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6 Best Paper Cat Litter In 2021

Cat owners frequently need to buy cat litter. It is like a must-have accessory for them and you know the reason behind. It is the cat’s instinct to hide its waste from other animals. 

There are varieties of materials available including the eco-friendly cat litter. However, a paper pellet litter is famous particularly because of its amazing absorbency and cost-effectiveness. No matter what your budget is, your pocket can afford these paper cat litters.

This biodegradable material is affordable for humans and good for almost all types of cat breeds. Are you looking for some good cat paper litter? 

Here you’ll get to read a few best paper cat litter reviews.

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The 6 Best Paper Cat Litter


This litter is probably the best for its dust-free and odor-free formula. 

This paper pellet litter is a suitable option if you need a non-toxic and eco-friendly option. It is made using recycled paper. It has a low-tracking formula that keeps your place free from cat’s traces.

This is unscented litter, and it greatly decreases odor. It also has 3 times more absorbency as compared to clay. As it is made using recycled paper, it is 99.7% dust-free. This attribute makes it a great option for those having respiratory problems. 

It is affordable and helps in keeping your home dust and odor-free. So, if you are seriously concerned about kitty’s health along with your surroundings, it can be a good choice. 


  • Three times more potential to absorb than clay.
  • Good for people to have respiratory problems.
  • Keeps your home fresh.
  • It has a low-tracking formula to keep your place clean. 


  • It could have a different color from poop.
  • You cannot flush them.

This paper pellet litter is recommended for its low-tracking and odor control formula. 


FreshNews litter is great for its ability to neutralize odor and non-allergenic properties. 

This litter can be your next choice if you want to keep your home odor-free and free from allergies.  These pallets possess baking soda. Thus, it helps in neutralizing the odor immediately. 

Moreover, the pallets are softer. Thus, they maintain their shape and don’t stick to your cat’s paws. It helps in reducing tracking around your home. Whereas, its greater absorbing abilities make things even good for your home.

As it is 99% dust-free and purely non-allergenic, it can be good for your kitty’s health. Also, if you have people with special health conditions at home, these pallets would be safe for them. 


  • Reduces odor. 
  • Doesn’t cause respiratory issues.
  • Safe and non-sticking for cats.
  • Its construction makes it good for the environment. 


  • Not good for those looking for clumping litter. 
  • You’d need to change it at least once a week.

This paper pellet litter is recommended for its affordability, odor-control, and non-allergenic properties. 


Okocat litter is great for cats with special health requirements. 

If you are concerned about your cat’s health, this litter should be your choice. It is completely made up of non-toxic and safe material. It feels soft and doesn’t hurt your kitty’s paws. 

It is free from artificial fragrances, chemicals, dyes, and GMOs. Thus, you can completely trust this product if your cat has allergies or respiratory issues. It is useful for post-surgical requirements as well.

Another great feature of this litter is its odor-control formula. It contains an enduring plant-based formula that absorbs obnoxious ammonia odors. Thus you can feel fresh and stay healthier using this product.

As these pallets are soft and light in weight, it absorbs liquid in great quantity. This dust-free product is made up of biodegradable material. All these features make it one of the best paper pellet litter available out there.


  • Its special treatment controls ammonia odors.
  • Makes cleaning easier by absorbing liquid. 
  • Free of any toxic material. 
  • Flushable. 


  • It might get stuck with long-haired cats.

It is great for its safe and non-toxic formula that is good for cats with certain health conditions.


Hartz is remarkable if you are looking for identifiable clumping litter.

This product is suitable for those looking for clumping and environment-friendly litter. This product is made using recycled paper. Thus, it is not only good for your cat but our surroundings as well.

On contacting waste, it makes tight clumps. Moreover, it turns its color to blue. This attribute makes it easier for you to identify it from unused litter. 

Another remarkable trait of this litter is its ability to eliminate odor. It has greater odor-absorbing power, unlike many other products. It is 99% dust-free which makes it suitable for people suffering from allergies or other ailments. 

Since it doesn’t stick to the litter box, you can effortlessly clean it without messing with it. It is lighter as compared to other clumping litters. 


  • Easier to maintain as it won’t get stick to the box.
  • Easy to identify soiled litter because of its blue color.
  • Safe for allergy sufferers. 
  • It greatly absorbs odor. 


  • Not flushable. 
  • It might slightly track. 

This product is recommended for its color-changing attribute, non-stickiness, and odor elimination attributes.


Another litter from Yesterday’s news makes its way in our list due to its features like higher absorbency, odor elimination, and low tracking.

If you are looking for a scented formula, this litter is a good option. It is made up of recycled paper. It means you are going to favor your environment by using it. 

It absorbs unpleasant odors and leaves a fresh and pleasant scent behind. Moreover, it is good for everyone’s health. It is 99.7% dust-free making it safe for people with respiratory illness. 

Also, unlike other paper pellets, it is relatively softer. So, it won’t feel hard on your kitty’s delicate paws. It has the potential to absorb 3 times greater than clay. Furthermore, it has a low-tracking formula that helps in keeping your home clean. 


  • Removes odor and replaces it with a clean scent.
  • Good for allergy or asthma patients. 
  • Leaves very low traces behind. 
  • It has great absorbency power. 


  • As it has greater absorbency, it might give off a slight ammonia smell in the box.

