8 Best Cat Car Barriers [Reviewed In 2020]

by Evan
Cat Car Barrier

There are lots of things that you can get your cat, whether it’s the right cat snacks to make sure that he/she eats something that they enjoy, or the right cat carrier to make sure that you can travel with your pet conveniently. 

However, many pet owners also need to consider the importance of a cat car barrier – because the last thing that you want is to allow your cat to distract you while driving. At the end of the day, that could potentially lead to a fatal accident, and one of these can improve the safety of everyone in your car. 

Some cat owners might focus on the weight of the product or its transparency level. Other cat owners might focus on how adjustable the car barrier is, or want to make sure that it works for their particular vehicle. Here are some of the best products on the market.

Quick Look

The 8 Best Cat Car Barriers


There are plenty of products out there, and the Formosa Covers is a great option for cat owners all over. This particular cat barrier is made out of mesh material, which means that it is see-through, so you can keep an eye on your pet. Also, it comes with a zippered opening so that you can go back and reach your pet for whatever reason. It also works for both cars and trucks, as well.

This option is also extremely affordable, and it blocks the entire space between the console and the front seats. Many cat owners have pointed out that the product is a bit saggy and tougher to install than advertised.


  • Affordable
  • See-through mesh
  • Zippered opening
  • Blocks the space between console and front seats


  • Hard to install

The Formosa Covers is recommended because it has see-through mesh, a zippered opening, and is affordable.


One of the best things about the Zone Tech is that it’s universal, which means that it can fit your vehicle whether you own a car, SUV, or otherwise. If you are serious about making sure that your cat is safe and secure while you are driving, this is an affordable cat carrier that you should consider. Also, it’s made from premium quality polyester. The Zone Tech Pet Car Net Barrier is also quite affordable, as well, which is great for pet owners that want to save as much money as possible.

However, many customers have complained that it isn’t exactly clear how to install the car barrier, and that the product doesn’t actually come with any instructions.


  • Made from premium polyester
  • Universal fit for vehicles
  • Affordable


  • No instructions

The Zone Tech is made with quality material, is a universal fit for different vehicles, and is also affordable.


The Midwest isn’t the least expensive pet car barrier out there, but it does have a lot of features. One of the great things about this car barrier is that it works for both cats and dogs. If you have a larger cat or dog, the metal mesh might prove more durable than the competition. The adjustable rods also make installation an easy process. The product also comes with a 1-year warranty, as well.

However, some pet owners claim that this car barrier requires too much maintenance and having to adjust the car barrier for various reasons. Others have claimed that it has a rattling sound, which can be a bit annoying.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Durable metal mesh
  • Works for cats and dogs
  • Easy installation


  • Requires too much maintenance
  • Rattling sound

The Midwest is recommended because it’s durable, easy to install, and comes with a 1-year warranty.


There are many reasons why you might want to purchase The Great Divide for your pet, and it is also pretty affordable, as well. One of the interesting things about this cat barrier is that it goes from wall to wall and floor to ceiling, for maximum car coverage. It’s also versatile in terms of how it can be installed behind any row of seats you prefer. It also comes with an outer storage bag, as well. Unlike some other competitors, this product also comes with detailed instructions. It’s also easy to assemble.

Some customers have complained that the product isn’t that durable.


  • Affordable
  • Wall to wall, floor to ceiling coverage
  • Comes with outer storage bag
  • Easy assembly


  • Not as durable

The Great Divide is recommended because it’s affordable, covers the vehicle extremely well, and comes with an outer storage bag.


There are some great options out there in terms of cat barriers, but the DYKESON is an affordable product that many customers love. The DYKESON Pet Barrier is great for both dogs and cats, and it also offers some storage space for those who are trying to make sure that their car is organized. The pet barrier is also made out of four-sided elastic duel mesh, and it can help to make sure that your cat doesn’t distract you during long drives or your daily commute.

Some people have complained that the mesh doesn’t stretch enough to be effective.


  • Affordable
  • Offers space-saving storage
  • Works for both dogs and cats
  • Works for cars and SUVs


  • Doesn’t stretch enough

The DYKESON is recommended because it’s affordable, offers storage, and works for both dogs and cats.


