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5 Quietest Cat Water Fountains In 2023

Having the sound of another appliance running in the house can be annoying. That is why quiet water fountains were made.

Practically soundless water fountains are also more appealing to cats as they aren’t turned away from because of a noisy pump.

In my opinion, if you are going to get a kitty water fountain it might as well be an almost noiseless water fountain.

In this post, our team has reviewed and selected the quietest water fountains.

What is a Cat Water Fountain?

A water fountain is a device that creates flowing water for your cat.

A quiet cat water fountain is just like a regular cat water fountain, but it is made to make less noise to be less of a disturbance for you.

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Petsafe gravity fountain

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How To Choose A Quiet Cat Water Fountain

How much noise does it make?

If you want a water fountain, then you are going to look for a fountain with no pump or one that is noiseless. The reason I specify the pump is because that is where the loudness of a water fountain comes from.

Yes, there will be some noise coming from the water flow but the majority of the noise will be coming from a pump.

A water fountain with no pump will use gravity to make the water flow. These kinds of fountains do not necessarily have constant running water, but just fill up a bowl when it needs to be filled up. These are just water bowls with a lot larger supply, and one that is less likely to get contaminated as the water is stored, not in the open. The problem with these gravity water fountains is they do not do everything that a powered water fountain will do. A powered water fountain will have water running which is more enticing for your cat to sip from as it reminds then of a stream.

This article describes why cats prefer running water.

A gravity fountain also usually cannot pass water through a filter, as you need more water pressure to do this than what gravity can produce. It is up to you to decide if you care about the things I talked about that are the negatives for gravity water fountains.

The other option you have is a water fountain that utilizes a pump that is soundless. These will be more expensive than a gravity fountain but also come with a lot of benefits. The water from these will be moving which is nice because it is what occurred with cats in nature and they favor this.

Cat water fountains also can use a filter. If you are adamant that your cat drinks filtered water, look for that when choosing a water fountain. In this post, I talk about how much decibels the different fountains emit.

How is it powered?

Most of these water fountains are powered simply by plugging them into a wall outlet. Most people do not need a portable water fountain, so one that is powered with just a plug is usually all they need. These will be reliable for you and your cat all the time as they are constantly plugged in. Some will automatically turn off when there is no water left, as to not waste power in your home. 

The other kind of powering option is one that can be powered by a battery.

When you are just normally using these, you can keep them running by plugging them in. This way you do not have to worry about the fountain dying when you are not home. When you are using it for travel or if you have a power shortage, you can use the battery. 

I like this option as it is kind of nice knowing it will remain working even without a plug. But, you could also just use a bowl in the instances when you would use the battery-powered option. Your cat will be fine having to drink out of a bowl every once in a while.

What is it made from?

Your cat is going to be drinking out of this device every day for at least a few years. The water coming from this product will be essential to your cat’s health, and well being.

If you buy a fountain that is potentially made of harmful materials, your cat is going to drink the toxic substances a lot.

That is why it is so important to ensure the fountain you are considering purchasing is free of anything dangerous.

I suggest getting a stainless steel water fountain.

Does it need a filter?

A filter is a nice feature to look for in a water fountain.

If you are concerned about your cat drinking unhygienic and dirty water than I suggest finding a product that has this feature.

Filters will increase the cost of the fountain. A filter can also make the water taste better to your cat which is important for helping your cat get properly hydrated.

The 5 Quietest Cat Water Fountains

1. Tomxcute

In our opinion, the Tomxcute is our favorite quiet cat water fountain. We came to this decision after analyzing a few things.

Most importantly, this fountain produces no noise. The sellers go as far as to say silent. It clocks in at less than 20 decibels. We are talking quieter than leaves rustling. Dang!

If you are looking for a near soundless fountain, then this one fits in that realm.

Also, it has two filters working to produce the cleanest water possible which will ensure your cat is not drinking any contaminated water. This fountain is made from stainless steel which is one of the best materials for a fountain to be made of. This is a lot better than having a fountain made from plastic. It also does not contain BPA which is nice to know.

This water fountain stores up to 3.2 liters of water which is quite a bit.

The average cat weighs about 10 pounds, and needs between 7-10 ounces of water a day. This thing holds 108 ounces which means it can supply water to your cat for a while!