This product is one of our top picks for its scented formula, higher absorbency, and dust-free formula.  


This paper pellet litter is good for all eco-friendly people who want to get rid of smell immediately. It is made using 95% of post-consumer paper. Thus, it can have a great impact on the environment. 

It doesn’t contain any chemicals to remove the smell or spread the fresh scent. Rather, as it is non-clumping, it has the potential to fight against unpleasant odor. 

Moreover, it has amazing absorbency. It can absorb liquid 3 times faster. Thus, it not only maintains the box’s freshness but eliminates odors quickly. 

This litter contains baking soda that helps in eradicating smell. Its dust-free formula makes it suitable for sensitive people or cats. It comes in resealable bags. So, you won’t need to worry about its storage. 


  • Higher absorbency keeps the litter box clean.
  • Eradicates annoying smell.
  • Easy to store a litter bag.


  • Not flushable. 
  • Not recyclable. 

We suggest this item for its powerful absorption, odor-elimination, and safe material. 


Would my cat love paper pellet litter?

There are varieties of litter options available and it can be difficult to choose the right one. Your selected material shouldn’t only be safe for you and kitty but they should like it as well.

Paper litter is completely safe and gentle for your furry friend. So, after some time, it is a sure thing that the cat will start loving these pallets. 

Also, if you go for the unscented option, paper litter smells nothing unusual. Cats don’t like floral or other intense smell. So, all in all, your feline is going to get used to it.

How paper pellet litter is good for your cat’s health? 

These pallets don’t create any dust that you might experience from clay or other litter material. This dust-free property is something good for a cat’s respiratory health. It is good for humans around as well with asthma or respiratory illness. 

As these pallets are comparatively large and soft, it won’t hurt your cat’s sensitive paws. Their non-sticky nature makes them good for your pet’s skin. You can conveniently use them if your cats have some surgery as it won’t hurt the stitches too.

Can you flush paper pellet cat litter?

The answer to this question depends on the product you are using. Normally, the paper is biodegradable. So, you can flush it out if there is not any non-biodegradable element added to it. 

However, it is good to read the instructions of your bought product first. If it is flushable, still it’d be good to stay on the safe side. So, start with flushing just a small quantity of litter. You can also soak it first in the bowl to make it softer. 

By applying these precautionary measures, you’ll help in preventing problems related to plumbing. 

How frequently do you need to change the paper cat litter?

The general answer to this question is once a week. Paper litters require frequent replacement as compared to other materials. If you won’t change it on time or delay it, it will start becoming too sticky that could be a problem later.

The waste is absorbed by these litters on the base of the tray. Thus, you won’t need to add too much quantity to fill the box. Rather, just a 2-inch layer can do the job.

In this way, though paper litter needs frequent replacement, you’ll still be saving the litter quantity. Besides changing litter weekly, you should do solid waste scooping daily. 

Can you have a paper litter in other shapes than pellets?

Yes, besides pellets you can have a paper litter in shredded form. It might be difficult to find them from the market. It is because most of the manufacturers sell them in pellet shape.

But, you can make them yourself as it would be quite easy and doesn’t involve any special technique. However, you shouldn’t forget the benefits of pellet litter before making shredded ones. 

The solid shape of the pellet enhances their absorbency and helps in eliminating odor. 

What aspects do you need to look for paper litter?

There are a few points that you need to consider before buying any paper pellet litter.

Ingredients: Usually, this litter is made up of paper. However, there can be some more ingredients to attain multiple benefits. Similarly, the original material can be retrieved lumber as well. You need to check all elements first. 

Odor-elimination: Many paper litters are plain. They don’t have any additional ingredients to control odor. However, a few may come scented or with baking soda formula to control odor. 

Size: Paper pellets are usually larger. However, you can have some thinner or shorter pellets if you need them. 

Clumping: Paper pellet litters are usually non-clumping. But, if there is a requirement, you can also have very few options.

What are the major benefits of paper cat litter? 

There are multiple benefits of paper litter. The top of them is their environment-friendly nature. As they are constructed out of recycled paper, it’d be a great favor on nature to use these pellets. 

They are healthier for pets and humans around as well. They don’t produce any dust. Thus, it can be great for allergy sufferers or asthma patients. These pellets are even good to use with cats with special health or post-surgery conditions. 

Besides, they have relatively higher absorbency and they are low tracking as well. If you purchase non-clumping litter, it won’t stick to the box making things easier for you to maintain. 


Litter is something crucial in cats’ daily routine. It fulfills their need for burying their waste under something. Cat litters are available in different materials. They have certain benefits and detriments. 

One of the eco-friendly and cost-effective options is paper pellet litter. As it is dust-free and softer, it is harmless for the cat’s respiratory system and soft paws. A few of them are scented while others have their natural smell. Similarly, you can get variation in terms of clumping and non-clumping litter.

In this post, the best paper pellet litter for cats are reviewed. They are suitable for cats depending on their nature and requirements. HoweverHartz Strong Unscented Paper Cat Litter is probably one of the best clumping cat litters. 

It is not only eco-friendly and made from recycled material, but greatly helps in reducing odors. The feature that makes it distinguishing is its color-changing abilities. It turns into a blue color on getting soiled. Thus, it feels convenient to remove the used litter from the tray.