A cat wanting some privacy with a litter box screen

5 Best Litter Box Privacy Screens In [2021]

A cat litter box privacy screen is just a cool solution to a common problem for cat owners.

Let’s face it, litter boxes are not appealing to look at.

With this problem, you have a few options to remove the litter box from your vision.

Out of sight, out of mind right?

You can put the litter box in a room you never go to, hide it in some litter box furniture, or put it in a litter box tent.

But by hiding the litter box in a never visited room, you make your cat have to go potty in an isolated area.

The other option, litter box furniture, is plain expensive.

Finally, litter box tents do not look the best.

Privacy screens give you a fourth option. Your cat can use their litter box in the same room as you, and you won’t even see it.

They will be behind an aesthetically pleasing screen.

Check out our selection handpicked by the KCR team of privacy screens for litter boxes below.

Our Top 5 Cat Litter Box Privacy Screens

The Best Litter Box Privacy Screens

Pet Fusion


The PetFusion litter box privacy screen is our favorite for hiding that ugly litter box!

This screen is large, so it should be able to take the entirety of the litter box of sight.

The PetFusion is made with a natural bamboo frame, which looks majestic.

I love the neutral colors. This screen could work in almost any homee.

All in all, the PetFusion should work well for you, and your cat.


This litter box privacy screen will work for almost any cat owner’s situation.

It is big, but not too big where it will not look good in the room. It is 2 feet tall, and 3 feet long.

You can choose from a multitude of plain colors to find one that will fit nicely with the rest of your home’s decor.

It is made from spruce which just looks great.

If you love Japanese furnishing, then this piece could work great for you.


The Privé costs the least amount of money.

It is also the smallest privacy screen. Measuring to be 1.25 feet tall and two and a half feet wide, it is not the largest privacy screen ever.

Both sides of this screen are decorated. The main side has a nice flower and kitty design while the other side is striped.

If you get tired of one, you can just flip to the other. The sellers designed their products to not tip.

All in all, for the money, you get a great litter box privacy screen.


The Privé Palace screen is just like the other Privé, but with a different aesthetic.

Instead of having flowers, it has a palace.

Just like the other Privé, on the other side of this product, there is a different pattern if you get tired of the palace design.


The Oriental Furniture screen is by far the largest and hence most expensive cat litter box privacy screen.

This one is priced in at the most. It has 4 panels, and is 4 feet long, and 3 feet tall. Still, not that big, but bigger.

The reason it costs more is because it looks as good as artwork. Just look at that photo above. I could see me hanging this on my wall. It is really beautiful.

The design is on both sides of the screen, so your cat can gaze at this magnificent piece as they go to the bathroom.


An alternative to privacy screens for litter boxes is litter box furniture. Litter box furniture is better at hiding the litter box in plain sight. Litter box furniture does require more energy. For example, they are not as easy to clean.

This furniture is designed to look like any other piece of furniture, but inside there is a place for you to put the litter box. This type of way to hide a litter box might be better if the litter tends to spread around due to your cat kicking it around. If your preferred option is grass seed cat litter, I would go ahead and use a piece of furniture to contain the litter in a smaller area.

I wrote an article earlier this year describing my picks of the best litter box furniture.

This blog post by The Spruce Pets describes some really good ways to hide litter boxes.

Buyers Guide


Some of these screens are big, while some are small. The problem with a too-small screen is that you still might be able to see your cat using the litter box. What is the point if this is the case?

A too-large privacy screen will just not look right inside your house. The screens that we looked at ranged between a foot tall and 2 feet and half wide to 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.

Whatever you think will look good, will look good. Even the largest option, we talk about is not that big, so you should be able to find a good place to put it.

If you have a big cat, and litter box, I would suggest getting a bigger size and not the smallest one we review.

The larger privacy screens are made by Oriental.


There are lots of designs for these things. Some of these privacy screens have a Japanese derived look, which looks neat. Others are inspired by Chinese art.

Do you want something that is neutral and won’t stand out toomuch? Then, I suggest getting this one.

If you are in for one that has a magnificent design and is just as much a piece of art as it is a privacy screen, take a look at this.

Privé offers a few small but very decorative privacy screens that are honestly really cute, but aren’t too big.


The general rule of thumb for the cost of these things is that the bigger the privacy screen, the more it will cost.

That also is the same with the design. The more extravagant the design, the more it will cost.

DIY Litter Box Privacy Screen

I do not imagine making your own DIY litter box privacy screen would be to overly difficult. Hill’s pet wrote an article on how to make your own.

All you need is a hot glue gun, some fabric, and a large piece of cardboard.

All you have to do is glue the fabric to the cardboard, and then build a little stand device for the cardboard to sit upright.

Buzzfeed also shows some pretty cool DIY ways to hide litter boxes if you want to build something yourself, and need some inspiration.


Litter box furniture is an innovative and cool way of hiding your cat’s litter box. I love how cute these pieces are. They are almost as innovative as kicker fish toys.

It is an affordable method that doesn’t force your cat to travel to the distant and least visited rooms of the house just to use the bathroom.

If you want some more advice on buying these privacy screens for litter boxes, you can visit my contact page, and we will be talking soon.