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3 Best Maine Coon Cat Collars

Cat collars are a great way of helping your cat get back home if they ever get lost. But the majority of cat collars won’t fit Maine Coons who have bigger necks. In this article, we found some of the bigger and best collars that work for Maine Coons, and we also answer some frequently asked questions about the topic like why cats need collars. 

Why Maine Coons Might Need A Collar?

If you pick the right collar, then collars can be useful tools that help protect and keep your cat safe.

There are a few different reasons why collars can be useful. The first is that the collar can help people see that your cat is not a stray cat and also a collar also helps identify who they should call if they see your cat is lost. Even if you think your cat will never run away, there is still a possibility that it happens. It is always a good idea to be prepared for bad situations even if they are unlikely to occur. Another benefit is that collars typically have strips of material on them to reflect light. This feature can help keep a cat safe at night from cars. If a car shines it’s headlights near your cat, the collar will light up so that the driver can be aware of your cat and not hit it. Another benefit of collars is that some have tracking devices inside of them, or you can attach a tracking device to them. Something else that is useful about collars is they can also prevent your cat from killing animals needlessly. Some collars have bells on them that give small animals near your cat a heads up that your cat is nearby so the small animals can escape.

What Size Collar Works For Maine Coons?

Maine Coon cats are larger compared to normal cats. This also means that the circumference of their neck is larger than usual. So, when you are looking for a collar, you must look for bigger ones, so you get one that properly fits your Maine Coon. Most Maine Coons have a neck circumference of around 9 – 13 inches, so if the collar says that it will work with this sizing, then it should fit. But, don’t just take what the average is and go with that. It is important that the collar fits well, so you should measure your cat’s neck before making a final purchasing decision. 

To measure the neck of your Maine Coon, you will either need a measuring tape or a ruler. If you use a measuring tape, wrap it around your cat’s neck tight enough to get an accurate measurement. If you are using a ruler, find a piece of string and wrap this around your cat’s neck and then mark the circumference with the string. Then, measure where you marked on the string with the ruler. Once, you have a measurement of your cat’s neck, add one additional inch to get the sizing of what the collar should be. That extra inch gives a little wiggle room so the collar isn’t strangling your cat. 

What To Look For In A Collar For A Maine Coon?


This is by far the most important feature that a collar must have! This feature can be the difference between your cat escaping free from a dangerous situation or getting seriously injured or killed. The breakaway feature allows your cat to escape if the collar gets stuck on something and your cat can’t move or even worse is hanging. With a breakaway collar, when there is enough pressure on the collar, the collar will unclip itself, setting your cat free.

Identification Tags

Identification tags are rather important to have a collar. If you are getting your cat a collar, you might as well get one that already has ID tags attached or has the ability for tags to be attached. ID tags can help your cat get returned to you in case your cat ever gets lost or runs away from home.


A lot of cat collars will have a bell hanging off of them. This bell makes noise when your cat moves, and the purpose of it is so that your cat can’t sneak up on prey to kill it. The bell will make it obvious that your cat is in the area giving the small prey time to leave before becoming cat food.


As in the previous section, the size of the collar is a factor worthy of careful consideration. A collar needs to be the proper size. A collar that is too big will fall off of your Maine Coon, and a collar that is too small might restrict your cat from breathing and be uncomfortable.


The material also really affects how comfortable a collar is. The material must not irritate your cat as they will be wearing it all of the time or most of the time. 


A collar that has some reflective strips can keep your cat safe from getting hit by cars when it is dark. 

Tracking Device

Some collars have tracking devices built into the collar, while other collars have little slots that can carry tracking devices if you choose to insert one. This is a nice feature that further increases the likelihood of your cat returning home safe if they get lost.

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5 Best Maine Coon Cat Collars

1. Red Dingo

The Red Dingo is our top choice for a few reasons. The first is that it is one of the bigger cat collars available. Most cat collars fall in a range of fitting cat’s with neck girths of around 8 – 10 inches, whereas this one works for 8 – 12.5 inches. It also has a bell attached if that is an important attribute for you. If it isn’t then you can remove it. There is also a loop on the collar to easily attach an identification tag to in case your cat gets lost. The design of the collar is cute with a fish theme and you have a choice to pick from 7 colors. Of course, this collar is breakaway for maximum safety.

2. GoTags

The GoTags is best for people looking for a breakaway collar that doesn’t need any additional ID tags. This is because this collar actually displays the cat’s name and owner’s phone number in a big font across the collar. When purchasing the collar, you enter the information that you want to be written on the collar during the checkout process. If you want to get an ID tag to display additional information, you could put the tag on the clip that holds the bell. It is made from Nylon which can be cleaned with a washing machine. Nylon is known to be a material that lasts and can hold up to wear and tear.

3. Blueberry Pet

The collar made by Blueberry Pet is one of a kind. Immediately, you may notice the eye-catching design of this collar. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but it also functions great! The collar is appropriate for necks with circumferences between nine and 13 inches. The material is polyester, which is not only durable but also has a nice feel. Again, this is a breakaway collar to give you peace of mind knowing that the collar won’t accidentally hurt your cat.


Do indoor Maine Coon cats need a collar?

It is up to you. Some cats are never going to get out of the house even when given the chance to. But there is always a chance that a cat gets out and gets lost. It is better to be prepared for this by getting your cat a collar with ID tags, so they can be returned to you.

Can I attach a leash to a collar?

No, do not attach a leash to a cat’s collar. This can result in serious injury from your cat’s neck getting pulled on. Also, cats are good at escaping things especially things they don’t like. A cat will likely slip out of the collar while it is being pulled on. Walking a cat is a great way to get outside with your cat, but it should be done with a harness.

It is alright if a cat is always wearing a collar?

Yes, it is okay for a cat to be wearing a collar all of the time. Sometimes your cat should always be wearing a collar in case they are going outside by themselves. If you chose to put a collar on your cat all of the time, make sure the collar they are wearing breaks away in case your cat gets stuck, it is comfy, and has some form of ID on it.


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