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Kitty Poo Club Reviews In 2020

Dealing with everything related to cat litter just got a little bit easier with the subscription service Kitty Poo Club.

Quick Summary

There are many satisfied cat owners that believe that Kitty Poo Club is the best kitty litter subscription company out there.

However, it should be noted that there is another service by the name of Pretty Litter that you might want to consider. You can even personalize your subscription by adding food and other items, as well.

For those that are unaware, Pretty Litter offers a “smart kitty litter box” that actually tells you more about your cat’s kitty litter than Kitty Poo Club.

While some might believe that Pretty Litter must cost significantly more than its competitors due to this advantage, the truth is that it doesn’t, and Pretty Litter even offers a 30-day risk-free guarantee!

Specifically, PrettyLitter changes color when your cat has some kind of a health issue, which is great news for cat owners that might be concerned about their pets’ health. 

When you consider that this could not only save cat owners a significant amount of money – but also the life of their cat, it’s easy to see why it might be the superior service. 

The company boasts over 5,000 5-star reviews, which gives you an idea of how much its customers love it!

Full Review

Before the Kitty Poo Club cat litter subscription, you would have to go to the store to get a bag of litter every time you ran out. Then, you would have to carry this heavy bag to your car and then into your house. Buying a heavy bag is easier because then you don’t have to buy litter as frequently. But, that bag is heavy!

You would also have to deal with emptying and cleaning. This just took time, and was plain gross.

All of these problems are mitigated with the Kitty Poo Club mail-order cat litter service. That is why we took the time to write this article.

All and all, this service is plain good, and I believe that people ought to know about it.

If this introduction resonated with you, you can head over to their website right now to get a first-hand learning of their services.

If you want to stick around and learn more about this product through a third party, I have a lot more details in our review down below.

What does this cat litter subscription do and include?

The kitty litter subscription delivers a disposable litter box, and cat litter to your house every month. That is the simplified summary, but this service can include a lot more things.

The purchasing process of this service is a walk in the park. You start the process by choosing how many cats you own. This is great as this service works for multiple cat homes.

You then go to the next step of choosing the type of litter to fill the kitty poo box. You can use this litter box for travel as well. When choosing the litter you want to be delivered every month, you have three different options. There is large grain silica, fine-grain silica, and clay. Each of these have their benefits, but they all cost the same amount. The website lists the characteristics of each kind of litter to help you make an educated buying decision of which one you want. All of these options of litter are great at reducing smells, have very little odor, and all of the options are chemical-free. They also do not kick up dust.

On the last step of personalizing your order, you can choose to buy a few different items to compliment your new subscription. They sell a dome to keep the litter from spilling. This dome only costs a few dollars. They also sell mats to get the litter that is stuck to your cat’s feet. And finally, you can also add a scoop to your order if you need one.

Once you have completed this step, you go on to the checkout where it confirms the items you are going to buy just like any other subscription. The products are shipped to your home every 4 weeks. I have heard the shipping is pretty reliable. If you just have one cat, and you just buy the two products to be shipped to your house every month, this only costs 20 dollars. That is a great deal, I am not going to lie. The only thing you have to worry about is throwing it away, and then you have a new one. The disposable tray is able to fit in a litter box tent. You do not have to clean it! Sometimes though, it is necessary to have a permanent litter box especially if you own a big cat like a Maine Coon.


Pretty Litter vs Kitty Poo Club?

Pretty Litter and Kitty Poo Club offer pretty similar services. They both deliver litter to your door every month. The main difference is that Pretty Litter does not come with a disposable litter box. They are very similar in price around 22$.

Are there any coupons?

Indeed there is a kitty poo club coupon. Right now, they are offering a coupon called the TV! offer.

Do I still have to scoop?

Yes, sadly, you are still going to have to scoop. You should scoop the litter every day to ensure your cat has a good potty experience. I know this sucks, but there is not much alternative to this other than a sifting litter box. You do not want to have your cat step on feces and urine.

How does this service work with multiple cats?

This service allows you to choose when ordering that you have multiple cats. If that is the case, they deliver a separate box and litter for every cat. Each product is intended for only one cat.

Is this service friendly to the environment?

This mail-order cat litter is eco-friendly, which is a nice plus and will not leave you with a guilty conscious. The litter box is made of cardboard, so you can recycle that, and then you can throw away the litter. This can be a better practice for the environment as you do not use the plastic bags that the litter would regularly come in.

Can it be flushed?

I am not quite sure to be honest if you can flush the litter, but I would just stick with throwing it away. Rather be safe than sorry.

Flushing litter is just not a good idea in general. This article details why this is not a good habit.

Can Kitty Poo Club deliver other products right to my door?

It can. As I mentioned earlier, they sell a lot of add on items for service, and they also sell some other stuff. They sell food and treat items if you want some more convenience. There are big-name brands like Blue Buffalo and more.


If you like this monthly cat litter service, you can go check out their service with this link. I honestly really like the idea of this service and recommend their service as it not expensive by any means and is a great product.

Many subscription services have become successful because they can deliver products/services that consumers need conveniently and efficiently. 

If you own a cat, you might find that Kitty Poo Club is the perfect way to make sure that you always have a disposable kitty litter box for you and your cat(s). 

When you consider that the service is affordable, and that shipping is free – it just might be the solution that you need!

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