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5 Best Maine Coon Harnesses In 2023

It is not that easy to control a cat as big as a Maine coon. This cat species is so big that it has even won the record of being the biggest domestic feline. So, how can you control them while out for a walk? It wouldn’t be possible without getting a very high-quality harness.

maine coon in a living wearing a harness

Before purchasing a harness for a Maine coon, it is important to remember their neck is a delicate region. So, it is by no means appropriate to put a strain on this part. A vest shaped harness can be a good choice for them in this regard. It covers a large part of their body while making it hard to escape out of it.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kitty Holster is highlighted as the best harness option for Maine Coons due to its comfortable fit, escape-proof design, and ability to secure the cat without causing discomfort.
  • Accurate measurement of your Maine Coon’s neck and chest is crucial for selecting the right harness size, which ensures comfort and prevents potential escape.
  • A proper harness is essential for Maine Coons, as it provides safe control during walks while being gentle on the cat’s delicate neck, unlike typical collars.

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Benefits Of Taking Your Maine Coon Cat On Walks

Even though cats could potentially spend all of their life indoors, this is definitely not natural. Imagine if you never got to go outside. This would have detrimental affects on your physical and mental health. Cats are animals to and spending time outdoors can greatly improve their health and quality of life.

Provides Mental Stimulation

Taking your Maine Coon on walks gives them a lot of stimulus that they simply do not get from being indoors. The environment inside your home is more or less the same day in and day out. When you first brought your cat home, they were discovering new and exciting things until eventually they had explored all of their living area. To them, everyday their environment is the nearly the same. Taking them for a walk can add some excitement to their life that wasn’t there before. During a walk, each one of their senses will experience something new. They can smell, hear, see, taste, and feel the world in which their ancestors used to roam all the time. There natural instincts will become activated.  Allowing them to get outside in a safe manner that is controlled by you with the harness and leash allows them to live closer to how they naturally lived before they were domesticated. This is a good thing for them.

maine coon chilling

Gives You and Your Cat Exercise

It is hard for a cat to get all of their necessary exercise being inside all of the time. This is evident by the fact that nearly 60% of all cats in America are obese. Helping your cat get more exercise by walking them can help them live a happier and longer life.

Better Relationship Between You And Your Cat

Time is the glue that helps build relationships. This is true for all of the relationships in life. There aren’t many activities that really emphasize 1 on 1 time with you and your cat. Things like feeding your cat and playing with them are examples of activities that you allows you to focus solely on your cat and spend time with them, but having another option to build a better bond is a good thing. On a walk, you dedicate a good 10 minutes all the way up to an entire hour of time with just you and your cat. It can also develop the relationship between your Maine Coon and other cat (if you have one) if you take them on walks together.

Calmer Kitty

Giving your cat mental stimulation and tiring them out physically with walks can help them be calmer throughout the day and sleep better at night. This can provide many benefits like like a cat that spends more time sleeping in their bed and not waking you up so early,, or preventing your cat from having behavioral issues like scratching things they are not supposed to.  

Guide For Choosing A Harness

Type Of Harness

There are 3 kinds of cat harnesses, the H style, vest, and jacket harness. The H style is a harness made from straps that create an H shape. Vest and jacket harnesses cover a greater surface area on your cat with jacket harnesses covering the most area on your cat. A jacket harness is literally like a jacket for your cat. 

Snugness and Comfort

When deciding on which cat harness is going to work best for your cat, you want to get one that is going to be comfortable but also fits snugly. Since Maine Coons have a lot more fur than a normal cat, it is best to avoid harnesses that rely on a lot of Velcro to work as the Velcro can get stuck in your cat’s fur and cause discomfort. Another factor to consider with Maine Coons is that since they have a lot of fur, you don’t want to purchase a harness that is going to cause them to overheat when you take them on walks.

Stays On

A major factor to consider is if the harness is going to stay on your cat. No harness is going to ensure that escaping is impossible, but by doing proper research, you can get a harness that is going to reduce the chances of your cat breaking free from their harness. H style harnesses are going to easier than a vest or jacket harness to escape. Getting a harness that fits snugly will give your cat less room to break free. Look for options that give you lots of freedom in adjusting the harness to best fit your cat. 

