5 Best Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

In my opinion, a cat tree that looks like an actual tree is better than just a regular cat tree. Even just a little touch of leaves can add a more natural look.

Cats would climb in nature for lots of reasons.

This might have been to scout out some prey, to eat their kill, or just to have the protection of being high up.

If you are curious about why cat trees are so important to cats, you can find out why here.

Whatever it was, trees and climbing them were and will always be part of a cat’s lifestyle.

If you are going to get a cat tower, you might as well get one that looks highly realistic as to bring your cat closer to their roots.

That is why I wrote this article. I wanted to simplify the whole process of buying these products.

In this post, you will find a list of the most realistic cat towers, comprehensive reviews of each item, and I also answer some questions.

Quick Look

The 5 Best Cat Trees That Looks Like Real Trees

go pet club


The Go Pet Club is also a good option that looks like real. 

This item has sisal rope covering the posts, and faux fur covering the base. These posts can double as scratching posts.

Leaves run up and down this product to portray a real aesthetic.

The brown and beige coloring looks like an aspen. 

The cat tower has a distinctive design.

The base of this is kind of looks like a crown.

There are lots of perches, and levels, so it could work for a multi-cat household.

Overall, this tree is a quality product.



The On2Pets looks the most real out of all the products I reviewed in this post.

The leaves surround the whole tree, and look lifelike.

Also, these are made from silk which is a good material that will not irritate your cat.

The pole that runs through the middle of this tree looks like a trunk.

The design is more simple than the other trees, and does not necessarily have a designated place for your cat to scratch their nails on.

They still could probably scratch their nails on the trunk of this cat tree though.

Being not as complicated, this tree is pretty easy to assemble, and you do not need any tools to assemble it.

There are multiple levels for your cat to find their favorite place to chill.

on2pets canopy


The ON2Pets canopy shelves are a bit different from other products we have reviewed.

This product is a less expensive option as it is way less than some of the other products we review.

It also takes up a lot less space, but still gives your cat the chance to get perched up above in something that looks like a real cat tree branch.

This product comes in a set of two which is nice, so your cat can have multiple spots to climb to.

It might not look like it, but it can hold over 30 pounds of weight, which means it can hold almost any cat.

The company specifies that this product is made from nonharmful materials which is a nice little reassurance. 

The assembly of this product is no more than 15 minutes long, but you do have to personally have some tools to properly assemble and install this product.

Honestly, I love this as an alternative.

Sure, it is not as fun and complex as an actual cat tree, but it still allows your cat to climb high. It is way less expensive which is nice.

kitty mansions


A lot is going on with this tower. It is called the Kitty Mansion for good reason.

Most importantly, it has the characteristics to look like an actual tree. 

This tower comes in the color brown which is the natural color of bark.

The supporting poles are wrapped with sisal rope for your cat to groom their claws.

The sellers say it is easy to assemble.

Cat owners love how well made this product is. Lots of people claim that their cats are just in love with this tree and get lots of use.

This tree has way more features that some of the other cat trees that look like actual trees on this list.

It includes hammocks, a cat cave, some perches, and just tons of other places for your cat to scout and rest.

There is even a little ball and twine toy for your cat to claw at.

The tree is definitely on the bigger side, so you are going to need a pretty big area to keep the tree.

With all of its features, this tree is a bit more costly than the other realistic cat trees that we reviewed.


Our favorite cat tree that looks like an actual tree and has the best value is the Cozy Cat Furniture.

The height of this tower is 75 inches which is very long just like an actual tree.

This product also includes some leaves that are wrapped around the tree to make it look like an actual tree. 

Sadly, it does not come assembled, but how could it when it is over 70 inches.

It does include detailed instructions on how to assemble it though.

You do not need any extra tools other than what comes with it to put it together.

Another great feature about this product, it has plenty of areas on the tree for where your cat can scratch their nails. 

