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How Does A Self Warming Cat Bed Work?

Seeing that your cat is not as warm as you would like them to be is rough. As cat owners, we all want our cats to live the happiest and most comfortable life that we can provide them. One way of keeping them warm is to get them a self warming cat beds. 

cat chilling in self warming cat bed

But, some people can be skeptical of self warming cat beds because they are not powered by anything. In this article, we explain how a self warming cat bed works and compare other options of keeping your cat warm while they rest.

Key Takeaways

  • Self-warming cat beds function by using materials like Mylar, Thinsulate, and aluminum foil to trap and reflect a cat’s body heat, providing warmth without the need for electricity.
  • When choosing a self-warming cat bed, look for high-quality insulating materials, an appropriate size for comfort, and slightly firm padding for orthopedic support.
  • Self-warming cat beds are effective for warmth and are typically less expensive than electrically heated beds, but heated beds offer the ability to adjust temperatures to suit a cat’s preference.

How Does A Self Warming Cat Bed Work?

A self-warming cat bed works by being made of specific materials that warm up as your cat lays on it. The heat coming off your cat is trapped by the material which then keeps the bed warm and keeps your cat warm. 

Some self warming cat beds also have a layer of metal that helps to hold more warmth. There are various materials out there are self-warming that are used for these kind of cat beds. 

One of them is Mylar, which is type of polyester that has insulating qualities. Another commonly used one is Thinsulate which is pretty similar to Mylar. The metal sheet used in cat beds to reflect the heat back to your cat is usually an aluminum. 

Self warming cat beds don’t require any external power source to warm your cat, it only uses the heat that is emitted from your cat to keep them warm. 

A good way of thinking about how a self warming cat bed works is to compare it to a blanket. It traps the heat produced by the person or animal that is wrapped in the blanket.

How To Choose A Good Self Warming Bed

cat in self warming cat bed

Has High Quality Self Warming Materials

A self warming bed should allow your cat to be warmer than a typical bed. The way this is achieved is through being made from specific materials that can trap heat. When buying a bed, look for materials in the product listing such as Thinsulate, Mylar, and Aluminum foil.


A self-warming bed also needs to have the typical quality that makes a normal cat bed good. One of these qualities is size. A bed too small will not be comfortable. Try to get one with enough room where your cat can comfortably rest within without feeling confined.


A cat bed needs to not fold from the weight of your cat. It should also not be so hard that it is like sleeping on a rock. It should provide a slightly firm padding that your cat can relax in.

Heated Cat Bed Versus Self Warming Bed

While both heated cat beds and self warming beds were made to heat up a cat while they are on it, the way that they achieve this goal is starkly different. A heated cat bed needs electricity to power it to warm up your cat whereas a self warming bed uses the heat of your cat to heat up. Heated cat beds can be better in the sense that it can be warmer than a self-warming bed. Some heated beds even have the ability where you can adjust the temperature so you can find the ideal temperature for your cat. But, they also have some downsides. First, it can be concerning to have it always plugged in and having to worry that it might get too hot for your cat if it malfunctions. Another factor that should be considered is price. Heated cat beds can cost nearly twice as much as the average self warming cat bed. 

Do Self Warming Cat Beds Work?

Yes, self warming cat beds work. They are certainly going to provide a warmer experience than a normal cat bed. Marshmallow cat beds are a good variety of self warming beds. But compared to heated beds, they are not going to be able to get as warm. Heated cat beds also have more ability to have the temperature changed.

What Temperature Do Cats Like To Sleep At?

Cats like to sleep at a temperature higher than what average humans prefer. This is because the body temperature of cats is about 4 degrees higher than humans. The normal air temperature that cats like to sleep at is in the mid 80’s Fahrenheit. So, implementing something to get them warm at night is a nice thing you can do to help them sleep better.

What Other Ways Can I Keep My Cat Warm While They Sleep?

There are other ways to warm your cat up for sleeping other than using a self warming or heated cat bed. An easy but costly solution is to turn on heating in the house. This might not be the best solution as it can make it uncomfortable for humans trying to sleep at the same temperature. An additional way is to put a space heater in the room that your cat sleeps.

Also, some rooms are naturally warmer than other rooms, so you can search for a room that seems to be at the right temperature. The temperature of the environment is an important consideration while picking where to put your cat’s bed. Another way to get your cat the warmth that they desire is to give them some specific cat blankets. One more way is to get them an enclosed cat bed. This will work kind of similar to self warming beds as it will trap the heat that your cat puts off. Enclosed cat beds look like tents.


A self-warming cat bed is a remarkable innovation that operates by harnessing the natural body heat of your beloved feline friend. This ingenious product incorporates intelligent design elements that effectively trap and preserve this warmth, ensuring maximum comfort. By utilizing this energy-efficient solution, you can provide your cat with a cozy and snug environment that will undoubtedly keep them warm throughout the night.

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