The 4 Best Maine Coon Harnesses

The Kitty Holster is an award winner Maine Coon harness.  This fact is enough to describe its suitability for your loving Maine coon.

It is available in different sizes. It’s better to perform careful measurements before selecting the size.

You can’t expect 100% functioning from a wrong sized harness.

Your cat will feel comfortable wearing it. It is constructed using soft and non-abrasive fabric.

This has 100% undyed cotton lining.  Contains hook and loop closure, which will make things more favorable for your feline and also has a D-ring that you can use to attach a leash.

As it is long and provides enough coverage, it would be hard for your cat to escape out of it. This Maine Coon harness is great for its comfort and escape-free design.


  • Easy to use.
  • Helps in preventing escapes.
  • Velcro closure feels comfortable to Maine coon.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.  


  • The noise made by the Velcro part on the opening might scare your cat. 
  • The cat’s fur might get caught in Velcro.

This Voyager is best for its all weather suitability and lightweight soft feel. This harness is constructed using soft and breathable air mesh. Thus, it doesn’t make your coon overheat. This is the reason; you can easily use it even when it is hot outside. 

It is lightweight so your cat won’t feel overloaded while wearing it. This harness also assists in preventing your pet from getting lost. It has two reflective bands for this purpose. They make the feline visible even when the light is low. It has a hook and loop fastener along with a buckle. 

Moreover, it has double D-rings. It is a very easy to use and comfortable harness that your pet is surely going to love.


  • Easy to wear.
  • Its reflective bands make your cat visible in the dark.
  • You can use it all year round.
  • It provides maximum security to your pet. 


  • It could have a built-in handle to hold the pet. 
  • It might be a bit difficult to fasten Velcro on a fat kitten.

This cat harness is remarkable for its adorable appearance and relaxing padding.

This cat harness is beautiful despite being functional. It can catch anyone’s attention with its beautiful prints. However, you can choose from a variety of different designs. Besides, it feels good to your cat and gives escape-proof results as well. 

Its chest and neck straps are adjustable and feel soft on your cat’s delicate throat. Also, it doesn’t come with a plastic buckle. Instead, it has a Magic Tape for this purpose. Thus, it makes the harness quite escape-proof.

As it has a padded surface, your pet is going to feel happy inside. In order to make it suitable for hot weather, it has mesh underneath. It allows adequate ventilation.


  • Prints are delightful.
  • It doesn’t annoy the pet.
  • Soft chest and neck-straps. 
  • Mesh layer allows adequate ventilation.
  • Prevents cat escape with its Magic Tape. 


  • Size not available for big Maine coon

This PetSafe harness is wonderful for its simplicity and escape-proof design.

It allows adjusting the chest and neck to some extent tightness. It has two neck straps and two chest straps for this purpose.

Pull them to make just a right fitting. However, before purchasing this harness, you are supposed to perform measurements carefully for your pet.

This harness is capable of keeping your cat secure. It has 2 buckles along with a strong bungee leash. You need to attach the leash with the metal rings at the top of the harness. Tie the leash and let your Maine coon enjoy the outside beauty.

The leash can stretch to avoid accidentally yanking to sharply on your cat.

The design prevents putting a strain on the neck or chest part.


  • Highly adjustable.
  • It prevents your pet from escaping out of the harness.
  • The design doesn’t cause discomfort. 


  • Chest section could have more adjustment options.
  • It might catch your feline’s fur. 

Collar Or Harness For Your Maine Coon Cat

A collar is not sufficient for taking your cat on walks. Cats can easily escape a collar, and pulling on your cats neck from a leash that is attached to a collar is dangerous. Cats have more delicate necks than dogs and yanking straight on their neck from a collar can cause injury. If you are looking for something that will let you take your cat on walks, then a harness is what to go with. With that being said, getting a collar for your cat is also a good idea. Later on in the FAQ section of this article, I explain why a collar is a good idea to have for your Maine Coon.

