5 Best Harnesses For Bengal Cats In [2020]

Walking your Bengal cat can be a great way to get some exercise, and we would all love to be able to walk our cats with ease, but finding the best harnesses for our beloved Bengal cats can be hard.

Today, we are showing you what we believe are the harnesses that will allow going for a walk with your Bengal cat to be fun and no issue.

Our Picks Of The 5 Best Harnesses For Your Bengal Cat



  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Well-made of quality materials
  • Highly adjustable to work with your cat’s dimensions
  • Leash (included) length lets your cat explore without getting into trouble
  • Useful instructions help you get your cat used to the harness


  • Requires patience from your cat and you to adjust the harness correctly
  • Determined cats may wiggle free

If you are looking for an economical and lightweight H-style harness strap option, the Petsafe is a solid choice.  

Designed for kittens and smaller cats that weigh less than 12 lbs., it is highly adjustable for cats of the appropriate dimensions. 

It’s comfortable design, with the lead fitting around your cat’s neck and back, will evenly distribute pressure, which is why many veterinarians recommend H-style harnesses.

Before purchasing this harness, make sure to measure your Bengal cat carefully, and if, within these limits, this harness is a great choice. 

Neck size: adjustable from 7 inches – 10 inches; Chest size: adjustable from 10 inches – 17 inches. 

And with durable snap-lock buckles, you’ll find the Petsafe easy to put on your cat and take off after your outdoor adventures. 

We recommend the Petsafe because this product is on the list as one of the greatest Bengal cat harnesses.


Kitty Holster


  • Shaped to fit a cat’s body with multiple adjustment points
  • Calms anxious cats with its thick material and snug fit (like a “thunder coat”)
  • Velcro closures and snap buckles for extra security
  • Thick quality materials and leash included


  • But, It Runs slightly small
  • Watch neck adjustment to prevent discomfort

This stylish harness comes in S, M & L to fit your feline friend to perfection. 

Furthermore, It’s made of comfortable and breathable materials, and is easy to put on and take off. 

And, with its Velcro closure, plastic buckles and clips for adjustments, it is one of the few harnesses, and is really at making sure to keep all Bengal cats secure. 

With its double rings for leash attachment, you can enjoy your outdoor adventures with confidence. Size L: Fits chest girth 14.1″-16.1″, neck girth 9″-13″, leash length 4.9 ft.

Check out the Kitty Holster harness if you need a harness for your Bengal cat.

Paws and Pals


  • Velcro closure with locking snap for added security
  • Quality materials and well-made
  • Reflective stripes make cat visible
  • Soft mesh material keeps cat comfortable
  • Includes leash


  • Runs slightly large
  • X-small may be too big for young kittens

This comfortable vest is one of the greatest harnesses for Bengal cats! 

It has an x-small version that will fit the newest member of your cat family. And, this vest’s comfortable materials make cats happy and snug during her outdoor adventures. 

Also, the reflective striping and extra secure closures make you confident in your ability to explore together.

The Paws and Pals is a good choice as a harness.



  • Well made with soft & breathable materials
  • Neck and body adjustable closures for comfy and snug fit
  • Velcro and buckles for extra security
  • Snug fit calms anxious cats
  • Sturdy double attachment point for leash (included)


  • Velcro closure noise spooks some cats
  • Runs small

This adjustable vest is made of soft materials that cats seem to like. 

And with the strong Velcro closure and the extra closure at kitty’s chest, your outside adventures should be safe and snug.  

Dual D rings on the back of your cat’s vest let you rest assured that the leash is well-fashioned. 

Also, some cat owners find that the snug vest is so comfy that kitty calms down when you put it on inside your home and loves when it lets her go outside!

Necoichi Harness



  • Highly effective for active adult cats
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Design refinements based on owner and breeder feedback
  • Snug feel insures kitty’s safety
  • Calming effect on some anxious cats


  • Not suitable for cats less than 12 months old
  • Does not come with a leash

Happy customers of the Neocoichi jacket remark that they have tried other vest harnesses for their active felines and they like this one a lot – for its durable construction and snugness that keeps kitty from escaping.  If you know that your cat is a feisty escape artist, this is one of the most secure harnesses you can get.

Common Questions

Did you know that your Bengal cat is a descendant of an Asia leopard and an Egyptian Mau!?

No wonder she is ready for adventure. On the next sunny day, your cat wants to go outside, and explore your local parks and trails with you! If you are the lucky owner of two Bengals, you will need a carrier that can hold two Bengal cats to get them there. Walking your cat can be a great way to workout your cats especially if they are overweight. Other tips for exercise can be getting them some fun and interactive toys. This blog post has some good toys to get your overweight cat active.

But did you know that cats’ collars are generally made to slide off if kitty gets stuck on something?

So, putting a dog’s leash on kitty’s collar won’t keep her from spooking from an unexpected sound or sight and running someplace unsafe. Take a few minutes to figure out which harness is purrfect for your Bengal.

A properly chosen and fitted harness will perfectly wrap around your cat’s body and neck, ensuring you’ll stay in control and keep her safe when the unexpected happens.

What Should You Look For In A Harness?

You want your adventures to be fun, safe, and easy.  Look for a harness that is the right size to keep your kitty comfortably and one that she can’t wiggle out of.  

Today’s harnesses are generally straps that adjust around kitty’s neck and chest or a vest that fits around your cat’s chest and torso.

A leash attaches to the back of the harness, which can be a short leash while your cat gets used to the harness and leash or a longer leash when she is comfortable and ready to explore.

Which harness you choose depends on what your feline friend is like and the environment you’ll be exploring together.

Our team at Kitty Cat Reviews wants to share this cool article on how to walk a Bengal Cat on a harness.

Is your cat not ready for a harness? You can always carry them around in a cat backpack. Review our top picks below and pay attention to which pros & cons apply to your Bengal friend.

Straps and Leashes

There are two styles of harnesses when it comes to harnesses for Bengal cats. Strap & leash harnesses are light, adjustable, and the most affordable.  

If your cat is already harness-trained & docile, or your out-door environment is low-risk (few or no threats from traffic, sudden loud noises, or other animals), a strap leash can be a good option.

Harness Vests

If your cat is not leash tolerant or is a feline Houdini, check out these harness vests, which your Bengal may find more comfortable and they are more likely to prevent escape. 

This post describes how to put a harness on a cat.

To conclude, Harness vests are a great choice when you would rather be safe than sorry in making sure your cat doesn’t find a way to escape.


Thanks for taking the time to read our review.

Finding the right harness opens up a world of possibilities.

Here is our top pick: The PetSafe

If you need another resource for walking cats, this video is pretty informative.

If you live in a rainy region, you can get a cat raincoat.

But, cats need more than one way to transport them around efficiently.

Car carriers can be a great way to transport them around. Check here for more information.

Also, if you are looking for more ways to entertain this crazy breed, I think you should check out our post on Bengal cat toys.


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