This can help prevent your cat from ruining other furniture like couches that they may scratch their nails on.

There are a lot more solutions to stopping your cat from ruining furniture by scratching, and I found that this article does a nice job of covering a lot of them.

The material that covers the surface of this cat tree is plush which looks very luxurious and is very comfy.

On this cat tree, there are 3 different levels, and on the very top level there are three little perches that come up from that level.

There is a ladder on the second level which looks pretty neat.

There is a little cat cave on the third level for your cat to escape the outside world, and be comforted by darkness.

The tree comes in a green color to keep up the natural look.

If you are the owner of multiple cat trees, this realistic cat tree could work for all of them as there are lots of places for them to go.

This tree is on the expensive side but it is a quality tree, and is definitely worth the value.

Buyer’s Guide

First off, you want to look at the height of the tree. An actual tree is rather big so if you want to get a cat tree that looks like a natural tree, consider buying a lengthy one. 

Another way manufacturers make a cat tree look realistic is by adding leaves to the tree. These can make a cat tree look realistic. Some trees have the whole tower wrapped while some of the trees in this post just have one strand.

Some cat trees that look more realistic have the center pole that supports the entire tree look like a tree trunk.

Most trees will not have this feature as it is pretty rare.

An actual cat tree consists of mainly the color brown or green, so I would try getting a cat tree that is one of these colors.

What is your cat like?

We all have different cats. All cats are very different in both physical and mental attributes. 

These attributes are important to consider before purchasing a cat tree.

A really old cat might have trouble getting up a tree with many levels. That goes the same with obese cats.

They will have trouble going up any large cat trees. If your cat is obese, you should try making your cat a healthier weight.  I wrote an article on how to determine if your cat is overweight.

You might have a really big cat as well. A larger breed cat is not going to be able to fit easily and comfortably in a cat tree made for a normal cat.

You should get a cat tree that is made for larger cats if this is the case. We have a post on cat trees for fat cats.

Some cats are lazy creatures. If you are pretty certain your cat will never have the effort to go to the top level of the tree, you probably don’t have to get a cat tree that is too tall.

Cats in general are known to like cat trees. In nature, they liked to climb trees to hunt, and for the protection trees offered.

Cats just like height. This article goes further in-depth and describes why they like it.

Getting a realistic cat tree can help your cat be more enticed to climb and use the tree.

What general things should I be concerned about buying any cat tree?

There are a few qualities that any cat tower should have.

A really important thing to consider is if the tree is heavy enough, so there is no chance of tipping over.

Some trees come with an accessory that attaches the tree to a wall to prevent it from falling. 

The cat tree should be made of durable and tough materials. Something that can break or be ripped easily is a danger to your cats, and also will not last long.

Generally, the cheaper the cat tree, the more likely it will consist of cheap materials.

I would buy a cat tree with multiple levels if your cat is fit for climbing. This gives them more options to explore, and increases the chance that they spend more time in their tree.

A place where your cat can groom their nails is a nice feature that I suggest you look for in a realistic cat tree.

Also, there should be a scratching pole. You do not want to have to deal with your cat scratching other things in your home.

Nowadays, most cat trees will have a scratching post or a similar feature. I think this is a must-have feature in a cat tree as it can protect your home and allow your cat to maintain healthy nails.

How much hassle will this realistic cat tree take to assemble?

Any cat tree will probably need to be assembled once it arrives at your house. This is usually a lot of work. Realistic cat trees usually have more parts and pieces which make them more of a hassle. 

If you are not looking to assembling a huge tree, then do not buy a huge tree.

For all these trees, I mention somewhere in my review of them whether or not they require extra tools to assemble.

I am for sure not the person to have screwdrivers and hammers readily available, so I would look for one that does not require any tools.

I would also check out if the manufacturer gives any time estimate on how long it should take to assemble it.

It is comforting hearing that it might only take 15 minutes to put the tree together rather than being a full-day endeavor.

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