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How Much Does Cat Litter Cost?

Based on our calculations, the cost of cat litter can vary from $2/month to $22/month. This great variation in cost per month comes down to the types of cat litter that you might decide to use for your pet. If a litter is super lightweight and is inexpensive per pound then it will be pretty cheap. On the other hand, if it is heavier and also pricey per pound, it will be very expensive. Becoming aware of the different costs of different litters and all related supplies can be very eye-opening.

Cat Litter Prices

Cat Litter Cost Comparison

Clay Clumping Cat Litter

Clumping cat litter is the staple used in most cat homes. Cat owners love this type of litter because it reduces the amount of cleaning and it’s great for multiple cats. This because the urine clumps together, which allows for scooping of the litter which means you have to clean the entire box less often. In recent years, many people have been switching away from clay-based cat litter because it is not very good for the environment and it can be dangerous if it is consumed by cats. It costs around $14 per month per cat. The cost per lb of clay litter is about .5$/lb and a cat will go through about 30 pounds of this kind within a month.

Clay Non-Clumping

Non-clumping clay litter is the original cat litter. It has been around forever and there is a reason for that. It works! It poses fewer health risks than an alternative that clumps and it is one of the cheapest kinds there is. The downside with this kind is that you have to clean out their box more often because it doesn’t clump up urine. Each month, you will have to spend about $7 per cat on this type.


Crystal litter is the premium in this market and for good reason. It is basically dust-free, it is lighter weight, and great for odor control. Some brands of this type can change colors to help detect health issues in cats. It comes out to be the most expensive kind and this is most likely due to the cost of it per lb. At $5.50/lb, only 4 pounds need to be used monthly which totals up to $22.


Paper pellets are natural, eco-friendly, free from dust, and most importantly safe for your cat. Some downsides with this type of litter are that it is not the best at controlling odor, it doesn’t clump, and some cats don’t like the feel of it. It is not too expensive or absolutely dirt cheap, it’s in the mid-price range for litter. In a month, approximately 5.5 pounds will be used, and the cost/lb is $1.62. Paper litter costs around $9 a month.

Wood Pellet

Wood pellet is by far the cheapest cat litter, costing $3 per month. This is due to the low cost per pound of $0.38 and the fact that you only need 7 pounds of it per month. One of its unique benefits is it has a natural pine smell that can help mask odors. If you are looking for an option that is good overall, budget-friendly, not harmful to the environment like clay litter, lightweight, and dust-free, look no further. This litter only needs to be completely changed twice per month so it should last.


Grass seed cat litter is another natural option that comes from the new trend of being eco-friendly. If you are the owner of a cat with asthma, this option might work great for you as it is probably the litter with the least amount of dust. This kind of litter costs about $7 a month.


The price of corn litter for a month of use for one cat is $6. Something that sets this type apart is that it is a natural clumping cat litter that is good for multi-cat homes.

Other-Litter Related Costs

It is important to point out that the actual litter is not your only expense. There are also a lot of supplies that you need to have and that you need to change out pretty often to ensure that your cat has a proper setup.

Need To Replace Litter Box And Similar Supplies Once A Year

litter box with scoop

Some supplies need to be replaced about once a year. This includes a litter box, a scoop, a disposal system, and a mat. Here is an article that describes why it is important to replace litter boxes at least once a year. To summarize that article, it is important for sanitary reasons, to not allow any permanent odors to settle in, and to ensure your cat likes and uses their box. 

A box costs about $40, the scoop $10, the disposal system $35, and the mat $20. A year’s supply of trash bags used for disposing of litter might be $30. A lot of cat owners will use deodorizers to help control odor. A can of deodorizer costs around $8 and tends to last about a month-long so over a year this will cost you $96.

In total, we are looking at close to a cost of $230 over the course of a year!


How long does a 25 lb bag of cat litter last?

A 25 lb bag of each different kind of litter will last different amounts of time because some litter is much lighter than others. For example, a 25 lb bag of wood pellet litter will last a lot longer than a bag of clay litter that is the same weight. Down below there is the estimated length of time a 25 lb bag of cat litter will last for various kinds.

Clay Clumping Litter: 1 month

Non-Clumping Clay: 1 month

Crystal: 6 months

Paper: 4 and a 1/2 months

Wood Pellet: 3 and a 1/2 half months

Grass: 5 months

Corn: 4 months

How much cat litter do you use per month?

The amount of cat litter you use depends greatly on the habits of the cat owner and cat and also the kind of cat litter you use. If we go on a per-cat basis and assume that you and your cat are average with cleaning habits, how much you fill the litter box etc., then the only variable that might be different for you is the kind of cat litter. 

In a month, you might use 30 lbs of clumping clay, 30 lbs of non-clumping clay, 4 lbs of crystal, 5 and a 1/2 lbs of paper, 7 lbs of wood pellet, 5 pounds of grass, or 6 pounds of corn litter.

How to save money on cat litter?

Here are a few tips that can help you save money on litter. First off, look into more budget-friendly litter. Wood pellets are the cheapest on our list from above, switching to this litter from clay litter could save you as much as $140 per year. 

Next, put the right amount of kitty litter in the litter box. Once there is enough litter for your cat to be able to cover their poop and urine, there is no need to put any extra. The extra just becomes a waste when you completely change out the litter in the box. We have an entire article that goes over the right amount of kitty litter to fill up the litter box with.

What is the cheapest way to buy cat litter?

wood pellets litter

The cheapest way of buying cat litter is to purchase a large bag of wood pellet animal bedding from your local outdoors-oriented store. You can probably find a 40lb bag of wood pellet animal bedding for less than $10. 

This is an extremely inexpensive way of getting litter and is a good option for those with multiple cats. You could also get Feline Pine wood pellet litter which is pretty close to as inexpensive but specifically made to be used for cats.


Since cat litter is a monthly recurring cost, over the course of a year it can total to be a lot. You must be aware of how much you are spending on cat litter and other options for cat litter.