Best Cat Carrier Pouch

8 Best Cat Carrier Pouches Of 2021

Tired of carrying your cat around in your hands? A cat carrying pouch takes away weight from your shoulders. And they look much more stylish as compared to a traditional hard-sided carrying cage.

Cats tend to be creatures of instinct. Which means that they are usually harder to control and manage. A pouch is designed to secure your cat in place by restricting movement. These bags can take many forms: front pouches, handbags, and even slings. 

The overwhelming number of designs and brands have made the buying decision a bit confusing. Read the best cat carrier pouch reviews to make an informed decision.

Quick Look

8 Best Cat Carrier Pouches

Neocochi Bag


If you want to carry your cat in style, then the Necoichi Ultra-Light Cat Carrier Bag does it for you. 

It’s designed just like a purse and features a monochrome plaid print on the exterior. There is a cat-shaped mesh window right above a small pouch for a name card.

The key feature of this cat carrier is that it’s collapsible, making it ideal for use in the car or storing in cabinets. Another key benefit you get here is that it’s designed to be water-resistant. It’s light and doesn’t add weight to your load.

The only thing you may not like is that it’s only meant for 17 pounds or less which should work for the majority of breeds. 


  • Resists splashes
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Stylish plaid design
  • Does not add weight to your shoulders


  • Not for large breeds

You can use it conveniently when you go out shopping with your cat.

Cat in the bag


For people looking to carry larger breeds, try the Cat-in-the-bag E-Z-Zip Carrier. 

This pouch is soft-sided and lets your cat sit in peace and comfort. It’s great for taking your cat to the vet and for short rides. 

The design includes a shoulder strap, a side zipper, and an opening in the front for the head. You can get it in three sizes, and the largest size can hold as much as 36 pounds. However, that will also depend on how much weight your shoulders can handle.

It’s made from 100% pure cotton that’s both comfy and spacious. And another great part is that it’s machine-washable as well.


  • Designed for a larger load
  • Good for short trips
  • Leaves head open for treats and breathing
  • Soft and spacious


  • Not recommended for securing your cat while grooming

The use of 100% cotton makes it soft, comfortable, and breathable for your cat.


The Lorje Cat Travel Carrier has quite a unique design. 

It’s a front pouch similar to the ones used to carry babies around. The idea of a front pouch is immensely innovative. It distributes weight over both your shoulders and keeps your pet secure.

Your pet won’t feel claustrophobic in this as it’s made from nylon. The front has a mesh to lend breathability to the bag. The back even has room for resting the tail. 

The bag can only be used for very small cats, such as kittens or the very tiniest breeds. This front pouch cat carrier has a very low weight capacity of 5.5 pounds.


  • Distributes weight over your shoulders
  • Has to room for a tail
  • Comfy breathable nylon mesh
  • Great for handicapped pets


  • Very low weight capacity

If you have a handicapped pet, this is a great way to give them a taste of the outdoors.

Outward Hound


If you like the idea of a front pouch but have a heavier pet, then you’ll love the Outward Hound PoochPouch

Essentially meant for dogs, the PoochPouch can be utilized for many small pets including felines. It’s small, affordable, and takes away weight from your shoulders.

This bag is made from nylon and has padding all along with its interior. There are also pockets at the front and the sides for storing treats and medicine. Use this pouch to carry your pet to the vet or take them out for a stroll.

But if you’re carrying a heavier pet, the weight will cause you to lean forward. So it isn’t recommended if you want to maintain good posture.


  • Can handle heavier cats
  • Includes pockets
  • Can survive splashes


  • May cause you to lean forward

This cat pouch carrier is good for short trips and walks.


For people who constantly have to deal with neck and shoulder pain, the iPrimio is a great find. 

Designs like this helps to reduce weight over your dominant shoulder. They also provide a secure non-slip hold on your pet. 

The iPrimio in particular is a great sling for small pets as heavy as 12 pounds. Most cats weigh 9 pounds according to, so this works perfectly well. It features a small pocket for treats, a safety latch, and a highly breathable cotton fabric. The only downside is that it’s not rigid and your cat may feel uneasy if it’s sitting in an awkward position.


  • Takes weight off of one shoulder
  • Slip-free design
  • Great-sized
  • Includes a small pocket for treats


  • Not rigid; too soft

This cat carrying sling functions just like any other, except the strap goes over the opposite shoulder.



If you’re looking for a more stylish cat carrier sling, then try the FurryFido

This is an adjustable sling that has a desaturated blue-grey color. It has a wider strap than most other products and is designed to provide more security to your cat.

This sling carrier is adjustable. The design allows you to secure your pet in two ways.

This is a highly breathable carrier sling made entirely from cotton and polyester. Polyester is also somewhat water proof, but not all parts are made from polyester. Also, consider that this is only for small breeds up to 13 pounds in weight.


  • Adjustable sling carrier
  • Wider and securer strap
  • Highly breathable fabric
  • Stylish grey color


  • Only for smaller cats

FurryFido is suitable for kitties.

FurryFido 2.0


For a more professional-looking cat carrier sling, the FurryFido is a great choice. 

What’s so special about the FurryFido Classic is the reversible design. This gives you two looks, one with a plain black hammock, and the other with a brown starry look. 

Made from cotton and polyester, two great materials for their ventilation. However, due to the low weight of the fabric, it’s more prone to water damage and soaking up moisture. Otherwise, it’s a great hands-free carrier.

This bag has a weight capacity of 13 pounds. It’s machine-washable and a tether on the inside for securing your pet.


  • Reversible design
  • Soft and cozy fabric
  • Great for smaller breeds
  • Machine-washable


  • Not waterproof
  • Only for small breeds

It’s soft, comfortable, and you do not even need to hold it with your hands to carry your cat around.



Sitting inside a soft supple carrier can make your kitty feel tight or claustrophobic. 

The HDP Paw Style carrier is a more rigid bag with a flat bottom. This gives your cat a sturdier platform to sit on. 

The top is completely zipped down with just the front open for your furry friend to stick their head out from. The HDP Paw Style Carrier uses a soft microfiber material that feels extra soft and comfy against the skin. 

The bottom is fairly water-resistant and features a soft pillow for more comfort. There isn’t room for a tail though.


  • Rigid base
  • Soft microfiber material
  • Soft pillow at the bottom


  • No room for a tail
  • Only for small to average-sized felines

This cat pouch carrier can hold up to 10 pounds of weight, the lightest weight on this list.


Cat carrying pouches can lift some weight off from your shoulders. These were just 8 products that might work great for you.

After looking through the rest, our favorite from this list is the Necoichi Ultra-Light Collapsible Bag. Everything from the design to the water-resistance and even the collapsible design make it a great buy.

It works great for taking your pet to the vet. It has a rigid bottom so your cat won’t feel uncomfortable or tight. The plaid black and white pattern and the cat-shaped window at the front only add to the aesthetic of this product.

The addition of the small name tag-holder is a great idea. You can put all sorts of information on it, such as your pet’s name, owner contact, and breed of the pet. 

One thing that may not please you, however, is that made from polyester. Polyester is a great choice of material for its hydrophobia. But it’s not as breathable as cotton, and your cat may feel hot in it. The mesh helps a ton in ventilation though.