At 4 inches tall and 9 inches wide, this water fountain can fit easily into any place you desire to put it.

Even with all these neat features, this product is not expensive at all. It is competitive with other cat fountains when it comes to price. For less hassle cleaning, you can put the bowl part of this fountain in the dishwasher. The seller’s of this product recommend that cleaning should be done once every two weeks which is normal for the industry.

If you don’t think this could get better, it also is highly rated which just makes sense as it is a truly great product.


  • Material is stainless steel
  • HUGE amount of water
  • Extra-quiet


  • It will not automatically turn off when low on water

2. PetSafe

Petsafe gravity fountain

The Petsafe is our pick as the best quiet gravity water fountain.

It comes in three different variants in the amount of water it can hold, a 64 ounce, 128 ounce, and 320 once limit. If you want something that can keep on giving your cat water for days on end, this is a good choice.

A gravity fountain has no pump, which means it will be the quietest water fountain. There is not constant running water, but instead fills up a bowl when it runs low.

There are a few pros, and cons to this characteristic. The bowl is made from stainless steel which is a surface that is harder for germs to live on. Another great thing about the bowl, it can be put in a dishwasher to clean it.


  • Can purchase different fountains that hold varying amounts of water to suit your needs
  • Inexpensive
  • Good Material


  • Not electronically powered

3. Wonder Creature

The Wonder Creature is the most expensive product we talk about, but it is for good reason.

This fountain is really quiet. Like some of the other water fountains on this list, it comes in at less than 40 decibels. That is crazy! 30 decibels is a whisper.

Just look at this product. Honestly, it looks like it belongs in the middle of a park. It is made from porcelain, and reminds me of a quality piece of architecture. The Wonder Creature might not have as many electronic gadgets, but that is not the look it is going for instead it has a nice classy style. The porcelain does not only look good, it is super easy to maintain, and will not rust. Porcelain is also hard to scratch.

This cat water fountain utilizes two filters for cleaning the water. One purifies the water while the other removes bigger particles like fur. It comes with some cleaning brushes, which makes maintaining the pump system easy.


  • Magnificent look
  •  Includes cleaning supplies in purchase
  •  Quality material


  • High price point

4. Rellaty

The Rellaty is another stainless steel option that gest great feedback and creates almost no sound from the pump. The sound created is around 30db which is at a level where you will not notice it unless the house is completely quiet and you are actively listening for the sound. The pump also is low voltage to be energy efficient and not waste money. 

The filter system on this product is especially good as it has 4 components. It also adds more oxygen to the water. Extra oxygen in the water can make the water more healthy and more inviting for your cat to drink. 

A cleaning is suggested to be done every few weeks and some of this process is pretty easy as you can put parts of the fountain in the dishwasher. The pump and filter has to be dealt with by hand.


  • Puts more oxygen in water
  • Better and more complicated filtration system
  • Big capacity
  • Durable build


  • The water pressure can get too low in some of the fountains which affects how your cat can drink from it.


The IPETTIE is a top of the line water fountain that looks beautiful and functions even better. The ceramic material, combined with the cool design makes this piece look like a miniature masterpiece. 

The company selling this product claims that the only sound this fountain makes is the sound of the water running. 

For this fountain, there is a risk of the fountain’s pump malfunctioning and breaking if you keep it plugged in and you do not refill the water. 

If this were to happen, the pump does have a warranty. The fountain can contain a lot of water (over 70 ounces) to prevent you from having to fill it up frequently. 


  • Classic aesthetic
  • Top tier filtering
  • Best material for a fountain


  • Pump can break if water levels stay depleted
  • Pricey

How To Clean A Cat Water Fountain

While cleaning the water fountain, there are three main things that you have to do. Clean the surface of the fountain, clean the pump, and clean/replace the filter. Here is a video that goes through the steps of cleaning a cat water fountain.

The best thing you can do is read the owner’s manual, and this will detail exactly what you have to do to clean and maintain your water fountain.

This video specifically shows how to clean a pump made by Petsafe, but can be helpful as a visual guide to cleaning any pump.

