10 Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats In 2021

When your cat is locked indoors, there is no way they can exercise their climbing and scratching abilities. But a cat tree can provide a fully immersive climbing experience for your feline friends.

The best cat tree for multiple cats should have a multi-tier platform that caters to all cat’s needs. More specifically, your cats can climb, scratch, sleep on, and even play on a cat tree. You’ll want to consider getting a cat tree if your furry friends are seriously lacking in exercise and playfulness. 

But cat trees become more and more intricate the more number of cats you have, which is why it’s important to know what to look for in a multi-cat cat tree, and which cat trees are the best for you.

Below are the 10 best cat trees that are designed for owners with multiple cats. These lie in the medium-large to large range and fully engage your cat in its daily activities.

Quick Look

The 10 Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats


The Frisco condo is by far the most capacious and immersive condo on this list.

If you want your cats to have the full condo experience, the Frisco should be your go-to. This condo is 72 inches high and features 7 platforms, 2 condos, and 2 ramps. It has one of the highest capacities ever seen in cat condos. 

The top has three perches that give your cats a better view. And unlike one-perch cat condos, your cats won’t need to fight or take turns on the perch. 

There are 10 Sisal-wrapped scratch posts along with two scratching ramps. The ramps can also be used to gently walk up to the platforms. The condos are covered with faux fur, and the edges won’t hurt or stab your cat. 

But the platforms aren’t too large, so if you have a bigger cat, consider a different product.


  • Higher capacity.
  • Features 2 condos and 3 perches.
  • Fully wrapped scratching posts.
  • Completely covered in faux fur.


  • May not suit larger cats.

You should get the Frisco if you have multiple cats and want to maximize their entertainment.


For cats with weaker claws and thinner hides, the Trixie Fabiola provides a softer and warmer condo experience.

The Trixie Fabiola is a 65-inch high fleece tower that includes a hammock and removable platforms. The scratch posts are covered with a blend of natural Sisal and soft fabric. The addition of the fabric means that your cat’s claws won’t get abraded.

Each platform is lined with fleece, which is great at trapping heat and providing a warm sleeping surface. The top platform even has a small bed that you can remove and use in other places.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature here is the hammock. It’s soft and cozy and can withstand lots of pressure before it breaks. 

The only downside to this cat tree is that it may be a bit too cramped for some cats.


  • Includes cozy hammock.
  • Great at trapping heat.
  • The top platform has a removable bed.
  • Softer scratching post material.


  • May feel cramped or claustrophobic.

This is a highly recommended product for cats that can’t scratch on regular Sisal and tend to get cold.


The Vesper Cat Tree combines elegance with top-class comfort.

If you’re looking for a cat tree that both looks elegant and keeps your cat occupied, then go for the Vesper Cat Tree. This condo uses MDF made from New Zealand Pine and has a walnut pattern finish. The main condo is a cube that lends privacy to your feline friends.

For cats that are extra fussy about their sleeping surface, the Vesper features memory foam soft cushions. The cushions aren’t embedded, so you can remove and wash them when needed. Three balls hang from the highest platform to keep your cats pre-occupied.

This is a 49-inch high cat tree. You can fit up to 3 cats in it if they’re not too picky in space. 

You may find the rope on the scratching post coming off. This is because it’s made of seagrass and not Sisal, and isn’t as durable.


  • Elegant walnut pattern finish.
  • Uses removable memory foam cushions.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 cats.
  • The high base for observation.


  • A scratching post needs improvement.

Consider the Vesper if your cats have trouble sleeping or if you want an elegant-looking cat tree.


A high qualitative cat tree, the MidWest, gives your felines a sense of dominance and security.

For a fully immersive cat tree, the MidWest Feline Nuvo is a great choice. This cat condo features scratching posts wrapped in Sisal. The platforms are covered with faux fur to give your feline friends a cozy place to stay. 

At the very bottom, there is a two-level sheltered retreat for your cat to sleep in. It’s been designed with privacy in mind, giving your cats a sense of security.

One of the platforms features flexible arms with toy balls dangling off of them. So your cats can stay entertained for longer. This is a 61.5-inch high model that gives your cats the dominant “overlook” they all love. 

However, if your cats used to scratch carpets, the Sisal scratching post won’t appeal to them.


  • Soft and cozy platform covers.
  • Provides privacy and entertainment.
  • Keeps your cats well occupied.
  • High-rise design for a sense of dominance.
  • Durable scratching post.


