A kitten exploring a lawn waiting to go for a trip in her two cat carrier with her friend.

4 Best Cat Carriers For Two Cats In [2021]

For those of you in a hurry, we found the Pawhut to be an economical and competent cat carrier for two cats.

Having two cats is a lot more work than just having one. There is double of everything. This also means more money spent. But for your little kitties, they only deserve the best. Still, that means having to buy two litter boxes, double the food, twice the amount of litter, and just in general more.

Thankfully, when it comes to cat carriers, you only need one carrier. Some pet parents choose to have two separate carriers for each cat. If you just want to get one carrier for each cat, I recommend getting a cat carrier with a litter box or two backpacks.

This is not a bad option, but it does mean you have to worry about two carriers, which can be a lot more work.

A cat carrier that can hold two cats allows you to only have to look after and haul around 1 carrier.

I believe this is a better solution, but if you don’t mind going with two different carriers, then that works for you.

If you are like me, and think having only one is easier, I have put together a collection of the best cat carriers for two cats.

Quick Look

The 4 Best Cat Carriers For Two Cats


The Pawhut is the double cat carrier that we like the most.

This carrier is easy to bring with you as there is a strap and two handles.

There are two sections for each of your cats. Each section has a mesh screen to allow constant fresh air to flow through.

If you find out that your cats do not like being next to each other when you are on a trip, you can unzip the middle, and give them space.

There are pockets on both sections that can hold necessary supplies.

The average feline weighs 10 pounds.

This carrier can hold up to 44 pounds of weight. If you have two large cats, this carrier can still work.

Inside each compartment, there is a second level to chill in. This second level is kind of like a hammock.

When you do not have two cats inside this multi-cat carrier, you can zip it up into a collapsible and compact case.

If you intend on riding in the car a lot with this carrier, there are places to fasten a seat belt, which is very convenient.

This carrier is priced very affordably for a product with this standard. Some very similar products cost a lot more.


The two cat carrier created by Sturdibag is our most expensive, and hence most excellent carrier.

The carrier opens from both the top and sides. The inside has a very comfy, but durable pad for resting. The soft feel of the padding is just incredible!

It can hold as much as 50 pounds, so holding your two cats will not be a problem at all.

Even though it can hold so much weight, it only weighs 3 pounds. This is honestly incredible.

The shoulder strap is very cushioned to allow you to hold it comfortably.

Like the Pawhut, you can attach a seat belt to this while in the car to keep your cats safe.

This two cat carrier goes above and beyond.


The Sportpet is the lowest costing carrier for multiple cats, but it still gets the job done well.

A negative with the product is that it does not separate your cats, which could cause problems if one of them gets cranky on the road.

The place where your kitty sits is just plastic, so if you end up buying this product, I would put some kind of mat down to try coddling your cats.

The Sportpet can carry 35 pounds at once, which can easily support 2 medium-sized cats.

Your cats are going to be a little more cramped in this carrier, so if you have medium or large cats, I would suggest buying a different carrier. This works best for two smaller cats or one big one.

There is a latch for securing the carrier.

If you have two kittens and want a carrier that can carry both of them that doesn’t cost as much as some of the other carriers, this is the one for you.


The name for this carrier is exactly what it is. It is a Pet Limousine.

It gives both of your cats a spacious and comfy ride.

With its size, I am not sure if it is approved for airline travel though.

The bottom of the carrier is a nice fuzzy material to pamper your kitties.

This carrier can be unzipped and separated into two carriers.

You can have the middle down or up to connect the condo’s or just let your cats have their separates places to chill.

The carrying capacity is 50 pounds. Holding two cats is no problem for this carrier.

Questions About Multi-Cat Carriers

How can I calm my cat during travel?

Travel can stress out your poor cats. It is your duty as a pet parent to comfort your little buddies as much, and relieve as much of their anxiety as possible. 

Below I have a few tips that you might want to try while going on trips with your multi-cat carrier.

Placing a sheet or blanket over the carrier can soothe your kitties. Make sure that they are getting enough airflow. This trick lets them be isolated in their little world, and they can relax in the darkness. It can also help keep sound from going into the carrier, which will also help create a serene environment.

A great way of keeping your cats calm is by bringing along some toys in the carrier. Distraction is a great way to get your cats away from the stress of traveling. If your fur babies have something to slap around and mess with, they will be occupied by that rather than the worries of the new experience of traveling.

This post is another valuable guide to keeping your cats calm during travel.

Also, if you are trying to get your cats to the vet, I have a guide on that.

How often should I let my cats out of their two cat carrier?

This is kind of a tricky question. You want to let your cats out every couple of hours.

These breaks will allow them to use the bathroom, and you should also give them some water, maybe food, and some treats for being such good travel companions. A good way of letting your cat go to the bathroom during travel is to bring along a portable litter box.

You might want to let your cats out more often if they are struggling to chill inside the carrier. If you know your cat will be calmed by being with you instead of stuck in the carrier, they will benefit from being let out more often.

If your cat is chilling, and seems pretty calm in the darkness of the carrier, you should just be them until their next pee and water break. When they are in a chill state, you do not want to disrupt them as this could lead to a not so chill state. Make sure you are giving them some time to stretch their legs, potty, and hydrate every few hours.

Is there a way to easily clean up accidents?

You should have a plan in place in case your cat goes potty inside the carrier.

If your cat urinates on the ground inside the carrier, and you have no way of soaking it up, and cleaning, then both of your cats and you are not going to be in an enjoyable situation.

Urine stinks. I suggest you put some kind of litter collection pad in the crate to soak up the majority of the pee. This is a good way to deal with the majority of the problem.

You are going to want some wipes to clean up the stuff that wasn’t picked up by the bad. If you are bringing litter with you, you can spread the litter out to pick up anything that has not already been cleaned up.

How can I prepare my cat (and me) to travel with the carrier?

You are going to need to get some supplies together for your travel, and you will also have to get your cat ready as well.

I would pack a way to clean up if your cats’ pee, some treats, plenty of water, two blankets to make the carrier comfier, a blanket to put over the carrier, a portable litter box, some cat toys (I recommend bringing these flopping fish toys), and anything else that your cat might need.

Preparing your cats is as simple as getting your cats used to being inside the carriers. You just need to get them comfortable with sleeping in there, and being carried inside it.

Trust me, it is easier to get them used to the carrier before traveling than during.

Wrap Up

In our opinion, the Pawhut is the best cat carrier for 2 cats.

Multi-cat carriers are a savior when you are the owner of two cats.

Owning two cats is great because you get twice the love, and whatever you have to do to keep them comfortable is worth it.

All in all, I applaud all the owners that have two cats.