10 Best Cat Litter That Doesn’t Stick To Paws In 2020

by Evan

Cat litter tracking can be a huge mess and if you don’t find a permanent solution, you will be in big trouble each time your cat goes to answer nature’s call. Therefore, you have to choose a cat litter that doesn’t clump and tracks.

There are different types of cat litters available on the market. You can find some cat litters that can perform better than others. If you don’t know what you are looking for, you won’t be able to get the maximum of your investment. And of course, the problem will remain unaddressed. 

If you are looking for the best cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws, you have come to the right place.

Here’s a list of the best non-tracking cat litter that you can find for your little bundle of joy. 

Quick Look

The 10 Best Cat Litter That Doesn't Stick To Paws


The Feline Pine is the best cat litter that doesn’t stick to the paws of your furball and you won’t have to deal with any tracks once your cat returns from the loo. 

The cat litter features natural granules of pinewood and they serve to be the base of this cat litter. As the cat litter has a wood base, you won’t have to deal with any tracking as there won’t be any cleaning issues as well. 

Another top feature of this cat litter is, it doesn’t feature any harmful chemicals or additives as well as any artificial fragrances. It means that you or your feline friend won’t have to deal with any allergies. Besides that, the cat litter also doesn’t clump and control any odor effectively as its formula contains natural resources.  


  • Fully natural formula.
  • Absorbs smells.
  • Doesn’t clump.
  • No artificial chemicals or additives.
  • Great for all breeds.


  • Your cat may take time to get used to it. 

This non-clumping cat litter is also available in the clumping version and its full natural formula will ensure no tracking at all. 


Looking for a clay-based cat litter that doesn’t track…! This is the best choice for you to consider. 

Some people might think clay-based litters are useless when it comes to preventing tracking. But in this scenario brand matters more than materials. Arm & Hammer is a well-known brand in this category and has a reputation for making high-quality non-tracking formulas. 

It is a one-of-a-kind formula that has clay in it but will not track. Another excellent feature of this clay-based formula is, its great ability to absorb odors. The cat litter formula doesn’t feature any harmful chemicals in it and is completely safe to use inside your home. 


  • Moisture activated technology.
  • Eradicates ammonia odors.
  • Develops tight clumps.
  • Simple cleaning.
  • Low dust formation.
  • Less abrasive to kitty paws.


  • Frequent box changes.
  • Not for the people who don’t like clumping. 

Interested in buying a clay-based formula then Arm & Hammer is the right way to go. 


This cat litter is easy to scope due to its clumping formula so it’s great for a multiple-cat household. 

If you have multiple cats, this cat litter will work just fine for you. The corn-based cat litter is a great choice for several feline breeds. The formula also features plant derivatives that are free from any synthetic or artificial additives. Therefore, it is a great option if you want to get rid of any odors. 

It will also prevent tracking up to a great extent due to the large natural granules. The formula is convenient to clean and handle ammonia smells very well. 

Households with multiple cats need a proper solution to keep everything healthy and clean not only for the cats but for the residents of the house as well. This cat litter has indeed all the properties to tackle this task with ease. 


  • Excellent odor capturing features.
  • Flushable.
  • Septic-tank safe.
  • Biodegradable natural contents.
  • Healthy for humans and cats. 


  • Granules themselves have a slight smell. 

This corn-based cat litter is great in keeping a household with multiple cats, clean and safe.


Excellent for its biodegradable features, you can flush this cat litter or can dispose of it in a landfill.  

Here’s another top choice to consider if you are looking for something being an owner of multiple cats. The odor control of this cat litter formula is top-notch and features all-natural ingredients to ensure that you or your cats are safe from any allergies. 

With the biodegradable features, you can conveniently dispose of it without any trouble. It is a walnut-based formula that is excellent in terms of non-tracking and odor reduction. 


  • Walnut-based formula.
  • Great for odor absorption.
  • No toxins or chemicals involved.
  • Completely dust-free.
  • Easy to clean. 


  • Minor tracking issues. 

Walnut-based formulas are natural odor absorbers and this one is no different. It will also keep tracking to a minimum


great choice for easy cleaning and odor control!

If you have been dealing with various cat litter formulas that are not easy to clean, you certainly need to go with the Breeze by Tidy Cats. This cat litter works great with the Tidy Cat Litter that is available separately. 

The cat litter is very easy to scoop and 99.9% dust-free as well. There won’t be any tracking issues as well. This formula is developed for households with numerous cats. Odor control of this cat litter is top-notch. Your home will keep smelling nice and clean. 


