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Do Maine Coons Get Along With Other Cats?

Many Maine Coon cats get along great with other cats, and in fact most of the time, it is ideal to have a multi cat household for your Maine Coon. Maine Coons in general can be described as loving, kind, and interactive. But, you must remember that not all Maine Coons are going to get along with other cats.

Maine Coon cat licking nose

Sometimes, a specific Maine Coon will have a hard time sharing the house with another feline. 

Key Takeaways

  • Many Maine Coons are sociable and fare well in multi-cat households, but compatibility varies with individual temperament.
  • Introducing Maine Coons to other cats requires a structured process involving separate spaces, scent swapping, and supervised interactions to ensure a peaceful coexistence.
  • Maine Coons can also adapt to living with dogs and offer numerous benefits when they form bonds with other pets, such as play, exercise, companionship, and improved socialization skills.

Can Maine Coons Be Aggresive?

Most of the time Maine Coons are not aggressive. But there are always exceptions to rules. The minority of Maine Coons can be aggressive. Another large factor is the situation that they are put in. If they are under a lot of stress or are threatened by something or another cat, there instincts may be activated causing them to be aggresive.

What To Know Before Introducing A Maine Coon And Another Cat

Even though Maine Coons cats are some of the sweetest creatures out there, don’t expect introducing a new cat to your Maine Coon, or getting a Maine Coon and introducing it to your cat to be a walk in the park. Cats are never going to love a new cat coming into their home and having to share what used to be theirs. The process of introducing the two cats takes time and patience from everybody involved.

How To Introduce A Maine Coon And Another Cat

At first, keep the two cats separate. Allow the Maine Coon to have one part of the house to themselves and to have the other cat have their own part. This part of the process should last at least a few days. Next, you are going to want to swap where each cat was staying. This will basically let both of the cats know that there is another feline in the house and they can start to get accustomed to it. 

The next step is to let the cats see each other but not be able to actually interact. Do this a few times until both cats seem to be calming down knowing that there is another feline in the home. 

Now it is time to move into the step of getting the cats to visit each other and interact. You need to be present for this to ensure that nothing goes wrong and to make sure they are being friendly with each other. If all seems to be going well, then you can open up restrictions to allow the cats to live together. 

To avoid unnecessary conflict between the cats, make sure that they have all of their own stuff. Get each cat their own litter box plus an extra one, toys, cat bed, and anything else that they shouldn’t have to share with the other cat.

Benefits Of Getting A Feline Friend For Your Maine Coon

Once your cats have become best buddies after getting used to living in the same home together, the relationship will greatly benefit both cats in most situations. Some of the benefits follow.

Play and exercise together

  • The cats can entertain each other instead of you being the only one to play with your cat. Even though your cats now have a play buddy, you should keep giving each one some individual attention and playtime. A unique way for getting 1 on 1 time with your cat and your Maine Coon is by giving each of them their own walk.

Reduces behavioral issues

  • Cats can cause issues if they have a lot of pent up energy but nothing to do. A companion feline for your Maine Coon will tire it out, so it doesn’t use the extra energy for negative behavior like scratching furniture or digging in the litter box.


  • You are not always going to be around to give your cat love and companionship. Another cat in the household can provide companionship when you are not there and this helps their well-being.


  • Having two cats in the home instead of one cat can greatly improve the ability for them to socialize and learn to get along with other animals. This is great if you ever plan on getting a dog, or if you ever need to bring your cat around other cats. Both of your cats will be used to other cats and are less likely to exhibit aggression towards other cats.

Do Maine Coons Get Along With Dogs?

Yes, Maine Coons can get along with dogs. Maine Coons are kind of dog-like so it makes sense that they can live in a house with one. Some of the time, dogs and cats don’t mix but for most Maine Coons it should work out. Introducing a dog and a cat is different than introducing a cat and another cat. Here is a good article to learn how to introduce the two to each other.


In conclusion, while Maine Coons are typically sociable and likely to get along with other cats, success ultimately depends on individual personalities and experiences. Proper socialization and a calm, gradual introduction can foster a harmonious feline household. So, if you’re considering introducing a Maine Coon to your cat-filled home, go ahead! With proper care and precaution, they can make wonderful additions to your feline family.

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