Best Cat Carrier For Nervous Cats

10 Best Cat Carriers For Nervous Cats In 2021

Tired of your cat getting nervous every time you take it to the vet? Then consider a cat carrier that’s specifically made for anxious and aggressive cats.

The best cat carrier for nervous cats is designed with two things in mind: space and comfort. Cats are very personal creatures, and when they don’t get the space they want, they get moody. Giving your cat enough space to stretch and turn is key to tranquility.

If you want to buy a cat carrier that can handle your hyperactive cat, then read on. Below is a list of the 10 best cat carriers reviewed.

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The 10 Best Cat Carriers For Nervous Cats


For an airline-approved cat carrier, try the Sherpa Original Deluxe

This is a soft and comfy bag that comes in 3 sizes. The largest size is 19 inches in length and can withstand as much as 22 lbs. So it’s a decent choice for people with heavier cats.

The Sherpa Original has a rear pocket for storing treats and accessories. And the bag includes a shoulder strap instead of the traditional handle. It keeps your hands free. But if you have shoulder problems, there are also two carrying handles.

You can wash the Sherpa in the machine since it has a faux lambskin liner. However, be careful since this carrier isn’t leak-proof.


  • Easier to transport.
  • Approved for multiple airlines.
  • The interior is soft and padded.
  • Machine-washable liner.
  • Accommodates heavier cats as well.


  • Not leak-proof.

This is a great choice for taking your pet on long travels through the air.


highly secure unit that facilitates entry from the front and the top.

The AmazonBasics kennel is a great choice for nervous pets, owing due to the fact that it has two doors. It’s harder to load a nervous pet into a traditional one-door pet carrier. The inclusion of a top entrance provides you with more ways in which you can load the cat and pull it out.

This cat carrier is made from durable plastic, which doesn’t get scratched easily. And the front has a steel-wire mesh door. 

Most small and large cats can fit inside, as it is 23 inches wide. However, the inside is not padded, and the hard plastic may hurt some animals.


  • Makes it easier to access the cat.
  • Secures the cat in place.
  • Fits a wide variety of cats.
  • Can be used on other small animals as well.


  • The interior is not padded.

Consider the AmazonBasics Kennel if front-entry is not an option for your pet.


The Petmate two-door carrier is best for small and light cats and puppies.

This cat carrier is a two-door top-entry kennel that provides optimal security and versatility. You can load your pet either from the front or the top, which is a relief if your cat is extra fidgety. 

This shorter model only measures 19 inches in length. It can hold up to 10 lbs. of weight, so it’s not for heavier cats or adult dogs. You can still use it for smaller cats and puppies. The front has a wire grate that keeps your pet securely. 

One thing you must note about top-load carriers is that they may not be allowed on some airlines. 


  • Includes a door at the top.
  • Great for taking to the vet.
  • Made for short-distance travel.
  • Secures your cat in place.


  • May not meet some airlines’ regulations.

Choose this if you want a snugger fit for your small cat, but be wary of airline regulations.


A soft and breathable cat cage for all types of cats.

The Necoichi Stress-Free cat cage is a portable cat carrier that’s both comfortable and travel-safe. It uses a nylon inner lining along with a soft mesh to provide your pet with optimum ventilation.

With the Necoichi, you get built-in seat belt straps, meaning you can carry your pets in the car with ease. The side mesh panels have a rolling partition that gives your pet some privacy.

It comes in the only size that’s 20 inches wide and can fit up to two small cats. If you have a litter box or toy that you want to carry, you can fit it inside the carrier. 

What you may not like is that the handles are at the very edges of the carrier. So handling and carrying feels awkward.


  • Soft and breathable mesh.
  • Nylon interior.
  • Mesh can be rolled down.
  • Large enough for two cats and accessories.


  • Uncomfortable carrying.

This is a one-size-fits-all cat carrier.


The Petmate is the optimized kennel for sky travel, with various accessories included.

This hard plastic model won’t crush under a heavyweight. With the Petmate Sky, you also get a food and water cup to keep your pet content. 

It also comes with a “Live Animal” sticker so airport staff can handle your pet better. And the smallest size is 21 inches in length and can hold up to 15 lbs.

