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10 Best Litter Boxes For Cats That Pee Standing Up

Are you dealing with a pet cat that pees standing up? Some cats can exhibit some unusual behavior, this being one of them. Cleaning the mess your cat makes outside of its litter box multiple times a day is not an easy task. If you have a busy lifestyle without any helper then buying a litter box for a high peeing cat is something you should look into. 

Owning a pet cat might seem like an easy task, but it is not. As an owner, it is important to take care of your cat’s litter cleaning routine. You can get rid of this frustration by buying a better litter box. And your cat will also feel comfortable while doing its business. 

Cats are considered to be one of the cleanest animals. With a little help and a better product, they won’t be leaving any litter around. 

Are you ready to look into some of the best litter boxes for high peeing cats? Here you’ll get to read reviews of the best litter boxes for cats that pee standing up.

Quick Look

The 10 Best Litter Boxes For Cats That Pee Standing Up


This product is great for its high sides and large space.

Nature’s Miracles manufactures a High sided cat corner. Their High-Sided corner cat litter box has a triangular shape. This triangular shape allows you to save space by placing it in a corner. Its high walls are designed to keep the litter inside the box, even if your cat is vertical pee-er.

It is made of Plastic, which is then coated with an Antimicrobial. It prevents bacteria from forming inside your cat’s litter box and keeps it bacteria-free. To eliminate litter caking or buildup, Nature’s Miracles provide the litter box with non-stick.

This spacious (26x23x10 inches) litter box will be perfect for your cat as it will be comfortable too.


  • High sides allow more privacy.
  • Surprisingly spacious.
  • Fits perfectly in a corner of your home.


  • Cheap plastic.
  • Pouring the lid is hard to clean if cats pee in it.

This high sided corner cat litter box is perfect for its simple design and space


This product with high sides and open top offers easy accessibility for cleaning.

This jumbo litter box, manufactured by IRIS, is one of its kind. It comes in two different pieces; one is a simple litter box. And the other is a shield. It gives an extension to the sides of the litter box making it a good litter box if your cat is a high pee-er. Its shield has an open-top, which offers the owner easy access to cleaning the litter box. 

Iris cats litter box comes with a litter scoop which is made of the same material. Litter scoop is designed in such a way that it has access to every corner of the litter box. Its high sides are high enough to save your floor from unwanted litter spray. Its dimensions are 19 x 15 x 11.75 inches.


  • Enough space for the cats to dig-in in the litter box.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • High-quality material is used.


  • Smaller in size.
  • A litter box is hard to clean.

It has a removable litter shield to prevent litter spray.


This product is made of high-quality plastic.

Frisco’s High-sided litter box is made to keep the litter inside, where it should be. Its design contains a low front wall which acts as step-in for kitties. Whereas to help reduce litter scatter it has high sides and back.

Unlike many litter boxes, this litter box won’t get damaged by your kitty’s paws. As it is made of high-quality plastic and durable plastic. Because of its high-quality plastic, it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. It has an open-top, thus, this design is ideal for quick cleaning on the spot.

The plastic used by Frisco is BPA-free, it won’t affect your little kitty. And when you are planning to buy a new litter box, you can throw it into a recycle-bin.


  • High walls to help a cat feel secure.
  • The front wall is wide enough for fat cats to go through it.
  • Spacious.
  • High-quality material.


  • Plastic might absorb the smell.
  • The bottom may not be flat.

It can be cleaned by soapy water easily.


This product can be placed anywhere in the house.

If you want a box, that is flexible, can fit in almost every place. Then look no further. Because Litter Genie’s new Cat Litter box is one that fits the description. Its sleek design helps you store this litter box in small, hidden corners. 

Antimicrobial plastic is used to make this litter box. With it, the litter box is protected from germs. It has high walls to keep the litter spray inside the box. If you want to move it, it has built-in handles. These handles can also be used in emptying your litter box with ease.

Keeping litter in isn’t the only use of tall walls. These tall walls also provide your kitty a little privacy to do its business in peace. And if you have any unexpected guests, they won’t be greeted by an unsightly pan.


  • Easy to clean and move.
  • Great for travel.
  • Litter won’t stick to walls.


  • The body may get cracked.

The plastic used for manufacturing this material is germs free.


This product comes with its liner for perfection.

Modkat’s flip litter box is a unique design on its own. It comes with a lid that can be completely closed, half-open, or completely open depending on the need and privacy of your cat. Furthermore, it provides easy access to clean the litter box and it has a spacious interior.

Moreover, it comes with a reusable trap liner, which fits it’s tall, seamless base. This liner is easy to clean and is a mess-free litter solution. This way, there will be no leaks or odors. This liner can be fixed with four hooks and front clips. The liner will last approximately 3 months.

This litter box also comes with its scoop. It is 20-inches long, 15-inches wide and 16.8-inches high. With this height, it completely ensures that no litter will be spilled out.


  • It’s ideal for high pee-er cats.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.


  • The plastic body absorbs litter.
  • Liner leaks urine.

The lid on the Modkat can be completely opened, half-opened, or completely closed as required.


This product holds a two-way door that resembles a cat flip.

This hooded cat litter box from Catit comes with a two-way door made of plastic. This door resembles a cat flip and makes it easy for cats to use it indoors or outdoors. There is a hood at top of the cat litter box, which can be removed for easy access for cleanings. This hood can be kept open by a built-in bag anchor and this way you can keep your hands free for scooping.

Most cats tend to turn their head towards the opening while littering. This may usually cause litter and urine scattering. To ensure this, Catit has slightly raised the backside of the litter to keep the lid closed and prevent leaks.