Measuring Your Maine Coon To Pick The Right Harness

Measuring your Maine Coon prior to purchasing a harness is highly important. By doing this, you can ensure that you are getting a harness that is going to fit your cat properly. This also helps avoid frustration in purchasing a harness that is too large or too small and ending up having to return it and purchase another. To measure your cat you are either going to need a measuring tape or a ruler and a string. There are two different measurements that need to be made. The first is the circumference of your cat’s neck. The other measurement is the circumference of your cat’s chest. When you are looking for a harness, you can check the product specifications to see if your cat’s measurements work with the specifications that are given by the harness company.


Do Maine Coons like to be walked?

Most Maine Coons like to walked, and this is unique because only a few other kinds of cats are willing to be walked. But, Maine Coons are the ones that walk their owners.  Allowing your cat time to get outside and experience something other than the inside of your house can be a great way to add to the quality of their life and have some bonding time with your cat. 

Why do cats struggle with harnesses and how can you harness train a cat?

Harnesses can make cats uncomfortable for lots of reasons. The first kind of discomfort you will notice with a cat and a harness is when you initially put it on. Cats are simply just not used to wearing anything. A harness can make a cat feel claustrophobic and the sensation of being enclosed in something would make anybody uncomfortable the first few times they experience it. When a harness is introduced, a cat might struggle while you are trying to get it on them, and or once it is on, they might freeze up and fall over. This is a typical response, and there are ways to overcome their discomfort with wearing a harness. You do not want to force your cat to go on a walk the first time they wear the harness. You want to introduce each different aspect of walking your cat gradually to allow them to get accustomed to each step. Start with only putting the harness on them and keeping it on for a few minutes and then taking it off. Do that for a few days until you notice a change in their behavior where they seem to tolerate it a little bit more. Next, put the harness on and this time make your cat keep it on for a while and get them to play with their favorite toy. Soon enough, try attaching a leash to your cat inside your home to see how they respond. If they are okay with this, you can take them outside for their first walk. By following this process of gradual steps, soon enough you will be outside enjoying the fresh air with your cat on a walk. Another reason cats might develop a negative association with your cat is that they don’t like being told where and when to walk while on a leash. 

How to pick a leash to go with your harness?

Picking a leash to accompany your harness is an important part to getting ready to take your Maine Coon on walks. The main concern with picking a leash is that it has to be long enough to prevent you from yanking on their neck, and causing your cat to be pulled up and back. A leash between 5 ft and 10ft will work well so there is plenty length, but it is not too long that your cat is getting too far away. Keeping your cat within 10 ft means that you can quickly react if a hazard comes up such as a car coming out of nowhere or a dog that comes hunting your cat down.

Can Maine Coons wear collars?

Maine Coon cats can wear collars, and putting a collar on your Maine Coon is recommended for many safety reasons. Collars should not be used as a means of attaching a leash to your cat, it is best to use a harness for this. However, a collar for your cat offers many benefits. If your cat becomes lost, a collar can provide someone who finds your cat contact information to get in touch with you. Collars typically have a reflective streak that can help protect your cat from being a hit by a car at night. Another benefit of having a collar on your cat is that if they were to get injured outside and someone sees your cat, they can look at the collar to contact you immediately. The argument against collars is that they can potentially pose a threat against your cat if the collar gets caught on something and chokes them. Nowadays, collars are made to split apart if they get pulled on to prevent the cat from getting choked. 


A Maine Coon is tolerant and loving by nature but still keeps its hunting skills alive. That’s why it loves to chase and grabs small things here and there. This fact makes taking them out a real adventure. It wouldn’t be an easier task to control and keep them safe. 

Fortunately, a proper Maine Coon harness can be helpful in this regard. It will not feel harsh on the cat’s delicate neck like a typical collar. However, it offers good control over the cat while being gentle. 

In this post, the best Maine coon harnesses have been reviewed. They all are great in one way or another. Yet, the best of them is Kitty Holster.

This award-winning harness is good for providing help to secure your cat. It also feels quite comfortable along with looking good on them. 

If you can’t get it, the Voyager Step-in Air Harness is another best option for Maine coon. It is available in a variety of colors and size options. Also, its material is very soft and breathable for cats. It would make your cat feel easy while wearing it.

It is easy to use as well. Furthermore, its reflective band keeps pets visible almost everywhere. You can also trust its secure functioning with its three different safety features.

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