  • Low maintenance required.
  • No fine granules. 
  • Fewer chances of tracking.
  • Granular size allows urine to pass through.
  • Long-lasting.


  • Works better with a cat litter system.

If you have a cat litter system especially by Tidy Cats, this is the cat litter that you need to use


This cat litter is a good choice for you to consider if you are looking for natural unscented formulas. 

Some people don’t like the artificial fragrances and aromas that the cat litter brands use. The cat litter is made of recycled materials, it has a smaller impact on the environment. Apart from that, it is more absorbent than clay. 

You won’t have to deal with any fine granules so there won’t be any tracking issues. It is equally effective against any odors. Because of recycled materials, you will soon realize that you are making a good choice for your pet, your home, and your environment. 


  • Made of recycled newspaper.
  • Great for daily use. 
  • No harmful additives involved. 
  • Good for older eradication as well. 
  • 99.7% dust-free formula. 


  • Your cat might take time to get used to it. 

This cat litter is a great option for your kitty, your home, and the environment as it is entirely made of recycled materials. 


Want to go for a cat litter that can handle cat odor very well…! Then choose Frisco Cat Litter. It is great for absorbing liquids. 

Tired of handling the duty of your cat litter box…! bring in the Frisco Cat litter. Its formula contains low dust forming properties and locks fluids to assure that your cleaning process becomes fun for you. 

There are no toxins used in the construction of this formula so it is completely safe to use. The crystals that the granules of this cat litter have are extremely soft on the paws of your kitty and she will not make any tracks while moving around after using the litter box. 


  • The crystal granules are very soft on the paws of your kitty. 
  • Excellent odor locking formula. 
  • Low-dust formation. 
  • 24/7 odor protection. 
  • Very easy to maintain. 


  • Not for you if you don’t like scented cat litter in your house. 

No clumping, no dust, no toxins! This cat litter is a great product but you might want to think otherwise if you don’t like scented cat litter. 


The best choice for a kitty that has long hairs!

This one is fully safe to use for your cat and has no artificial additives. It is specifically designed for long-haired cats. The litter granules are infused with amorphous silica gel along with hydrolyzed herbs for drawing your kitty to the litter box. 

It can conveniently trap odor and urine. The size of the granules is great for long-haired cats. There is no chance that these granules will adhere to the long hair of your kitty. Besides, these granules won’t leave any color. Your box will also come with a free litter solution booklet to get you through the process of using the litter. 


  • The granules have silica gel with hydrolyzed herbs.
  • It draws your kitty to the litter box. 
  • Can trap odor and urine upon contact. 
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic. 
  • Non-tracking and very easy to scoop. 


  • Low chance of tracking. 
  • Not for cats with short hair.

This cat litter will deliver good value for money and is suitable for long-haired cats. 


This is an unscented, all-natural formula containing pine pellets for better odor and moisture control. 

Want to buy a litter that has all-natural ingredients and is a good choice for your home, and the environment…! you must go for Simply Pine. The pellets of this cat litter are made of 100% genuine White Pine of the North. 

The company hasn’t used any harmful or artificial chemicals in the construction of these pellets and they offer superior odor control. If you are looking for a natural and safe solution for your kitty, there is no better option than these. 


  • Made of genuine Northern White Pine. 
  • A natural fragrance that your cat will love. 
  • Non-tracking and very easy to clean. 
  • Better absorption capabilities. 
  • Biodegradable and antibacterial. 


  • Not for a household with multiple cats. 

The natural aroma of pine will work well to keep your kitty smelling pleasantly.


Having a lot of trouble handling the fluids…! You need to consider buying the Frisco paper pellets as they come with excellent moisture absorbing properties. 

This cat litter has 95% of recycled paper in its contents and the pellets of this litter are non-clumping. They can combat odor very well to keep the surroundings fresh and healthy. It can also absorb messes very quickly and will prevent any lingering odors as well. 

The formula of these pellets is dust-free so you won’t be dealing with any tracking problems too. Shopping and cleaning the granules is a very simple task too. So even if you like to clean regularly, these pellets will make your jobs a heck of a lot easier. 


  • Fully eco-friendly. 
  • Combats odors and prevents them from developing. 
  • Easy to clean.
  • Safe to use. 
  • Dust-free formula. 
  • Feature baking soda to absorb odors. 


  • Better suited for single cat households. 

There is no match for this cat litter on the market when it comes to odor absorption because the recycled pellets along with the baking soda boost this process significantly.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are some of the features that you need to consider before buying a cat litter that doesn’t track!