  • Not for cats used to carpeted trees.

This is a good pick for people whose cats love privacy and entertainment.


With higher capacity, the Armarkat Cat Condo is ideal for housing multiple cats.

The Armarkat is an easy-to-assemble 68-inch cat tree designed to be cozy and fashionable. The color is tan/ivory, and each platform is covered in faux fleece. 

Armarkat’s cat tree is oriented towards accommodating multiple cats. It has 5 raised platforms, a condo, and a single hanging ball toy. This makes it ideal for up to 5 cats. This cat condo is made from manufactured wood, but your cats won’t feel its rigidity. 

Each platform is covered in fleece, and each scratch post wrapped in Sisal. Even the walls of the condo padded with fleece so that the edges won’t hurt your cats.

However, you may find that cleaning the Armarkat can be a menace, as the Sisal will readily trap cat hair.


  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Accommodates more cats.
  • No sharp edges or hard surfaces.
  • Cozier sleeping experience.


  • Sisal traps cat hair.

Choose the Armarkat if you have 4-5 cats, and also if your cats prefer more elevation.


The Cat Craft is a 9-foot tall cat tree meant for climbing, but not ideal for sleeping.

For cats that love climbing, the Cat Craft three-tier cat tree recommended. This cat tree has three platforms but doesn’t feature any condos or toys. It’s a simple design that targets your cat’s love for climbing.

It is a space-saving design. However, it’s not for cat owners who are looking for a fully immersive condo. It also doesn’t have a Sisal rope wrapping, but you can do this manually too. This is a floor-to-ceiling model, which means it needs to be attached on both ends.

It’s up to 9 feet tall and uses a carpet-style cover. This makes it ideal for users whose cats used to sleep and play on carpets.


  • Simple and space-saving.
  • Good for cats accustomed to carpets.
  • Made for cats that love climbing.
  • Can accommodate up to 3 cats.


  • Not a full condo.
  • No Sisal rope wrapping.

Use the Cat Craft if you want a space-saving cat tree that is both safe and fun to climb.


One of the tallest condos, the Go Pet Club, is a luxurious cat tree for multiple cats.

The Go Pet Club Cat Tree, the tallest condo on this list, measuring 80 inches in height. This is a large cat tree that features 2 condos, 3 perches, and 3 hanging toys. It’s a great way to engage with your cat and keep them occupied.

The top condo is fairly large, so you can fit two cats if they’re not conscious of personal space. There is a fully cushioned cat hammock on the side for a good night’s rest. The posts covered in naturally-obtained Sisal rope that can withstand years of scratching.

However, being this tall, you can expect the tower to be a bit wobbly. Also, it’s not recommended if you have a low ceiling.


  • Luxurious and capacious.
  • Covered all-round in faux  fur
  • Includes 2 condos and 3 perches.
  • Covered in Sisal rope.


  • Not for rooms with low ceilings.
  • Maybe a bit wobbly.

Consider the Go Pet Club if you have multiple cats and want to give them enough private space.


The Tiger Tough Skyscraper comes fully equipped with a hammock and spring-loaded toys.

For cats that love to play a lot, the Tiger Tough Skyscraper is an excellent choice. This cat condo loaded with hanging and spring-loaded toys for your feline to engage with. It features a condo along with a hammock. So your cat has more sleeping options. 

The most prominent feature here, the spring-loaded toy. The toy will bounce to and fro, hence engaging with your cat more. There’s also a hanging Sisal rope, along with 5 Sisal rope-wrapped scratch posts.

But be careful as this is a floor-to-ceiling model. You can only use this for ceilings as high as 100 inches. This condo is also only recommended for a few small cats. It has a weight capacity of only 18 pounds.


  • Engages your cat with multiple toys.
  • Includes faux fur hammock.
  • Height is adjustable.
  • Easy to clean and vacuum.


  • Not for low ceilings.
  • Low weight capacity.

Use the Tiger Tough Skyscraper for small cats that love to play a lot.


Highly stable and immersive, the BestPet cat tree is an excellent option for people with heavier cats.

This multi-level playpen from BestPet is a 3-tier cat condo that fully indulges your feline friends. It features 2 condos, 3 perches, and 2 ramps/staircases. It’s about 72 inches tall, and unlike some taller models, it doesn’t suffer from wobbling. 

BestPet cat tree is completely covered in ultra-plush soft fur that gives your cat a warmer, comfier sleeping surface. Each of the 10 scratch posts wrapped with natural Sisal rope. 

