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Maine Coon Cat Vs Regular Cat

Maine Coon Vs Regular Cat

Cats, undeniably, make a delightful companion for many. Their grace, agility, and sometimes, their aloof sophistication, have bewitched humans for millennia. But within the domesticated world of cats, there lies an impressive variety that cat lovers choose from. Today, we dive into the intriguing world of Maine Coon cats, comparing them with regular cats, and exploring what sets them apart.

Background Of Maine Coons Cats

Hailing from the northeastern region of America, specifically the state of Maine, Maine Coon cats have become synonymous with their namesake state, where they are cherished as a beloved icon. According to folklore, an amusing tale spins a thread of their origin, suggesting a crossbreeding between domestic cats and raccoons, which led to the name ‘Coon’. While it is biologically impossible, this whimsical story reflects their distinguishing features, such as their majestic bushy tail and robust physique, making them truly unique and captivating feline companions.

Physical Differences

A Maine Coon cat lying downMaine Coon cats are quite the sight, often referred to as the “gentle giants”. They dwarf regular cats in size, with males ranging from 13 to 18 pounds, and females from 8 to 12 pounds – quite a contrast from the average 7 to 9 pounds of regular cats. Their long, shaggy fur, boxier build, and lion-like ruff around their neck are distinguishing features, along with their large, expressive eyes that radiate an endearing innocence. Their tail is their crowning glory, long and bushy, often similar in length to their body.

Personality Differences

When it comes to personality, Maine Coons are known for their friendly and sociable nature, often seen as more dog-like than their feline counterparts. While some cats may be more reserved or independent, Maine Coons are typically affable, affectionate, and enjoy being in the company of their human families. They have a playful streak that lasts well into adulthood and are known for their curiosity about their environment. You are even able to walk these cats on a leash.

Regular cats usually have a broad spectrum of personalities, ranging from aloof and independent to friendly and sociable. But unlike the Maine Coon, their adventurous and playful traits tend to wane as they grow into adulthood. This divergence in personalities adds another layer to the intriguing Maine Coon vs regular cat comparison.

Care Considerations

Caring for Maine Coon cats requires a different regimen than caring for a regular cat due to their unique physical characteristics and larger size. Their dense and long fur demands regular grooming to prevent matting and hairballs and to keep their coat in good condition. This may mean daily brushing during shedding seasons and the occasional bath. If you are looking for a good shampoo to get this done, we have an entire post on our picks of shampoos for Maine Coons.  As for their diet, due to their larger size, Maine Coons may require more food than a regular cat, but it’s essential to monitor their intake to prevent obesity. 

Regular cats, on the other hand, are content with a diet that meets their nutritional needs and grooming once or twice a week. You will also want to take in their size when purchasing products for them. For example, if you plan on getting your Maine Coon a collar, then one that would work for the average cat won’t work for your Maine Coon. When getting them things, carefully read product details and measure your Maine Coon to ensure that you are getting something that will work for them. Maine Coons are also known for their playful and active nature, so they require more interactive play and mental stimulation compared to regular cats.

Dietary Differences

Maine Coons require a distinct dietary approach compared to regular cats. Due to their substantial size and active nature, they need a high-protein diet to support their muscle health and energy requirements. While all cats require a diet rich in animal protein, Maine Coons especially benefit from a diet that supports bone health, considering their larger skeletal structure. 

However, despite their larger size, it’s crucial to monitor their food intake carefully. Overfeeding can easily lead to obesity in Maine Coons, which can in turn cause a host of health issues. In contrast, regular cats usually have less strenuous dietary demands and can maintain a healthy weight with a balanced and monitored diet.

How To Identify If You Have a Maine Coon

A Maine Coon restingIdentifying a Maine Coon can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you’re comparing them with a mixed breed. Besides their size, Maine Coons have a square-shaped muzzle and high cheekbones. Their ears are wide-set and have tufts of hair at the tips. 

Also, Maine Coons are one of the few breeds that come in virtually all colors and patterns. Here is another article to help identify Maine Coons.

How Long Do Maine Coons Live?

Maine Coons have a longer average lifespan compared to regular cats, living up to 12-15 years, with some even hitting the 20-year mark! They tend to grow and mature slower, often not reaching full size until they are three to five years old.

Do Maine Coons Make Good House Cats?

Absolutely! Maine Coons are sociable and adaptable. They are excellent companions and get along well with children and other cats. Their playful nature and affectionate personality make them a wonderful addition to any home.

Downsides of Maine Coon Cats

However, owning a Maine Coon comes with a few challenges. Their large size means they need more space, bigger litter boxes, and other adjustments.. Their thick fur demands regular grooming to prevent matting and hairballs. Moreover, being a pure breed, they come with a higher price tag and are prone to specific genetic health issues.


These cats with their distinctive appearance and charming quirks, bring a unique flavor to the world of domesticated cats. While they require some extra care, the love and companionship they offer make them truly special. If you’re looking for a loyal feline friend who’s always up for a game of fetch, the Maine Coon is just the cat for you.