Best Grass Seed Cat Litter

5 Best Grass Seed Cat Litters In 2021

When you’re working with regular clay-based cat litter, scooping and pouring becomes impossible. The litter smells horrid, doesn’t clump, and produces so much dust that you’re practically suffocating yourself. This is why people prefer plant-based and natural cat litters. The dust from this kind of cat litter can even make you sick.

Grass seed litter in particular is preferred for its high clumping and low dust formation. It’s natural and biodegradable and can be found GMO-free, which means there are no harmful additives in it. Grass seed can also be repurposed as compost for horticulture, and some can easily be flushed. 

However, grass seed litter, since it’s so small and lightweight, tends to fall everywhere, known as tracking. Plus, it’s quite pricey. Also, it should be avoided if you’re allergic to the ingredients.

But all things aside, which litter is the right one for your cat? Here are the top 5 reviewed.

Quick Look

The 5 Best Grass Seed Litters

Dr. Elsey'sFree from dust and allergens, this product is the best litter and is perfect for multi-cat houses.

Dr. Elsey’s is known for its extreme clumping capabilities. This cat litter is made from 100% natural grass seed framed in the USA. It’s designed to be ultra-light, so you can pack more in a 40-lb bag. However, keep in mind, lighter litter blows away easily.

This is the recommended cat litter choice if you have respiratory issues. Cat litter tends to pack a lot of dust. But this particular choice is engineered to be 99.9% free from any. So it’s great for people with asthma or bronchitis. 

This product is a good choice if you have multiple felines, and if you have a respiratory disorder.


  • 100% natural and irritant-free.
  • Great for multiple cats.
  • Works well for people with respiratory disorders.
  • More litter in one bag.


  • May get blown away and make a mess. 

The SmartCat is a fine choice for anyone who wants to get rid of odor .

For those of you looking for a better alternative to clay-based items, try the SmartCat. This is an all-natural option that is free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). It’s well-known for its foul smell reduction and high clumping capabilities. 

What’s more…! This material is biodegradable and you can use it in your garden. If you are curious about using your cat’s poop as fertilizer, here is a great article going into detail on that topic. It’s 99% free from all dust and allergens, making it suitable for people with allergies and asthma. But it is lightweight and tends to spread a lot.

Use this product for when you have multiple kitties that require clumping cat litter.


  • Blocks odor and ammonic smell.
  • 100% organic, non-GMO.
  • Biodegradable and compostable.
  • Good for people with breathing problems.


  • Tracks everywhere, creating a mess.

Good Earth combines gardening with cat litter and brings you a compostable alternative.

The reason why many people choose grass seed is, the litter can be re-purposed in the garden. The Good Earth has been engineered with repurposing in mind. It has a high germination rate and you can conveniently use it in your yard or lawn.

As a litter, this package outperforms clay in both clumping and odor control. It’s 99% free from all allergens and resists the buildup of fecal matter too. It’s a verified non-GMO product, so you get the healthiest choice.

It is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their environment safe and healthy. 


  • Great for gardening and lawn-work.
  • Controls odor and unwanted smells.
  • Suitable for those with breathing problems.
  • Overall safe.


  • The packaging is not recyclable.

For those looking for an all-round natural choice, this Frisco product may be the right choice.

Frisco’s has been designed to be of utmost convenience to its users. It features high absorbency that keeps it clumped. Although, it may produce more odor than usual. Not only that, but it’s also free from 99% of all dust, making your cat’s potty area a lot more manageable.

Along with that, it can also be used as natural compost, as it is 100% biodegradable. You can reuse it in your gardens or naturally throw it away with no fear of harming the environment. 

The Frisco is great for those who like to keep their carpet and floor clean.


  • Free from pollen and allergens.
  • Easier to manage and clean up.
  • Clumps together for easier scooping.
  • Reusable as fertilizer.


  • May produce some odor.

The Almo Nature is highly absorbent and will take care of extra-stinky droppings.

For anyone who wants to get rid of unpleasant odors, try the Almo Nature. It makes use of specialized plant enzymes that act on odors and neutralize them. The inclusion of all-natural plant enzymes makes it 100% chemical and additive-free. 

