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How To Get A Cat To Drink From A Water Fountain

Cats prefer running water over still water. Even though this fact is true, sometimes the transition into drinking water from a fountain can be difficult cat. The next section of the article describes some possible ways to get around this hesitancy to use the fountain.

cat staring at water fountain

Key Takeaways

  • Choose a quiet water fountain to avoid deterring your cat with noise and keep it off at the start to ease the transition.
  • Keep the water fountain clean and sanitary with regular washing, and place it where your cat’s water bowl used to be to maintain familiarity.
  • Remove other drinking options to encourage fountain use, reward your cat for using the water fountain, and monitor their water intake for proper hydration.

Tips For Getting A Cat To Drink From A Water Fountain

Get The Most Quiet Water Fountain Possible

Noise can be a deterrent that stops cats from using a water fountain. If their water source is making a lot of sounds, this can freak them out and keep them away. Getting a fountain that is quiet will make sure that they aren’t afraid of the water fountain.

Keep The Water Fountain Off At The Start

When you first get a water fountain, keep the fountain off, so that it basically acts as a more complicated water bowl. Wait until your cat is comfortable enough to drink from the water fountain until you consider turning it on. Once you turn the fountain on, it may take some time for your cat to get used to their water source making noise. 

Cat drinking from water fountain

Keep It Clean And Sanitary

Cats will not drink dirty water. If a cat water fountain is dirty, then your cat will not go near it. Keep a cleaning schedule of giving the fountain a thorough wash once a week or two. During this process, also clean the pump and put a new filter in. Also, when you get the fountain, give it a thorough clean before getting it up and running.

Remove Other Drinking Options

A cat that has the option to continue doing something that they have always done it will rarely switch to something else even if it is the better option. When the old bowl that they previously drank from is still present they will likely keep drinking from that bowl. By getting rid of this option, they will explore the possibility of drinking from the water fountain which can start to get them in the habit of using the water fountain. 

Put The Fountain Where Their Water Bowl Used To Be

In order to make the transition from a water bowl to a fountain as effortless as it can be, try to keep whatever you can the same. One of the variables that you can control and not change is the location of the fountain. Put it in the same spot that that the water bowl used to reside.

Reward Your Cat When They Use The Fountain

When your cat drinks from the water fountain, don’t let this go unnoticed. Keep an eye out for instances when your cat drinks from the fountain and feed them some treats for this positive new habit.

Ensure The Water Is Cold

Ever so often, check that the water is cool to the touch and replace the water with cool water if this is not the case. Additionally, you can make the water in the fountain colder by mixing ice in.

Move The Food Bowl To A Different Location Completely Separate From The Water Bowl

Cats have a natural preference for consuming water and food in the same spot. When the food bowl and water fountain are placed together, it can cause cats to not want to drink the water that is there.

Adjust The Rate The Water Is Flowing Out Of The Fountain

When you have tried everything else, this could be the cause for a cat continuing to not the water fountain. Experiment with different flows to see if there is one that your cat prefers over the rest.

Monitor Your Cat's Water Intake

Once your cat starts drinking from the water fountain, it’s important to monitor their water intake to ensure they are staying hydrated. Cats typically need around 50ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day. If you notice that your cat is drinking significantly less or more than this, or if they are showing signs of dehydration such as lethargy or dry skin, it’s important to seek veterinary advice.

To Wrap It Up

By choosing the right fountain, placing it in a convenient location, and encouraging your cat to explore it, you can help them develop a healthy drinking habit. Additionally, by keeping the fountain clean and monitoring your cat’s water intake, you can ensure they are getting the hydration they need to thrive. So if you’re looking to improve your cat’s drinking habits, consider giving a water fountain a try – your cat will thank you for it!

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