10 Best Cat Wall Shelves In 2021

Every pet owner wants to provide his pet with the best products to make them feel safe and secure. Whether it is about providing them the food or a place to rest. 

If you happen to own a cat then you would know that they have a habit to rest at places that are unusual by any stretch of the imagination. Therefore, you need to provide them with proper sitting arrangements so they can feel right at home. 

Cat shelves can prove to be very useful in this regard. These shelves look elegant as they go well with your home’s interiors. There are so many types of cat wall shelves available on the market and choosing a cat shelf can be a daunting task. 

Here are some of the best yet affordable cat shelves that you need to consider for your home. Just look for a good quality cat shelf that is built to last and that’s it!

Quick Look

The 10 Best Wall Cat Shelves


The overall most quality of cat shelves that you can find on the market comes from PetPawJoy. This window or wall mounting shelf proves to be an excellent resting seat for your kitty. 

If you are looking to provide your cat with a place where it can enjoy sunbath while gazing upon the scenery then this is the right option for you. It measures to be 22-inch x 12-inch x 1.5-inch and its weight capacity is 30 lbs. 

Your cat will not move around much until the sun goes down and the shelf can also work as a bed. It is made of high-quality oxford cloth that is extremely breathable. Therefore, your cat won’t feel overheated in it and can sit around all day for some leisure time. 


  • Can hold up to a 30-pound cat. 
  • Fits firmly and doesn’t require any adjustments. 
  • Highly breathable. 
  • Safely mount the bed for your cat. 
  • Straightforward to install. 


  • No steps included. 

It is an excellent choice for a cat shelf that doesn’t require much maintenance either. 


This cat shelf can also function as a decorative shelf in your home as it is made of high-quality materials. 

The floating shelves by Bayka are made of rustic wood and they look very classy. In fact, they look so classy that you can use them to place different decorative items in your room. And they are equally good for your cats too. 

The set of three gives your cat plenty of room and places to enjoy its peacetime. They are studious and look good in any room. Their installation is not that difficult but you will have to use a drill for the holes. And for that, you will have to take the correct measurements. 


  • Good to be used in different rooms.
  • You can use them as a cat shelf. 
  • You can also use them for placing decorative items. 
  • Made of durable rustic wood. 
  • You can vary the assembly according to your requirements. 


  • Installation can be slightly technical. 

These cat shelves are best for their multipurpose functionality and they look elegant. 


If you want to provide your cat with a scratching post along with the shelf then this is the right choice for you. 

If you have got a kitty that can’t wait to sink its paws into something then you need to provide it with a scratching post. The Trixie wall mounted cat shelf comes with one and it offers a dual solution to your problem. Your cat will get its separate space with the shelf and it can also use the scratching post to sharpen its claws. 

Trixie has wrapped the pole here with jute and it will feel great on the claws for your cat. There is a fun toy that features feathers and balls. The shelf features a nap pad for luxurious lounging of your feline friend. 


  • Perch with wall mounting.
  • Floor space saving scratching post. 
  • Includes a feather-ball tall. 
  • Comfortable lounging spot for your cat.
  • Very easy to mount.
  • Comes with all the installation hardware. 


  • It can only hold up to 16 lbs. 

Want a cat shelf with a scratching post, Trixie has provided you with an opportunity that you and your cat won’t want to pass by. 


This handcrafted planter shelf will provide your kitty with a feel of theoutdoors and will stimulate a positive physical and mental state. 

Your feline friend will love to spend time on its shelf because it has that plant. With that plant, you are providing your cat with a sense of outdoor and it won’t have enough of it. This platform can serve well as a sleeping space for your cat too. 

Putting it up right at the will ensure that it can have a close look around everything going on in the home. The shelf comes with a newly patented system for the shelf bracket. Therefore, customizing each component according to your requirements becomes very easy. 


  • Extremely cat-friendly. 
  • Provides your pet with an outdoor feel. 
  • You can hang the planter separately. 
  • Customize the set up according to your requirements. 
  • Natural materials. 


  • Requires assembly. 

You will need to assemble this cat shelf properly but once done, it can hold a good amount of weight and will provide your cat shelf with a natural outdoorsy look. 


It is another one of the options that you need to install as your cat’s shelf if you want to provide your room with a natural and refreshing look. 

There are multiple options available here for you to consider. The On2Pets are available in three different styles. You can either go with the curved style or a rectangle or a box. Choose different types according to the interiors of your room and of course your cat’s preferences. 

Again, you will get to add some greenery to your cat’s shelf based on the model. And your cat will simply love spending time here on the shelf. This shelf features a warm and soft carpet and the leaves are silky smooth too. The plywood walls also add a lot to the overall outlook of this shelf. 


  • Shelves come with foliage. 
  • Features warm and soft carpets, plywood walls, and silky leaves. 
  • Very sleek finish. 
  • Can hold up to 32 pounds. 


  • Setting up is a bit troubling. 

Installation may take a while but once they are done, they can become a favorite place for your cat to hide, nap, climb and stretch. 