The key difference between the Almo Nature and competitors is its biodegradability. It can not only compost but also flush without worrying about the ecosystem. The reason it’s so low on the list because it is not 100% dust-free. 

The Almo Nature is not a good product for people with breathing issues. It’s only for absorbing heavy odor.


  • All-natural vegetable fiber and grass seed.
  • Amazing at absorbing exceptionally bad odors.
  • Easy to flush and compost
  • Clumps up and absorbs urine efficiently. 


  • Kicks up dusts.

Pros and Cons Of Grass Seed Cat Litter


  • Natural and eco-friendly

Usually, this type of litter is made from one ingredient, grass seed. Clay litter, on the other hand, can be pretty bad for the environment as to acquire the material, they must strip mine for it.

  • Clumping

This type of litter might be the best natural litter that also clumps. Clumping litter is way more convenient as it can help control odor better and you don’t have to clean the litter box out as often.

  • Deals with odor well

It is good at trapping odor within the clumps of the litter, and the natural scent of the grass helps counteract the smell of your cat’s waste.

  • Healthy

Again, since it natural, if your cat accidentally consumes this litter it is not that big of a deal since the litter doesn’t contain any chemicals or other ingredients that could be dangerous.

  • Gentle on paws

This cat litter is basically just a bunch of very fine particles of grass, which makes it very soft. If your cat just had a declaw or has sensitive paws, this litter is a good option to use.

  • Can be dust-free

Some customers claim that this litter produces the least amount of dust out of any litter they have ever used. Some brands might be better than others but generally, this litter does not have too much dust.


  • Can make a mess

Since this litter is so lightweight, it is very easy for it to get out of litter boxes. Your cat might accidentally kick it out while digging her own waste and it can also easily track.


How to and how often to scoop grass seed litter?

litter scoop next to litter boxThe frequency at which you scoop grass cat litter is very similar to scooping any other kind of litter. Cat owners should scoop once to twice a day. Ideally, you would scoop every time your cat uses the litter box, but twice a day will also work. Grass seed cat litter is a clumping cat litter, so to scoop it, just look for the clumps of cat litter to scoop out, and you should be good.

How to switch to grass seed cat litter?

Now that you have learned more about grass cat litter, you might be interested in switching to this kind of litter. In order to do so, start off by putting a very small amount of the grass litter mixed in with your old litter. Slowly mix more of it into the old litter every time you scoop and clean the litter box. This will allow your cat to get used to the new litter and not have any litter box avoidance issues because the change was too abrupt. Soon enough, your cat’s litter box will only have grass seed cat litter and the switch will have been successful. Get more tips on successfully switching litter here.

How much litter should you use?

You should use about two to four inches of litter. Don’t use any more or any less as too little cat litter can result in your cat not being able to dig in the litter box which will cause issues, and using too much is just a waste of litter. To learn more about the ideal depth of cat litter, read here.

Is grass seed litter safe for cats?

Grass seed litter is safe for cats. A lot of these products ensure that they don’t use pesticides or GMO’s. They are a much healthier clumping alternative to clumping clay litter as grass litter doesn’t contain sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite is known for messing with and causing obstructions in the digestive system of cats if consumed. Grass cat litter is also usually dust-free, which is healthy for the respiratory system of cats. Grass cat litter is natural making it a lot healthier than other litters. Sometimes the only ingredient in these litters is just grass seed.

Can you put used grass cat litter in the garden?

Yes, you can put the used grass cat litter in the garden if you don’t plan on eating whatever it is you are growing in the garden. If the garden is purely just for appearance, then it is all good to put the used litter in there. If you do plan on eating food from the garden, then you can not put the used litter in there. Cat waste can contain some nasty diseases, so it is not a good idea to mix your cat’s waste with potential food.


There you have it. All the top 5 options have a unique identifying factor. But one product that stands out the most is the Dr. Elsey’s.

It is top overall choice. It has excellent odor control, can be utilized as compost, and is practically has zero dust. The only problem is that it, like most grass alternatives, it tends to have a higher tracking. Consequently, you’ll need to clean up more often.

But you should choose your cat litter based upon both you and your furry friends’ needs. If it helps with breathing issues, it might be worth the trouble.