You don’t get a carrying handle in the two larger sizes, but you do get an extra latch. There is both a door at the top as well as one at the front with durable steel grating.


  • Includes ‘Live Animal’ sticker.
  • Cannot be crushed underweight.
  • Comes with a food and water cup.
  • Larger sizes include securer latches.


  • Larger sizes don’t have a handle.

Use the Petmate Sky Kennel for carrying pets on airports and for general use.


spacious carrier with easier entry, the Sport Pet is better for nervous and scared cats.

This pet carrier has a large and wide front door which your nervous cat will readily walk into. And it’s triangular instead of the traditional rectangular design.

The inside has a machine-washable pet bed made from synthetic fur and stuffed with poly-fiber. It’s a great addition, as many pets can be fidgety and injure themselves. This carrier is 19.5 inches long and can hold heavier pets up to 25 lbs. 

There is no room for food and water cups or other accessories if you don’t have a small cat. It’s also not approved for use in airlines. 


  • Wider door for the cat to fit in to.
  • Holds heavier pets.
  • Includes a washable pet bed.
  • Foldable and portable.


  • Cannot be used in airplanes.

You should buy the Sport Pet if your cat is scared of traditional doors, but you can’t fly with it.

With a side door for easy treats, the Pawfect is best for really nervous pets that try to escape.

The Pawfect cat and dog carrier is a soft-sided carrier made for use in airplanes. The sides are made from lightweight polyester, which is highly durable and water-resistant.

It has one large door at the front for loading the pet, and a smaller one on the side for treats. 

There is also a reinforced mesh that is extra-large and resistant to scratching and tearing. You also get two seat belts and reflective strips for use in the night. However, it’s only 17 inches long, so you shouldn’t use it for carrying larger pets.


  • Highly durable and water-resistant.
  • Soft cushiony interior.
  • Side window for giving treats.
  • Scratch-resistant mesh.
  • Includes seat belt and reflective straps.


  • Not for large or heavy pets.

If your pet tries to escape when you open the door to give them treats, then this carrier is for you. 

This cat carrier is highly spacious and includes mesh pockets.

Bergan’s airline-approved pet carrier is a tall and spacious bag with multiple pockets and accessories. The mesh is breathable and has pockets for storing, toys, medicines, and treats. The interior has a fleece pet bed that is soft and comfortable. 

It features a small zip-opening at the side for you to give you pet treats and water from. This is a great design for pets that try to run away when you open the main door. It’ll also give your pet a window to stick their head out, which may reduce anxiety.

There’s an insert panel that helps it maintain the optimum size. It is 13 inches tall, so your pet gets sufficient headroom.


  • Comes with a soft fleece bed.
  • Includes mesh side pockets.
  • Has a side-opening for medicine and snacks.
  • Sufficient headroom.


  • Not entirely leak proof.

For claustrophobic and fidgety cats, the Bergan Cat Carrier is a good choice.

This cat carrier is great for traveling long distances with your nervous cat.

This Gold Series carrier is airline-approved and targets pet comfort. This is a soft-sided carrier that features self-locking zippers for ease of securing. There’s a faux fleece bedding for your cat’s comfort, as well as a base made of plywood.

The mesh windows feature a roll-away cover to provide your cat with some privacy. You also get a load of accessories with it, including a name tag holder and a leash tether. There’s also a shoulder and a luggage strap.

It can hold cats up to 15 pounds heavy. And the length is an optimal 18 inches. However, the side mesh can be scratched out pretty easily. So don’t use it for hyperactive animals.


  • Features self-locking zippers.
  • Roll-away mesh covers.
  • Comes with a name tag holder and a leash.
  • Sturdy plywood base.


  • The durability of the mesh is low.

This carrier is highly recommended for its sturdy plywood base and the included accessories.

Pet Magasin’s carrier bag is a leak-proof carrier for your cats and dogs.

This soft-sided carrier bag from Pet Magasin is made for those who have a knack for style and aesthetics. It is lightweight and can be easily carried about from place to place. 

Its waterproof feature means that leaking water won’t go in, and nothing will get out. The mesh windows have a retractable shade that keeps your pet safe from direct sunlight.