The materials that are used to make the cat litter need to be of high quality. Such materials can do a fabulous job to reduce tracking. Some of them are made of recycled materials that are very easy to dispose of. Others have excellent odor absorbing properties. Some of them are very easy to scoop and clean as well. 

There are a variety of materials apart from clay that you can consider. Wood is the most common replacement of clay-based products if non-tracking is the feature of top priority for you. 

Corn and walnut are other materials that are frequently used to make a litter box. All these materials have their pros and cons. But it’s not just about non-tracking properties, odor control along with clumping behavior are equally important features. 


You might find walnut to be an unusual option for making cat litter but there are several advantages that it has to offer. Moisture absorption and odor control are two of the most important features of walnuts. If your cats have some kind of allergies, this material is surely for you. 


The grass is extremely important when it comes to dust control. But you might also have to deal with other tracking issues based on the design of your cat litter system. 


Wood, especially pine wood, is a natural alternative to clay and can get rid of any feline allergic reactions that might come from these clay-based products. It is better to clean and scoop as compared to clay.


Corn is another not-so-very-common material used for cat litter. If you are looking for a cat litter that doesn’t track easily, you need to go for corn-based cat litter. These litters have bigger granules that don’t stick to your cat that easily. 

Size and shape of granules

Both shape and size will determine whether the litter is going to stick to the paws and fur of your cat or not. Arger granules are not sticky. Therefore, these are better-suited options for non-tracking so cleaning your home will be a lot easier in such a scenario. 

The large granules won’t stick to your cat because they are big and heavier than the small granules. Shape, of course, has a role to play here. Some granules have shapes that make them unlikely to stick to the paws or furs. 

But you have to try a brand before you make the final decision. Hence, it is better to go for a brand that has the most positive reviews in this regard. 

Clumping or no-clumping 

Clumping cat litters have more tendency to stick to your cat’s fur or paws as compared to the non-clumping ones. And of course, this will happen if stomping is their fun-loving activity. They are more prone to stick to your kitty as well. 

As the name goes, clumping cat otters are designed to stick to anything so that you can easily identify the places that need immediate cleaning. Non-clumping litters are better in terms of non-tracking but there is no rule of thumb. Some clumping litters come with non-tracking features as well and vice versa. 


Some manufacturers are just better than others when it comes to litter box making. Therefore, you need to go for a brand that has enough and decent reputation in the market for cleanliness and quality. 

You can go through several customer reviews to see which brand has performed what. If you go through many positive reviews and their consistency, you have indubitably come across a brand that is worth a shot. 

Odor and moisture control

Formulas with odor and moisture control are great because they keep things tidy in your home. Your environment won’t smell and cleaning and maintenance will be a lot more fun. 

Cat poop has some toxins in it and if they are left there for too long that begins to make the environment toxic. Therefore, you need to go for a cat litter that can absorb moisture very quickly and controls the moisture conveniently. 

Other features 

There are some other features that you also need to consider when buying a cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws. Some of the cat litters are very hard to clump, and you can also find litters that are easy to scoop. A few of them can be flushed down the toilet while others offer better odor control. 

You will also find some cat litters that do a great job in terms of moisture absorption while there are cat litters that can lump quickly. You have to consider all these factors if you want to invest in a good quality cat litter. 


Can I keep cat litter from tracking? 

You can always go for a cat litter that doesn’t stick but no cat litter offers 100% non-tracking. Therefore, you have to use some other strategies to keep the litter from tracking. You can either go for a big litter box or can use a litter mat. An enclosed litter box may work too and if you can go for a top-entry litter box then tracking will be minimal. 

How deep should a cat litter be? 

Most of the manufacturers recommend filling your litter tray or box with at least two to three inches of litter. But it is better to go for three to four inches because kitties can be deep scratchers. 

Can I add baking soda to the litter? 

Yes, you can add baking soda on your own to the cat litter formula. It is a good all-natural solution to deodorize the litter box. But keep in mind, you won’t be able to reduce the number of cleanings that you have to do weekly. 

Baking soda is non-toxic and very effective when it comes to absorbing the odors from cat urine. 


The best cat litter that doesn’t stick to paws is the Feline Pine Cat Litter. It is made of wood pellets hence; it is very easy to scoop and clean. It can also get rid of the odor and can absorb moisture very well. The dust-free formula offers great non-tracking properties and is free from any toxic chemicals and harmful substances. It is not only good for your home but the environment as well. 

When buying cat litter that doesn’t stick, make sure that you go for all-natural formulas because they are safe not only for you but for your pets as well. You only need to consider the cat litter that is made of non-toxic materials. You will have to take some extra measures to reduce tracking because no cat litter is 100% effective when it comes to non-tracking!

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