Two cat ladders help your cat climb up and get a better view. The three perches at the top satisfy your cat’s need to stay dominant and all-seeing.

If you have a heavier cat, the BestPet is a great choice as it has a higher weight threshold. However, it should be noted that the stairs may swing a bit. 


  • Rigid and sturdy.
  • Fully covered in plush fur.
  • Gives a more dominant view.
  • Comes with 2 kitty stairs.


  • Stairs may swing a bit.

This is a great choice for people with heavier cats, as it doesn’t wobble and is super engaging.


For saving lounge space, the Feandrea multi-level cat tree is an optimal choice.

If you are tired of larger condos taking up lounge-space, then the Feandrea may please you. This is a large-size multi-level cat tree that is only 20 inches wide. It’s about 67 inches tall and features a more elegant color scheme.

Being tall and slim, you would expect it to wobble. But the Feandrea uses CARB-certified particle boards to maintain rigidity. This means that your cat tree won’t fall over even when your cats weigh extra.

Each perch, platform, and condo in the Feandrea covered with highly plush fabric. The posts are strong and reinforced and wrapped in natural Sisal rope. There are 3 perches, 2 condos, and 15 scratch posts.

But you should be aware that the scratch posts have too much carpet. This means they are easier to scratch up.


  • Highly rigid and sturdy.
  • Saves space in the living area.
  • Great for heavier cats.
  • Soft and silky smooth covers.


  • Scratch posts aren’t very durable.

This cat tree is highly recommended if you want a stable cat tree that can save lots of space.

Buying Guide


The first thing you should look for is decent quality material. Most modern cat trees either use faux fur or fleece as the bedding material. Fur and fleece are the best as they are soft and cozy and keep your cats warm and comfortable. Mere fabric or carpeted surfaces aren’t recommended, but if your cat is used to it, then go for it.

As for the mainframe of the tree, look for engineered wood. The posts should be wrapped in natural Sisal ropes. 


Height is crucial as it not only decides the capacity of the tree but also affects its stability. Taller trees will no doubt wobble more, especially if the cat is using the top perches. Look for cat trees with special reinforced legs that are designed not to wobble or topple over.

For multiple cats, it’s recommended to get a cat tree that’s at least 60 inches tall. The tallest can be as high as 90 or even 100 inches. Remember to keep the height of your ceiling in mind before purchasing a cat tree.


When looking for a cat tree, it’s important to look for features that help engage the cat. Cat trees normally equipped with condos, perches, platforms, and scratch posts. Some may have hanging toys, spring-loaded toys, hanging ropes, and even ramps or ladders.

Ideally, your cat tree should have at least one condo, one perch, and one hanging toy. Some trees have two condos, great for housing up to 3 cats. You’ll also find some cat trees with a hammock. 

Some cat trees are simply climbing platforms. These are the best for cats that don’t sleep in the condo and for saving up space and money.

Freestanding or Floor-To-Ceiling

Lastly, consider whether you want a freestanding or floor-to-ceiling model. Freestanding cat trees are possible to move from place to place. And they don’t strictly depend on the height of your ceiling.

Floor-to-ceiling models are fixed and cannot be moved. You need to keep the height of your ceiling in mind. However, they are good if you want more stability in a taller cat tree. This also allows you to go all out on the height of your tree, with some being as tall as 100 inches. There is no restriction here, but do be mindful of the max weight capacity.


The Frisco 72-inch cat condo is certainly one of the best cat trees out there for multiple cats. It’s large, spacious, and has so many features that cater to your cat’s every need. 

Equipped with three perches, the Frisco allows up to 3 cats to safely overlook the entire house. Cats love to get a higher perspective as they love to feel dominant. Frisco allows this while keeping your cats safe and free from fights. 

There are two condos on this with two large entrances. Each condo is covered with soft faux fur all around. Normally, cat condos have sharp edges that can cut into the cat. But the Frisco is more cushioned than other cat trees.

The height means that it will wobble a bit, but for the most part, everything stays intact. Even the scratch posts are highly resilient and don’t succumb to the force of the cat’s claws. 

However, if you have a larger cat or heavier cat, the Frisco isn’t necessarily the best. It will move and wobble, and the platforms just won’t be wide enough.

But remember maintenance is key to a longer life. Spot clean any stains on the Frisco, and vacuum off any trapped fur.