It’s 18 inches long and can accommodate pets as heavy as 15 pounds. The material used is soft nylon, which doesn’t scratch the skin or cause sores. 


  • Stylish and colorful.
  • Waterproof exterior.
  • Doesn’t cause sores on the skin.
  • Keeps pets safe from the sun.
  • Lightweight and highly portable.


  • Does not include seatbelt straps.

Consider the Pet Magasin carrier if your pet tends to wet the carrier often.


What are the features to look for in a cat carrier for nervous cats?

  • Capacity

The first thing you should look for is its capacity. Buy a carrier which gives your cat enough space to stretch out and turn directions. You’ll want to consider this if your cat is exceptionally claustrophobic. 

  • Comfort

Soft-sided pet carriers are the best for comfort, as they are made from a soft, non-abrasive nylon or polyester material. Hard plastic carriers can also provide this, but you’ll need a pet bed to keep your cat comfortable.

Next, consider your own comfort. Do you want to hold the carrier in your hands or hang it on your shoulders? If you have shoulder problems, go for a carrier that has a handle. Also, consider the ease of loading and removal. If your pet is harder to handle, you may benefit from a top entrance.

  • Pet Weight

You should also be mindful of your cat’s weight. Check the weight recommendation of the carrier. 

  • Pockets

Finally, look for some extra features. Pockets on the carrier are always good to have since a treat or two can calm down your cat. Half-mesh zippers are also a good idea. They let you feed your pet treats and administer medicine without having to open the main door

What sets a carrier made for nervous cats aside from others?

Carriers made for nervous cats are different from regular cat carriers. Naturally, cats can get nervous due to claustrophobia or lack of vision. A cat carrier for nervous cats designed to provide an ample amount of space for your cat to stretch and sleep. 

When cats get nervous, they will start to squirm and flail and try to escape, which is why cat carriers are designed to be highly secure and to keep your cat from chewing at the mesh. For this purpose, the mesh is made from solid steel or from a tear-resistant polyester cloth.

Your cat can also hurt itself when it’s flailing about the place. Some carriers have a pet bed and padded walls to prevent your cat from getting injured. 

Some cat carriers also feature pockets to store treats and medication. These will help calm your cat down.

Should you buy a soft-sided or a hard-sided carrier?

Depends on your cat. Soft-sided carriers are great for cats that hurt themselves a lot in their nervousness. These carriers have fabric walls, usually made from polyester or nylon. 

However, keep in mind that these carriers have a weaker mesh. So if your cat becomes more aggressive, then don’t go for soft-sided carriers.

Hard-sided carriers made of hard plastic with a steel wire grating. These are harder to get out of and are great for securing aggressive cats. But they don’t feature pockets, and the cat may bump its head against the hard plastic walls.

Does “Airline-Approved” mean you can travel with the carrier?

Not necessarily. “Airline-Approved” simply means that the manufacturers have kept certain airline regulations in mind. Keep in mind that the regulations differ from airport to airport, and the law changes even between two states. 

The manufacturer will usually state what regulations they have followed. If not, it’s best to confirm with your airport beforehand if you can take the carrier with you or not. 

Should you consider a top entrance or not?

Some cats can get nervous going inside the carrier themselves. And it can be hard to pick up the cat and place it inside if the entrance is from the side. 

A top entrance makes it easier by allowing you to simply dump the cat in. It’s also easier for the vet to take your cat out. However, make sure as some airline regulations may prohibit top-entrance carriers. 

Can you use carriers made for dogs and cats for other animals?

It’s not recommended, especially for soft-sided carriers. But it depends on the animal as well. Mice, hamsters, ferrets, and other rodents will simply chew their way through. The same could happen with birds. Birds also need space to stretch their wings. Check with the manufactures to see if the carrier can be used for the pet you want to use it for.


The Sherpa Original Deluxe is no doubt one of the best cat carriers, especially if your cat is nervous. This is because it’s highly capacious and has many helpful features. It features mesh pockets for storing treats, and a faux lambskin liner to keep your pet comfortable. 

And the best part is that the liner is machine-washable. Since it’s easier to wash, you don’t have to worry about your cat making a mess. Wash your carrier with warm water and a mild detergent.