8 Best Quiet Cat Grooming Clippers In 2021

Does your kitty get jumpy around a clipper? It is a nerve-racking experience, even for the strongest among us. If you’re trying to groom her yourself, quiet cat clippers will make the experience a lot smoother. 

Since cats are particular about who and what comes near them, they often squirm away from a haircut. The loud mechanical buzz of a trimmer certainly doesn’t help matters! Add your lack of experience to the mix, and things are bound to get messy.

A quiet clipper makes sure your kitty feels safe and unbothered while you tame its fur. Different styles and makes of clippers can offer various levels of comfort and ease. You can even find products that are worth their price based on looks alone! Of course, there’s always more to consider, which this article will help you explore.

Below are the top 8 quiet clippers on the market right now.

Quick Look

The 8 Best Quiet Cat Clippers


Babyliss makes phenomenal hair equipment, and its pet trimmer is no exception.

The Pro Pet trimmer is a complete looker. It comes in Rose Gold and Silver, and both are equally gorgeous. Babyliss’s brand name carries over in this product, which makes it perfect for a spoiled kitty.

It’s a wireless product and easy to maneuver. As compared to other cordless clippers, the Pro Pet’s 3-hour battery life is highly enduring. 

Out of the box, you get a charging stand, 2 comb-attachments, a plastic blade guard, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, and a carry case. You get enough supplies to maintain your blades for a long time.
Babyliss has emphasized portability for this trimmer. It’s lightweight, handy, and comes with a travel case which makes it ideal for cat-owners on the go.


  • Aesthetically superior 
  • Portable
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable design


  • Made for small cats
  • The blade isn’t detachable

If you’re looking for a glamorous clipper that’s easy on the luggage, Babyliss’s Pro Pet  is the way to go!


Wahl is a trusted name in the pet clipper industry. Their cordless trimmer is a colorful offering that’s handy, portable, and purple!

Of course, you can opt for a different color too. Your options are champagne, pink, and green apple, and they’re all super fun. The trimmer’s 5-in-1 blade is fun too. It’s adjustable and can get as fine as you want. With the pre-boxed combs, you can also keep your kitty’s fur on the longer side. 

The clipper comes with 2 rechargeable battery packs. This double its battery life and gives it an edge for travel.

The clipper also comes with a travel case. You can keep all your grooming supplies in one place and take them with you wherever you go.


  • Conveniently wireless
  • Sleek and cute
  • Gives a smooth cut
  • Adjustable blade 


  • Can be loud

If you’ve got kitties with medium to short-length fur, this clipper is a handy tool to keep them well-groomed.


If you’ve had pets for a long time, chances are, you already own something from Andis. With a reputation to maintain, Andis’s AGC pet clipper is a trusty all-rounder.

This is a heavy-duty trimmer and suitable for thick fur. It has a super long 14 ft cord, so you don’t have to worry about running out of space to maneuver. A special element of this trimmer is its detachable blade. You can clean it out easily, making it hygienic and easy to maintain.

The trimmer is compatible with different kinds of Andis blades too. Whether you want to use a ceramic or steel blade, Andis’s AGC has got you covered. You also get 2 speeds to choose from, which is great for regular and intensive use alike.


  • Detachable blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy duty
  • 2 Speeds to choose from


  • Corded
  • The blade can get warm

If you’re confused by all the products out there, Andis’s AGC 2-Speed trimmer is a no-nonsense option.

4. Oster


Oster has been a household name in hair trimmers for several decades. Their A5 Golden Pet Clipper is a professional-grade fan-favorite.

The clipper comes with two different speed options, so you can use it for daily grooming as well as intensive shaving. Oster prides in the trimmer’s durability, so if you’re rough on your electronics, you can rest easy. The clipper also has a detachable blade which makes it easy to clean. You can switch between different kinds of blades too.

Now, the Oster may be a solid package, but it’s important to note that it’s an advanced tool. If you’ve never groomed your cat yourself before, there will be a steep learning curve.


  • Heavy duty
  • Suits all kinds of fur including heavy mattes
  • Used by professionals
  • Precise and powerful


  • Corded
  • Too advanced for newbies

Oster is perfect for seasoned pet groomers. It’s tough, durable, and incredibly powerful. If you’re looking for a pro-grade grooming tool, look no further.


This is another popular trimmer by Wahl. It’s handy, sleek, and comes highly recommended by professional groomers.

With a 5-in-1 blade, you can adjust this clipper’s trim length even before you use a comb. Of course, it does come with lots of comb options too, so you can customize the experience even more. 

Wahl guarantees full power until the very end of the clipper’s 90-minute battery life. Even when the battery runs out, you can still use the trimmer in corded form. This makes it a 2-in-1 corded and cordless option.

The Bravura brings power into a portable package. It’s also travel-friendly and comes with a case. Since it works on all kinds of animals, it’s perfect if you have more than one kind of furry friend.


  • Easy to maneuver
  • Slim, light, and portable
  • Comes with maintenance supplies
  • Lots of color options


  • Not ideal for coarse hair
  • Blades may wear out

If you want the seamless blend of power and portability, Wahl’s Bravura is just perfect for you.


Are you a complete beginner to grooming? Is the thought of taming your kitty’s fur freaking you out? Good news! Wahl has made this trimmer especially for you.

This kit comes with color-coded combs to help you remember different lengths. It also comes with scissors and a comb for when buzzing gets too tricky.