Tips For Using A Cat Water Fountain

  • Check the price of the filters before buying. The filters have to be replaced quite frequently, so if the filters are overly expensive then this is money that you could save by going with another option. However, don’t sacrifice the quality of the filters for the price as these filters will be cleaning the water that your cat will be drinking for the foreseeable future.
  • Do regular cleaning and filter replacing. Get into a schedule of cleaning the fountain, the pump, and replacing the filter every 1 – 2 weeks. This is a necessity for the well being of your kitty.
  • It is best to keep the fountain in its own area away from where they eat and where they go to the litter box. They may not use their water fountain when it is close to the areas described above. 
  • Cats sometimes enjoy playing in the the water because it is moving. You can put some measures in place for this issue by not putting the fountain in an area that you don’t want to get wet and also to have a towel or rug underneath to catch any spillage.
  • To keep the pump working, always keep the fountain filled up and don’t allow for the fountain to remain on if there is no water in it.
  • Some cats do not want to share their water fountain. If this is the case for your cat, you may have to get another fountain.

Common Questions

Why is a water fountain better than a regular bowl?

A water fountain for a cat is just an alternative to a cat bowl that can be more efficient at getting your cat to hydrate themselves, and can give your cat cleaner water.

It can also be used to store water, which means you will not have to fill up the bowl as often.

Will all cats love a water fountain?

Water that is flowing due to coming from a water fountain is more likely to be appealing to your cat. With that being said, some cats actually prefer a bowl, and will choose that over a water fountain. The average cat is going to be more drawn to water is moving. If you get a water fountain and have a hard time getting your cat to use it, check out our post on that subject.

Are cat water fountains easy to clean?

Not particularly. Most fountains have a big surface area that need to be cleaned. The pump will also have to be taken apart and cleaned as well. It is not just enough to clean the surface of the fountain. If you neglect cleaning the pump, the water will quickly become dirty and a hazard for your cat. Finally, you will also have to regularly clean or put in a fresh filter. If the filter looks still pretty new, then you can simply give it a quick wash. If it appears like it it done, then it is best to put a new one in.  The normal life cycle for a filter is about 1 month. For most fountains, you shouldn’t go more than two weeks without giving it a good cleaning. Using this number, the filter will usually need a replacement every other cleaning, but replacement is up to your discretion.

Should you turn off a cat water fountain at night?

No, it is not necessary to turn a cat water fountain off at night. These water fountains are made to work all the time. The water will be pumped through the fountain around the clock. In most cases, it is good to keep the water fountain on at night to allow your cat a chance to get a drink if they get thirsty. If you are worried about the cost of electricity from the water fountain, this should not be a concern. The cost to keep a water fountain going all the time is about 4 cents/day which is pretty cheap.

Are cat water fountains safe?

With due diligence, cat water fountains are safe, but there are a few things that can make a cat water fountain unhealthy. First, it is important to purchase a cat water fountain made from only material that is going to be safe to be drinking from. Plastics are not going to be as safe as ceramic or stainless steel. The next way to ensure the water fountain is safe is if it is kept clean, and is kept running well. This means cleaning it at a minimum every couple of weeks, and should be done closer to once a week. It also means replacing the filter every couples of weeks to every month.

How often should you change the water in a water fountain?

How often you have to change the water depends on how many cats are drinking from the fountain, how much water they consume, and the water capacity of the fountain. Typically, for 1 water, and a normal sized water fountain, you will need to change the water once every few days.

What is the quietest cat water fountain?

The quietest cat water fountain is the Tomxcute. It can be found on Amazon. This fountain meets all the standards that should be looked for in a cat water fountain and it also is the quietest. It produces only 20 decibels which is nearly silent.

Why Trust Kitty Cat Reviews

This article was written by Blaine Watkins, the head editor at Kitty Cat Reviews. While writing this article, he spent many hours comparing products, reading the reviews, researching the questions, and watching videos about cat water fountains. The end product that you are reading took many trials to come to a version with the most correct and detailed information.


If you are going to get a water fountain for your cat, you might as well buy one that is also noiseless.

If you are getting your cat all the water-related products, you can check out our article on shampoo for felines.

The best fountain to get the job done as being functional and near-silent is the Catit.

Having to deal with extra noise is just not worth it!

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