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How To Get Rid Of Cat Litter Smell In Apartment

How To Get Rid Of Cat Litter Smell In Apartment

Apartments are not large spaces, and litter boxes can quickly hold an entire apartment captive with the foul smell being emitted from them. The smell of litter is truly repulsive and if you are having an issue with this smell, it is best to figure out how to control it right away. In this article, the team at Kitty Cat Reviews lays out some of the most effective methods to getting rid of the smell of cat litter in an apartment.

Ways To Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh And Free Of Litter

Replace Litter And Scoop The Litter Box Frequently

Litter box that needs to be scooped

If you are having issues with the smell of the litter box in your apartment, the first thing that should get your attention is your scooping and cleaning habits. Keeping a maintained and clean litter box is key to removing odor. Also, this habit will also create a better environment for your cat to go to the bathroom. To make the scooping easier, it is best to go with a litter that clumps. 

When clumping litter gets wet or comes in contact with waste, it balls up, and you can scoop out all the waste with ease. This means that if you are good about scooping the litter box frequently, there will be very little waste or pee inside the litter box to cause odor.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the best solutions to this issue. Baking soda is very capable of sucking odor from the air basically neutralizing the odor just by spreading it around in the litter box and keeping an open box of the stuff near the litter box. This is a much better solution that spraying an air freshener as it will not irritate your cat and affect their ability to breath. Here is a great video showing different options in use.

Pick The Right Location For The Litter Box

A quick fix is to move the litter box to an area that is not as visited. No matter what you do, the litter box is always going to have a little bit of smell, so if you can move the litter box that you never go to, but is still a good spot for your cat, this can help the smell be better for you. Here are potential locations to put a litter box in a small apartment.

Pick The Right Cat Litter

There is a multitude of cat litter choices available, and some work better than others as far as odor control.  There are brands of litters that include baking soda, as well as different smells designed to tackle stinky cat urine. It might entail trying out several brands to see which ones work best for smell control, and which kind your cat prefers.

Use Deodorizers Designed For Cats

Another option that is similar to using baking soda is to use specific litter deodorizers. It is not recommended to use household air fresheners, but rather deodorizers made for the purpose of being used in cat litter. These kinds of deodorizers are less likely to mess with your cat or cause them to get allergies. Using these are nice, because you just have to spray a little bit on top of the litter and that is it. Go with a deodorizer that is free from chemicals so that it is safe for your cat.

Replace The Litter Box Once A Year

Replacing the litter box is an often overlooked solution to fixing issues with smell from litter boxes. People tend to keep around the litter box as long as they can, but litter boxes can grab on to gross smells even after they have been cleaned completely. Stainless steel litter boxes can last longer and don’t hold onto odors as much as plastic ones.

Wash The Litter Box Each Month

Completely washing and cleaning the litter box is vital to decrease how smelly a litter box is. Litter can get stuck to the bottom or cat urine can pool at the bottom causing smell. It’s important to get rid of these sources of smell periodically by giving the litter box a good clean. Here is our guide for cleaning a litter box in an apartment.

Keep The Litter Box In A Well Ventilated Area

When there is no room for air to come and go, the stench can build up and the area with the litter box can get really smelly. It is best that the litter box is not in an enclosed area or room so that air can circulate. Also, this should be done anyways to make sure that your cat has easy access to their litter box.


Life in a small apartment is a lot better with a cat. But, that doesn’t mean it is always sunshine and rainbows having a pet in an apartment. Odor can become an issue, so it is best if you are able to get to the root of this issue as soon as it happens to solve it quickly. The suggestions above should work well, especially when combined to give you a breath of fresh air!