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Best Maine Coon Cat Beds

Maine Coon Cats are not like regular cats. They are big, have thicker fur coats, and are heavier. It is important to carefully consider these differences so that you get a bed that is comfortable for your Maine Coon. In this article, we go over all of the factors to think about before going through with buying a bed, the best beds on the market today, and we end the article with answering a few common questions related to Maine Coons and beds.

Buyer's Guide For Picking A Maine Coon Cat Bed

Consider the below points before getting a bed for your Maine Coon.


Maine Coons are big cats. Big cats need even bigger beds. When looking around for a bed for your Maine Coon, carefully consider the dimensions of your cat and the dimensions of the bed you are looking at. The bed needs to have a big enough surface area, so that your Maine Coon can comfortably slumber without feeling bunched up or like they are going to fall off. The team from Kitty Cat Reviews suggests that a bed should be a minimum of 24 inches by 24 inches, but you can get bigger for Maine Coons cats on the bigger end of the spectrum.


The material of the bed matters for a few reasons. First, it dictates how comfortable the bed is. Look for a soft material that your Maine Coon will love to snuggle with. The material also needs to be able to be washed easily. If you can’t take the cover off of the bed to give it a good wash, then that might not be the best option. Also, consider that Maine Coons already have pretty thick coats, so it might not be necessary to get them a bed that warms itself as this might get too hot for your cat and be uncomfortable.


The structure and shape of the cat bed matters a lot. A cat bed that is not strong enough to hold a Maine Coon will result in a bed that collapses and is not comfortable for your cat. The bed should also have a big surface area to really allow your Maine Coon to spread out. An enclosed bed will not be as comfortable unless your cat prefers this kind of bed. 


The bed needs to be tough. If the bed is not durable enough to hold your cat, and to deal with lots of use then it is a waste of money.

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6 Best Maine Coon Cat Beds

1. Bessie + Barnie

The Bessie + Barnie cat bed is one of the best options for Maine Coons. The bed is easily big enough to fit a Maine Coon, and you can even purchase this litter box in 3 different sizing variations if you have a Maine Coon that is smaller or bigger. It is recommended to get the medium sizing for the average Maine Coon. A cool fact about this product is that it is manufactured inside of the United States, which is a rare find these days. Something else that is nice is it can be put in the washing machine to be clean. Instead of the cover coming off to wash, you put the entire bed in the washing machine. The bed keeps its shape and structure even after being washed. The material of the bed is plush which is very delicate and soft to the touch. 

2. Best Friends by Sheri

Best Friends by Sheri is a great brand that specializes in making beds for pets. Their cuddler is one of the most popular cat beds out there. Their products get great very positive ratings. There are a few sizes to choose from, but the medium should be comfortable for a Maine Coon at 30 inches by 30 inches. It also is available in 10 different colors, so you can select whichever one you think will look the best. The bed can support as much as 45lbs in the medium sizing which will easily support a Maine Coon. The materials for this bed were picked to not contain any harmful ingredients, and it is comfortable to sleep on. The cover is able to be removed so that you can clean it. 

3. Mr. Peanut's

Mr. Peanut’s is another option that has everything necessary to be a great bed for your Maine Coon. The medium option of this bed has the dimensions of 28 inches by 28 inches. This is long and wide enough for a Maine Coon to comfortably rest. The outer material can be cleaned with a washing machine. The bed is even orthopedic to make it that much more comfy for your cat. There are pieces of rubber on the bottom to stop the bed from moving about. 

4. Amarkat

The Amarkat is very similar to the other beds already listed because the Amarkat is another alternative that functions well as a cat bed for Maine Coons. A unique feature with this bed is that it repels water in case your cat has an accident or something spills on it. The bed can either be cleaned with a washing machine or by hand. There is no cover, instead you would just put all of the bed in the washer. With this product, we recommend that you get the bed in a medium. It comes in only a white color, but it looks cool. This might not be the best option if you have a large Maine Coon as the bolsters take up a lot of room which might not leave a lot of room for a bigger Maine Coon. 


The HappyCabed Textiles bed is a bit different than some of the products previously listed. This bed is shaped as a rectangle, so one side is a bit longer than the other. This bed is recommended for Maine Coons that are bigger than the average Maine Coon as the longer side measures 34 inches. The other side is 24 inches which is still plenty big. There is a orthopedic pad that can be taken out and also the cover for this bed is able to be removed for washing purposes. The bed uses a nice material to help your cat be as comfortable as possible.


What Beds Do Maine Coons Like?

A Maine Coon is mostly concerned with the comfort levels of the bed more than anything else. If the bed is easy to relax in and sleep in, then they will like it. In order for a bed to be comfortable, it has to be big so that is there is extra room when your Maine Coon is on it. It also needs to have a cozy fabric. It should also be supportive.

Where Do Maine Coons Like To Sleep?

Maine Coons like to sleep in comfortable places. If that is a bed, then that is where they will sleep. If that happens to be the couch, then that might be their preferred location. Comfort level is not the only factor that dictates where they choose to sleep though. While Maine Coons are different than other cats in some regards, they are similar in that they like to sleep on elevated platforms so that they are able to keep an out on everything below and be away from the dangers of below.

Another factor is warmth. For Maine Coons, this does not influence much because they already have heavy duty coats that regulate their temperature well. For Maine Coons, they may in fact seek out cooler places, so consider placing the bed in a colder location if you notice your cat is overheating with the current location of the bed. Getting the perfect temperature for the environment where your cat sleeps is important for making that bed their go to spot to sleep.

Do Maine Coons Need A Bed?

Maine Coons do not necessarily need a bed. If your Maine Coon already has a spot that they enjoy that seems comfortable you might not have to get them a bed. If they sleep on the edge of your bed, on the couch, or on a pillow this might be sufficient. But, if it seems like your cat is constantly changing locations and looking for a better place to sleep, then it is worth getting them a bed so that they have a consistently comfortable bed to sleep on. It is also just the nice thing to do for your feline friend.


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