Best of all, it ships with an instructional CD that teaches you how to groom your pet from scratch! You just need to follow step-by-step instructions. Before you know it, you’ve groomed your cat all by yourself.

The clipper itself is fun and has a funky design. It suits all kinds of coats and has a very powerful motor. It has an adjustable blade which makes it customizable and precise. Wahl has also made the trimmer very ergonomic and easy to use. 


  • Easy to use
  • Fun design
  • Comes with an instructional video
  • Color-coded combs
  • Gives a very clean cut


  • Corded
  • Requires maintenance

If you’re new to the pet-grooming scene, this clipper is a perfect pick for you!


This package is an all-in-one solution for all your kitty’s grooming needs.

It contains a low-noise clipper, 4 comb attachments, scissors, nail clippers, a nail filer, a slicker, and a pet-comb. It also comes with lubricating oil and a brush to clean and maintain the clipper’s blade.

The clipper has its signature 5-in-1 adjustable blade. It’s engineered to produce low vibrations and noise to keep your kitty comfortable. The trimmer’s handle is ergonomic which makes it easy to maneuver. Its design is also pleasant, so you won’t have to compromise looks for function.

With 3-hour battery life, Ceenwes’s clipper is great for prolonged use. It’s also very light and slim, so traveling with it is a breeze. You’ll need to buy a separate travel kit though.


  • Slim and portable
  • Comes with extensive supplies
  • Cordless
  • Gentle 


  • Not effective for a thick coat
  • Long charging time

Ceenwes’s offering goes well beyond hair care. If you’re looking to replenish your kitty’s grooming supplies, this extensive kit will serve you well.


Is your kitty afraid of trimmers no matter what you do? That’s okay. An electric clipper may not be for your fur-baby. That’s where Scaredy Cut can help you.

Scaredy Cut’s grooming kit acts like an old-school clipper. Instead of a loud electric blade, you get a custom pair of scissors. They work against the comb attachments to trim your kitty’s fur.

The kit comes with detailed instructions and excellent customer service. Since there are no electric parts, you don’t need the power to use this kit. You get to choose between pink or blue, and they’re both extremely cute. Scaredy Cut caters to nervous pets, so your kitty is sure to get an intimate and safe grooming experience.


  • Simple and easy
  • Portable
  • Cute and different
  • Doesn’t use electricity


  • Time-consuming
  • Requires effort

If you’re looking for a unique way to groom your cat, or your kitty is super afraid of trimmers, this is the kit for you.

Buyers Guide 


When buying a clipper, you need to make sure you’re getting the right kind of blade for your needs. Steel blades are the most common kind. They’re durable and easy to find. They’re also very reliable. You need to oil and brush them regularly. 

Some pet-owners prefer Ceramic Blades. They stay sharp for longer periods. But, they’re also more expensive and harder to find.

Strokes Per Minute (Spm)

SPM is measured in two different ways. Some people count 1 SPM when the blade turns by 180°. Others count it at 360°. That’s why some clippers have a rating of 7000 SPM while others are counted at 3500 SPM. Depending on the way it was measured, it may mean the same thing. A high SPM means the motor of your clipper is faster. However, a high SPM does not mean your clipper is more powerful. 


You should have a preference between corded and cordless clippers. A cordless clipper gets its power from a battery. Its blades can be strong or weak; depending on each individual make. The Wahl Bravura Lithium-Ion Cordless Clipper is an example of a powerful cordless trimmer.

Whereas a corded clipper will need a power outlet, it’s not travel-friendly. It can be more powerful than a cordless alternative though. An example of a heavy-duty corded clipper is Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper.

The strength of your clipper will depend on many factors. Even a clipper that requires high power is not necessarily stronger than others. If your clipper has a high SPM rating, high power requirements, and high efficiency, it’s more likely to be strong and tough. It will also be more expensive though, so be watchful.


Which Trimmer Should You Get For a Long-Haired Cat?

Trimmers that are marked as heavy-duty are ideal for long-haired breeds. 

How Do you Know If The Clipper Will Be Quiet?

Most major brands like Wahl and Andis make quiet clippers. If a product is made with silence in mind, you’ll find it written in the description. Having said that, look for products that have an output of fewer than 50-60 decibels.

Are Products With Higher Spm-Ratings More Powerful?

Not necessarily. A higher SPM means the motor inside the clipper is fast. What you need is a combination of high SPM, blade durability, and power-efficiency.


Sometimes, you may find yourself locked up with your fur-babies with no hope for a trip to the groomer. When that happens, you should have a clipper by your side that your kitty will enjoy.  Since grooming can be time-consuming, you should be comfortable throughout the experience too.

You’ll love the Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip if you’re a complete newbie. It’s the easiest clipper of them all, and you’ll even learn to groom your pet; thanks to Wahl’s instructional videos.

For a more experienced pet-owner, the Oster A5 Golden Pet Clipper is an absolute tank. It’s a professional-grade tool that dog-groomers have used for decades. The clipper is perfect for messy, matted hair. There’s no coat it can’t get through.

In case you’re overwhelmed by all the trimmers out there, you’ll appreciate the Andis AGC 2-Speed Detachable Blade Pet Clipper. It’s a reliable bet. At the end of the day, you want your furry friend to look fabulous. It’s a personal affair, for you and your fur-baby. Why not make it a bonding experience? 

With a set-up at home where you’re the groomer, your cats can look forward to getting pampered. Give them the makeover they deserve. Have fun!