that it can be wash via a dishwasher.

This fountain is practically silent. It creates less than 38 decibels of noise. It will not be a nuisance in your home.

The Cepheus has both a heap and charcoal carbon filter to purify the water to the best standard.

The design allows more than one cat to drink from it at once which is great for those with more than one cat.

I would recommend the Cepheus for those looking for a good ceramic cat water fountain.


The Vekonn also is made from porcelain but still technically a ceramic pet water fountain.

This fountain is similar to other cat fountains we reviewed in the sense that it is really quiet, and can hold a lot of water.

It is also like the other ones because it has a great filtration system.

I want to point out about this fountain is its design. I like how it has a unique look compared to many of the other fountains that are all circles. This one is a nice square with round corners.

If you want a ceramic water fountain that is unlike many other fountains in terms of its aesthetic, you should check out the Vekonn.


This is the last ceramic fountain that we review, but that doesn’t mean it is bad. It is the opposite.

If you want a fountain that you know can carry a lot of water and continue giving your cat the water they need to be healthy, this one does just that.

It is a great choice as a fountain because it is very durable, hygienic, makes a faint amount of noise, and does it job well.



What is the purpose of a cat water fountain?

The purpose of a cat water dispenser is to provide your cat with adequate water consumption.

Lots of cats do not get enough water with a simple cat bowl. Fountains are more appealing to cats as they like to drink from the running water.

Fountains can help your cat drink the necessary amount of water needed in a day.

What features should I look for in a water fountain?

The first feature you want to check is how much water it can carry. One that carries to little is no use. I recommend that the fountain can contain at least 50 ounces of water at once. This will give your cat water for a few days.

You should next look at how much noise it creates. If you buy one that is always buzzing, you are going to want to throw it out. Don’t try yourself crazy, and look for one that makes 40 decibels of sound or less.

Check that the water fountain has some filters, so your cat is only drinking clean water.

If you are looking for convenience, I would buy a fountain that lets you put the fountain dish in the dishwasher.

Lastly, I would just to a quick look at the reviews to see if anything seems off.

Why should I get a ceramic water fountain versus a plastic water fountain?

Overall, ceramic water fountains are superior to plastic.

Ceramic is a way more sanitary material than plastic. It can help prevent your cat from getting sick, which is worth it by itself.

Ceramic looks sophisticated. This material is way more elegant than plastic. Instead of hiding the water fountain, you can put it on display with a ceramic water fountain.

Plastic is not good for the environment. Ceramic is an eco-friendly material.

How often should I clean the fountain?

Most of these fountains require that you clean them about every week or two. Some ceramic fountains can be placed in the dishwasher, which makes the process easier.

Then, you just have to clean the pump by hand washing.

How can I ensure my cat gets enough water?

Apart from getting your cat a water fountain, you can also transition to a wet cat food diet. This article details why it is a better diet.

When cats would get their nutrition in the wild, they would so from the animals they hunted and killed. They did not drink that much pure water.

Their prey consisted of 70% water. Dry cat food is far less percent water maybe 10% at the most.

Wet cat food on the other hand is closer to actual prey in terms of water percentage. Wet cat food can be another solution to getting your cat enough water.

All In All

As a cat owner, the general thinking behind any product purchasing for your cat is to get them something that will contribute to life in a positive.

You do not want to take any short cuts because in the end your cat’s health and happiness are in your hands and decisions.

By buying a ceramic water fountain, you are doing the exact opposite of taking short cuts.

I applaud that and hope that you can find a great cat ceramic water fountain.