The Best Raincoats For Cats

by Evan

A cat wearing any kind of clothing is outright adorable. It is the sweetest thing in the world.

A cat wearing a raincoat is on another level of cuteness. The even better thing is: raincoats can be a practical, and comforting product that allows your cat to stay warm.

Aside from making your cat even more adorable, they can also help your cat stay dry if you take your cat outdoors. Some cats such as hairless, elder, and sick cats can get colder easier, and a rain coat can provide them with a nice level of comfort.

Read on to learn about our picks of the best cat raincoats.

A little warning I want to you to be aware of: the products we recommend are advertised as raincoats that work for both cats and dogs. We used these raincoats because they were the best products. Please don’t be put off that these are advertised as for dogs, as they can work great in their smallest sizes as raincoats for cats.

Our Picks Of The Best Cat Raincoats

OCSOSO Cat Raincoat

The Ocsoso is our favorite raincoat for cats because of a few reasons.

The first reason is that it has an XXS size which will fit the average cat well according to the measurements given by the seller. It can be hard to find a raincoat that not only will fit your cat, but also one that is not made from a harmful material.

This raincoat is made of PU leather. PU leather or polyurethane leather is just an artificial leather. PU leather is a lot better than a PVC product. Most of the raincoats you find that are made for cats will be produced with PVC. PU leather is a better option.

I also like this option as it has quite a few reviews and a pretty high average review. The raincoat also has a reflective strip which is just a great safety feature.

If you intend to walk your cat while they wear the raincoat, there is an opening to thread the part of the collar that you can attach a leash to.

This feature can be especially useful if you have a Bengal cat as they love to go on walks. If you want to walk your Bengal cat, I have an article describing harnesses for these cats.

This coat tends to run too big, so I suggest just buying smaller than what you might think. Personally, I would buy either the xs or xxs size for your cat.

Overall, it is a pretty good choice out of all the options we have.

Topsung Raincoat

The Topsung is another good raincoat.

Again, it is mainly marketed as a dog raincoat, but it’s small size can work well for an average sized cat.

It might be a little large for a cat even with its smallest size, but only by an inch or so. That is the only negative I see with this product.

Other than that, it is rather good. The coat comes at a very affordable price, and is made out of nylon.

Nylon is a better matieral than other materials because it is generally safer.

This coat honestly looks fantastic. It evens come with a cute little hood.

The Topsung is one of the best selections there is for raincoats for cats.

Guide To Picking A Raincoat For Your Cat

In this section, I describe some of the key aspects you should look into before getting a raincoat for your cat.

The one question you should be asking yourself throughout this whole ordeal: will this make my cat happy and comfortable? If it doesn’t, it is not worth buying it.

I know your cat will look cute in their raincoat but ultimately the most important factor is if it is useful to your cat.

Also, some of the products that you are looking for, can and will be advertised as working for a dog. I would not worry about this, if it is a good raincoat for a small sized dog, then it can work well for your cat.


The size of the raincoat is super important.

Another thing you should be concerned about is how freely your cat will be able to move around with their raincoat on.

Your cat will hate every inch of their new raincoat if it restricts them or it is too loose. You want one that fits not too tight, but still snugly for the best results.

Later on in this article, I go into further detail on how to measure your cat in order to decide which size raincoat to select.


A raincoat’s whole purpose is to keep who ever is wearing it dry. The material the raincoat is made of has to be waterproof.

Most raincoats you find that will fit your cat will be made out of PVC.

PVC raincoats are made of vinyl, which can contain dangerous chemicals like lead, BPA, and other hazardous chemicals. What I suggest is to just completely avoid raincoats made from PVC.

I would not risk the chance of exposing my cat to these chemicals which can alter their health. A good material to look for is nylon, leather, or rubber. Also, you should be concerned with how breathable the material is. You don’t want your cat becoming unpleasant in their raincoat.

If you want your cat to feel fuzzy, you can look for down or fleece lining. Whatever you can do to keep your baby feeling pampered is important.


This category is not really that important but if you care about the color and style I would just think about this before ordering.

If you intend for your cat’s raincoat to be a fashion statement as well, be sure to do your research in picking out the most aesthetic gear.


How can I measure my cat to make sure I get the correct size raincoat?

Measuring your cat to find the right size raincoat is for sure necessary. It can be the difference between your cat liking their raincoat and not liking it. Most suppliers have a few different sizes.

Each size will have a few sizes associated with different girths of the cat. They will have a range of girths that work with a size.

The different measurements will include length of your cat’s back, girth of the neck, and girth of the body.

You can get these measurements by using a tape measure. You can also use a string, wrap this around your cat in the correct area, then lay the string out, and measure this length with a ruler.

This wikiHow is a bit more detailed, so if you want some omore information on measuring your cat/

What health risks should I worry about surrounding raincoats?

Some health risks I would worry about is exposing your cat to a toxic material, letting your cat overheat, and unexpected accidents.

I mentioned earlier that some materials used to make these raincoats can be made cheaply and with bad materials that contain hamful substances. You can read more up above in the section with the subheading “Materials”. A quick summary of that section is just don’t buy PVC raincoats due to the chance of them containing heavy metals, there are safer options.

Remember… Cats Have Fur

Cats have fur for a reason. The fur is there to keep them warm. I would re frame from letting them wearing the raincoat all the time, and I would just let them wear it while you are monitoring them, and you are outside. If it is especially cold, and rainy out, and you have to take your kitty to the vet, this would be a good time to put the raincoat on your cat. If you have a Sphynx kitty, and it is even just a little cold, it could be a good chance to let them wear their raincoat.

Another common thing is your cat could try to remove their raincoat, and get stuck. If the raincoat does not allow them to move freely, and it trips them, this could cause injury to your cat.

I would just really try hard to pick a cat raincoat that has very little negative reviews, one that fits your cat well, and is made of a safe material.

Also, I would just keep an eye on your cat to make sure that they are not exhibiting any signs of pain or nerves. If your cat looks anxious, you should just remove the raincoat. This article details signs of stress in cats. You can also make sure to be there if they try to get out of the raincoat, and get stuck.

Does my cat really need a raincoat?

Some cats actually do need raincoats. Cats are just like humans. They get cold too.

If you and your cat are outside, and you start feeling a little chilly, there is a good chance your cat is feeling that as well. Some cats need the extra warmth in the form of clothing. Hairless cats have no fur to keep them warm, and a raincoat can be a good replacement.

Other cats like Maine Coons have so much hair, and in some cases actually like water, so a raincoat is not really necessary.

How do I go about getting the sweater on my cat?

This can be a pretty difficult task. The best way to do this is just to be patient, and not rush anything.

There is always a chance your cat just hates the raincoat, and will have nothing to do with it.

If this is the case, then you are going to just have to allow this to be the way it goes. If you have a very suspicious cat, just let them sniff the raincoat out first. Let them see what it is, and then wait a little to try putting it on.

When you are trying to put it on just give them love, and time. Getting your cat into a calm state is very important whenever you try to get them to do something new. You can read here how to do that.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

Cat raincoats are such a fun thing, but it is important to be careful in your selection process, so you know your cat is always well.

The difference in price between a quality raincoat and a badly made one is very little. Your cat’s safety and well being is worth a few extra bucks for a higher quality raincoat.

I hope you can find the right product for you and your cat.

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