Its door opening is 10.4 by 9.6 inches. This door size allows every cat to slip through it.


  • Comes with a flip door.
  • Has a handle for easy movement.
  • Wide front door.


  • Might develop a crack.
  • The door might jam.

If this product is used with a carbon filter, you’ll never have to worry about the smell of litter.


The Modkat litter tray is ideal for cats who like that open-air feeling.

Modkat has designed its products to make it more user-friendly. This litter box has a height of 9 inches. But for high pee-er cats, they include a removable splash guard. This guard looks into the litter box with five clips to keep it securely in its place.

A liner is also provided to keep the litter box clean. This liner fits at the top of the tray. It is designed to overlap the splash guard and stay in its place. This liner is reusable.

The litter box has a walk-off platform, which slides on the base and locks the liner inside the litter box.


  • Removable splash guard.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Durable litter box.


  • A scatter guard might get bent while shipping.

The shield on the Modkat can be removed to make it a normal litter box.


This is an ideal litter box if you have dogs in the house.

IRIS’s top entry cat litter box has a unique design. It has a small circular opening on top, through which your cat can get in to do its business. If your cats love to jump here and there, they will love this new litter box.

On the top opening of the lid, some grooves act as a built-in mat. These grooves are used to prevent scattering the litter when your cats leave their box. It is round in shape, which makes it easy to access for cleaning. This litter box also comes with a hook to hang the provided litter scoop.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • Made of high-quality plastic.
  • Available in multi-colors.


  • Urine smell sticks to the body.
  • Overweight cats may not fit in.

Unique and stylish design that gives your shy cat its privacy.


The Phresh Scatter has an easy step-in entrance and exit for larger cats. 

This large litter box is perfect for large-sized high peeing cats. It has an easy step-in and step-out entrance. The high-back design of this litter box helps contain the litter scatters. 

Moreover, it is made of strong and durable plastic; you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily. It is a simple-looking, yet an amazing litter box which is great for large cats. 

The dimensions are large enough for the cat to feel comfortable while doing its business standing up or sitting down. Quality is perfect too; you won’t have to worry about buying a new one any time soon. 


  • Has an easy step-in entrance.
  • Is the perfect size for large cats.
  • High-back design.


  • The entrance is too low. 
  • Is not that appealing. 

This litter box is made of strong and durable plastic.

Automatically cleans itself for weeks without leaking.

If you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to scoop or refill the litter box, this automatic self-cleaning litter box is for you. It comes with a hood that you can use for your high peeing cats. 

The crystal litter used in it absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste and provides a 5 times better odor than the traditional litter box. You won’t have to worry about cleaning floors as the crystal litter is 99% dust-free. 

There is a safety sensor placed which will make sure not to clean the box while it’s in use. There is health countertop tracking on how many times the litter box has been used. You have to remove the tray once a few weeks which makes cleaning easier.


  • Comes with a hood.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No leakage due to plastic lining.


  • Cats might not adjust with crystal litter.
  • Too small for large cats.

Comes with a hood to place over the top, perfect for high peeing cats.


How Can you Train the Cat to Use a New Litter Box? 

It might be a bit difficult at first for the cat to adjust with this new litter box, but eventually, the cat will get familiar with it. Add the same litter you used to add in the previous litter box. Place it exactly where the previous one was placed. 

After the cat is done eating, put it in the litter box for some time, and then let the cat know itself what it is supposed to do there.

If you’re being consistent, the cat will not take a long time to get familiar with this new litter box. 

Will the Stench Stay into The Litter Box Due to The High Sides? 

No, if the litter box is being cleaned daily, there won’t be any stench left inside the box for more than a few minutes. If the litter box has a lid, then keep it open after the cat is done.

So it will be the cat owner’s responsibility if there is any smell left inside. Keeping the lid open, if there is one, whenever you leave your home will be better too, so the smell won’t stay in the closed box. 

Does a Cat Feel Comfortable in a High Walled Space?

Yes, because cats like having some personal space while doing their business.

Once the cat gets used to using the high walled litter box, it will get comfortable and will feel just fine. But do make sure to clean the litter box daily at least once or the cat will not feel comfortable due to stench inside. 

What If your Cat Still Does Not Use the New High Walled Litter Box Even After a Week?

Usually, cats start using it without making anything complicated but if your cat still hasn’t started to use it even after almost a week or more of you trying, and then there can be multiple reasons. 

If you have displaced the new litter box from where the old one was, the cat might feel discomfort due to the environment changing. Or it can be the litter box itself, you will have to switch to another high walled litter box.

Sometimes cats can get picky. So, first try to keep the litter box at the old litter box place, if this doesn’t work then buy a new one. Yes, it might get annoying but you got to choose the perfect litter box for your pet. 


If your pet cat has an issue with its littering, where it stands while peeing, then you are already saved. Because you have gone through some of the finest solutions provided for your pet. Some of these may fulfill your requirement, while others may seem to exaggerate. But all of these cat litter boxes are perfect in their own manner. 

The best litter box for high peeing cats will have to be “PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box”. This litter box, as the name suggests, is automatic. It has a hood which is anti-splashing. 

If your cat is high pee-er and is ruining your house, then this litter box is the end to those worries. Not only this, but this litter box can also clean your cat’s litter for weeks without you having to worry about it.

A runner-up litter box can be “Litter Genie Cat Litter Box”. This litter box is flexible and easy to move and it can fit in almost every corner of your house. Moreover, it is ideal for an apartment because apartments already have limited storage. This litter box is made of antimicrobial plastic, which keeps it germs free and thus, keeps your little cat safe.