The Hangman Cat Shelf looks robust and will provide your cat with a stable platform to spend time. 

With the Hangman cat shelf, you will provide your cat with a personal space that it will love. With it, you are providing it with space to watch over the entire territory with comfort and it can assist in reducing your pet’s stress and help it in gaining confidence. 

Your kitty won’t feel overwhelmed in it. Hangman has used high-quality micro-flute that can arm up at an even rate and will trap heat to keep the environment cozy and comfortable for your pet. The shelf is perfect for small kittens as well as cats. 


  • No wall anchors needed to install. 
  • Using a small hole, you can install it in concrete or brick as well. 
  • Looks very sleek and stylish. 
  • Ideal for petite cats and kittens. 
  • Can hold up to 32 pounds. 


  • Slightly technical skills required for the installation. 

It gives a very contemporary look and feel and your cat will love it. Just make sure to use it with petite cats if they are adults. 


Available in two different colors, this cat shelf is very simple and it will keep the natural instincts of your cat properly engaged. 

You can conveniently mount this bed at a comfortable height where the pet can see around with ease. It can use the bed for sleeping and relaxing. It features a sunken center that ensures the shelf remains nice and cozy for the cat. 

There are double piercing areas on this shelf from where it can spy or sit. All these 3 areas are covered with carpet and your pet won’t slip. There are a couple of balls hanging from the perch areas to keep the cat engaged and stimulated. 


  • Provides your cat with opportunities to cater to its natural instincts. 
  • The sunken lounge from the center makes it a cozy place. 
  • Thick carpets to prevent your cat from slipping. 
  • Comes with installation hardware. 
  • A couple of plush hanging balls are there. 


  • Not many color options are available. 

Though there are not many color options available, this cat shelf does go with furniture well and provides a good resting place for your cat. 


Some kitties just love escape hatches. If your kitty is one of those too then this is the right cat shelf for you to buy. 

Available in three different colors, the cat shelf comes with an escape hatch and it is handcrafted for the highest quality. This feature satisfies the natural instincts of a cat to climb and reach out.

Apart from that, the platform itself is very comfortable and your cat will feel very relaxed while sleeping or lounging on it. It also provides a good space for your kitty to perch. It can easily hold up a weight up to 85 pounds and has a very sturdy construction. 


  • Hidden bracket mechanism to ensure floating design. 
  • Enough grip with the sisal-lined hole. 
  • Easy to climb and perch. 
  • Can hold up to 85 pounds. 
  • Handcrafted with natural materials. 


  • Installation requires some time. 

If you have pups in your home then this shelf with an escape hatch will prove to be very useful for your feline friend. 


Interested in buying a cat shelf that doesn’t take much space? Well, with the Trixie Playground cat shelf, your search is over. 

If you notice that your cat has been climbing walls with boredom, then it’s time to twist things up a bit. The Trixie PlayGround wall-mount cat shelf setup contains three steps and two platforms. Your feline has plenty of space to play and sleep. 

You just need to make sure that all these posts are installed close to each other. If any of them are not in access to your cat then installing the entire set up is useless. You can, however, place all the components in any order you like. These cat-shelves can be very useful for multiple cats too. 


  • You can conveniently set it up vertically. 
  • Easily alter the order of the components. 
  • Features 3 platforms for sisal steps and 2 plus lounges. 
  • Mount very securely. 
  • Customize as much as you want. 


  • Make sure that they are close to each other so your cat can jump from one platform to another comfortably. 

With endless customizability, you can use these platforms in any line either vertically or horizontally just keep them slightly close to one another. 


This is another one by Hangman that will provide you kitty with a much better platform to rest on!

With this cat shelf, your kitty will get the personal space that it deserves and it is very easy to install. If you install it high enough, your feline friend will get to see what’s going on in its territory. And it will significantly reduce its stress and will make it feel comfortable. 

As it is a floating shelf, it will provide your kitty with a comfortable personal space. It can lounge, perch, and nest. The surface of this shelf will warm up nicely and it can trap heat as well. Thus, providing your feline friend with a comfortable surface to rest on. 


  • You can install it with your hand. 
  • It can also go into a concrete or brick wall. 
  • Can hold up to 30 pounds. 
  • Look very stylish. 
  • Develops positive scratching behavior. 


  • Better suited for kittens or petite cats. 

The installation is a breeze. If you are looking to provide your kitty with a cozy surface then this is your best option


One of the best cat shelves that money can buy is the PetPawJoy Cat Shelf. It is extremely comfortable to install and it will provide your kitty with a comfortable space to enjoy her private time. 

You can conveniently install it to an open view wall and allow your kitty with some vows that it can enjoy. The platform has plenty of space on it for the cat to perch, nest, and lounge.

Go for a cat shelf that is easy to install. Also, make sure that you fix it somewhere high where the cat can enjoy its private time. Different types of cat shelves are available on the market and they are made of different materials. Pick the one that matches your interiors too.