6 Best Cat Kicker Fish Toys In [2020]

by Evan
This is a photo of a cute kitten wondering where her flopping cat fish toy is.

A flopping fish cat toy is one of the coolest toys there is.

These toys will just flop and whack their tail around like it’s no body’s business. These things go hard.

They do not flop for the sake of flopping, but these toys rev up your cat’s instincts to hunt when they see a fish flopping around. That is why kitty’s like to play with them.

Cat kicker toys are stimulating and are honestly inexpensive, and with the right cat, they can provide hours of entertainment.

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The Yeowww! is a very good entertainer.

This product is inexpensive, and can bring great value to your kitty’s life. If there is something that can make my cat happier, I am all for it.

The Yeowww! has catnip inside of it which can help get your cat all excited to play.

It is made from canvas, so it should be fairly durable even with the roughest cat.

I love the design. The cartoon design is spot on.

To conclude, the Yeowww! is ideal for cat parents looking for a fun new thing for their cats to play with.


  • Inexpensive
  • Cute design
  • Infused with catnip


  • Does not flop

The Beewarm is the top pick for the best kicker fish toys selected by our team at Kitty Cat Reviews. This is because it is highly rated and has very little negative reviews.

This motion-activated fish moves and flops around when your cats start to play with your kitty. This means you do not have to be there for your feline to have a fun time.

They can just swat at it once, allow the device to turn on, and then start their play.

This is made of cotton and plush, and the company says that there are no toxic materials that can hurt your kitty.

Also, this flopping fish looks pretty real which means your cat will like it better.

Another thing, it comes with some catnip, which is just a nice benefit with this purchase.

This device is rechargeable rather than powered with traditional batteries, so you can just plug it in once it dies.

To conclude, the Beewarm is the best choice.


  • Charges by cord
  • Automatically turns off when not in use to save battery
  • Cats love swatting at it!


  • The sound it makes can be irritating, but all of these make similar sounds.

The Dragon Honor is next on our list.

This one is almost the same as the Beewarm.

The main difference I notice with this one is it has worse reviews than the previous flopping fish we talked about.

The negative reviews about this product are usually about people who got a product that would not work, maybe it was a charging issue, or the motor did not work.

The reactions are usually really positive or super bad, and the difference is if it can hold a charge.

Most of these products turn out fine, but the rare ones are faulty.

That being said, I still highly regard it.


  • Very lifelike
  • Seller describes as not harmful


  • Rarely, the manufacturer sends out an item that does not work

This kicker entertainer is another highly rated toy that is perfect if you are trying to buy your furry friend an interactive toy.

Just like the other ones, it starts working when touched which is key to saving batteries as it turns off when not being used. Purchasing the Potaroma includes the USB cable for charging.

The design is a bit different as it is a wider fish, and different species.

It is also made of plush cotton. Some bad products are filled with beads and other small fillings which can be dangerous but do not worry not this one.

The Potaroma is pretty big which reduces the chance of choking on it.


  • Unique fish design
  • Catnip smell for getting your cat excited


  • Some cats just are not interested

This fish looks a lot different from the other flopping fish cat products.

This one has pretty high ratings as well.

The pricing is pretty comparable to other ones. It is by no means overly expensive or inexpensive, but somewhere in the middle. 

This fish moves when it is touched because it has a motion sensor.

The item charges by USB. This means not having to put new batteries in ever.

The purchase of this product includes 3 bags of catnip.

All in all, it is an above-average option.


With the Mailer, you can get a product very similar to other fishes, but is a lot cheaper.

This flopping fish represents more of a salmon type fish.

The item is made with pp cotton. PP stands for polypropylene, but this is the safest kind of poly plastic material.

The toy will begin to flop when played with.

This product is a good choice in your hunt.

Our Guide To Picking The Right One

What should I look for in a flopping fish toy?

There a few characteristics you want to check over before purchasing a product.

You do not want to overpay for a toy that has the possibility of your cat never using.

I recommend never spending over 30$, because even if a toy is widely popular and highly reviewed, there is a chance your kitty hates it.

Talking about reviews, reviews are nice for determining if most cats are interested in a toy.

Most of the negative reviews will just say that the particular product did not stimulate their cat.

If it has a lot of negative reviews, then you know that there is a greater chance that it will not be a successful entertainment source for your cat.

Another thing about reviews, you should make sure that the products don’t have a history as being a choking hazard. This is a must to look out for.

For moving fishes, you want to check if it is powered by batteries or is rechargeable.

One that needs batteries is going to be a lot more of a hassle in the long run. You will also probably have to buy the batteries which is just more money.

One that you can just plug in is super easy.

Never buy a small one. These are choking hazards, and they should go nowhere near your cat.

A lot of these fishes come with catnip, so if your cat is big on catnip, then you should get one that comes with a lot for your convenience.

I would consider how realistic the fish looks. Some of these look very fake, and this means your cat might not like them as much.

How can I encourage my cat to use their new toy?

First off, just turn it on in front of your cat. This involves making sure the switch is flipped, and then activate it with a touch or kick. There is a good chance your cat will at least notice the tail flopping around everywhere, and play with it.

If they do not, then I have a few tips that can entice your cat to play with it. A lot of these products come with catnip which can work well in helping them get some interest. This will get them throwing that fish around in no time.

You can also give your cat some food or a treat for any kind of interaction with it. Soon enough, food won’t be required because they will realize how fun it is to play with what their mom just got them.

If you are having a really hard time getting them to play with it, and they play with other things, then this toy might not just click in their brains as a good one.

Something that might be more stimulating is one that you control. If you are interested, you can check out our article on the best RC toys.

You win some, and lose some, you will not always find your cat a new favorite one with every toy you get.

This post also details some other ways you can encourage your cat to play.

What should a safe and nonharmful toy be made of?

I advise that you read the product description of whatever flopping toy you are looking at, and make sure the seller specifies that it is non-toxic.

To be certain that you are not letting your cat chew on something dangerous, you can do your research on a specific material to see if it is dangerous.

This post goes further in-depth.


If you need one last suggestion on the best cat kicker fish toy, I would check out the Beewarm.

A flopping fish cat toy can be super fun for your cat.

Toys are a necessity in any cat’s life. Just like them needing to have privacy when peeing. 

If you think your cat needs to add another source of entertainment to their fun arsenal, I believe these can make a good addition.

On the other hand, if you want to add a toy that helps your cat lose weight, we have a post on that.

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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