The Petego is one of the best in the world, and many cat owners have pointed out that it’s the perfect solution when it comes to making sure that your cat is safe and won’t distract you while driving. One of the best things about the Petego Pet Tube Kennel is that it can hold multiple cats. The product is also made out of claw-proof material, as well, and is known for being very durable. The Petego Pet Tube Kennel can also work for both dogs and cats.

This product is absolutely incredible – but it also is ridiculously expensive, which means that many cat owners won’t be able to afford it.


  • Durable fabric
  • Claw-proof
  • Works for dogs and cats


  • Expensive

The Petego Pet Tube Kennel is recommended because it’s durable, comfortable, and can hold multiple cats.


There are some cat barriers that are more created for comfort than actual safety, but the Guardian Gear Pet Safety Vehicle Barrier is a great option for those with families. If you have small children, it might not be enough that the pets are in the backseat, and this vehicle barrier is designed to keep your cats safe in the cargo area. This is a different product in the sense that it is made out of heavy-duty tubular steel. The car cat barrier also comes with rubber end caps to make sure that your vehicle’s interior isn’t damaged in any way. This cat carrier is a bit more serious than the competition, which is why the price point is a little higher.

One of the negatives here is that this cat car barrier only works with SUVs, minivans, and station wagons.


  • Made out of tubular steel
  • Rubber end caps for interior
  • Durable
  • Adjustable frame


  • Only works for larger vehicles

The Guardian Gear is recommended because it’s durable and made out of tubular steel.


There are many pet barriers out there, but the STARROAD-TIM is extremely affordable when it comes to some of the competition. If you are serious about making sure that your car and passengers are protected, then you’ll enjoy the fact that this car barrier is known for its durability. The cat barrier is also easy to install on top of that, which is perfect for professionals that might have a tight schedule already. The company also is open to returns/refunds if the customer is not 100% satisfied. This cat barrier also works for cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, some customers have complained that this cat barrier is too flimsy.


  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Returns/refunds possible
  • Works for cats and dogs


  • May be too flimsy

The STARROAD-TIM is recommended because it’s durable, easy to install, and works for both cats and dogs.

Buyer's Guide

There are lots to think about when it comes to these products. First and foremost, you will want to choose a design that makes sense for your vehicle. If you have a sedan or an SUV, you might want to purchase one that makes sense for your vehicle’s size, or you can purchase a universal kind that you know will fit. In addition, you might want to consider the strength of the design. If you own multiple large cats, you might need more support and strength than a cat owner that only has one or two kittens.

We all know that cat car barriers can be very important, because cats often want to hop in the front seat from the backseat. Believe it or not, there are cat owners that can actually be harmed by their own pet while they drive, and it could potentially lead to a car accident. No one wants to put their life in jeopardy simply because of an overexcited pet, and that’s one of the reasons why one of these is so crucial.

Some pet owners might not have the technical knowledge to install a cat car barrier, so you may want to choose a product that is easier to install. Some take more than a couple of minutes to set up, while other products might be tougher to collapse. In addition, you never know when it might rain, so the best thing to do is to choose a water-resistant barrier.

Many cats will begin to claw at the car barrier, too, because it’s only natural – so why not choose a material that is more claw proof? No one wants to have a product in their car that is scratched up, as it makes your car look worse. If you want to make sure that you can see your pets, you might also opt for mesh material for additional transparency. If you are concerned about the sturdiness of the barrier, you may also want to choose a cat barrier with more layers. If you have many different pets, you might also think about purchasing cat barriers in different sizes.

There’s another aspect to consider – are you hoping to find an adjustable car barrier that stretches, or is that not important to you? If you have multiple vehicles, you might want to purchase more adjustable products to make sure that the product fits in various situations. In addition, it can also be great for overall storage. In this way, it can not only help keep your passengers safe, but can save space in your car as well!

Another aspect is to make sure that you are purchasing a product that is durable. If possible, you might also want to buy one that has a warranty, or at least accepts returns and/or refunds. If possible, you might want to purchase a pet barrier that offers a one-year or two-year warranty.


We often love to treat our pets to the best, and make sure that they are as healthy and comfortable as possible. That’s why so many cat owners purchase harnesses and leashes for safety, or opt for the best cat food to make sure that their cat’s diet is healthy. If you drive with your pet often, a cat car barrier not only helps keep your pet safe – it also keeps your family safe.

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