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3 Best Remote Control Cat Toys In 2020

Remote control cat toys can be better than normal cat toys for a few reasons depending on what you want to get out of the cat toy.

These things might sound like they cost more than regular toys, but it is quite the opposite. They are pretty competitive in price.

By reading this post, you will learn of some recommendations for your cat from our team at Kitty Cat Reviews, and we answer some common questions related to these products.

Our Top Choices

The 3 Best Remote Control Cat Toys



The Hexbug is a mouse that you can drive around with a remote. This is pretty cool because mice are the natural prey of cats. Cats will sure enjoy being able to chase and catch the Hexbug.

This product tries to sell your cat into believing they are preying on a real mouse as many features of the toy are designed to be as life-like as possible. For example, the tail is made from rubber.

Batteries are included with this product which means you can start playing with this mouse and your cat as soon as it arrives.

Also, there is a cool little twist when you buy a Hexbug toy. They like to randomized the color which is pretty darn cool if you ask me.

This toy can be pretty shifty which will make the game of chase a whole lot of fun.


When I was looking for a remote control toy for your cat, it was hard to find some solid options.

After quite a bit of research, we have found the LATT to be the best remote controlled cat toy.

First off, it can be controlled by you, the cat owner, which is a must.

When looking for these products for your cat, you will come across a lot of automatic ones. These operate by themselves instead of moving with a remote control by the owner.

Yes, these are good products, but if you want to personally steer the device your cat is going after, you will want to avoid an automatic toy.

The thing that gets your cat to chase the device around is this little furry tail that hangs off the front of the toy.

This little tail is multicolored, and creates little bell sounds to entice your kitty to get active, and start chasing the toy.

A lot of them will be cheap products.

Some are so bad that they can’t even go side to side, but just up and back.

This product is not like that, as it allows you to go in any direction, so you can make it a hard chase for your cat. It also has some technology that allows you to flip if it gets flipped over.

This remote control cat toy does not come with batteries.

Yes, that is a bummer, but almost all products do not include batteries. It is just a normal thing for the industry.

People who have bought this toy have found big success in entertaining their kittens.

The negative that is associated with this product is that sometimes it stops working after only having it for a few weeks.

This is not the usual case, but more of the exception, as the majority of people receive a working product.

The price of this product is affordable, so don’t worry about spending too much.

In summary, the LATT is a stimulating RC toy, but can have some problems with being a lasting, and durable toy.


The SlowTon is similar to the LATT we reviewed as the first product.

It is another automobile type RC cat toy that has a tail attached to the front.

The tail on this product can come off when your cat pounces on it which can make the hunting experience a little more lifelike.

The toy is powered by AA batteries which are easy to acquire.

The actual body is designed to look like a mouse which I do not think will help your cat be more excited about the toy, but it does look cool.

The remote for the toy has 3 three different parts that allow it to go forward and back, side to side, and allows the front wheels to move in a 360 direction in case the toy gets flipped over and stuck.

The third control on the remote prevents you from having to pick up the toy to restart the play, instead you can use the remote to flip the toy back over to a driving position.

Keeping the play going is key.

I loving this kind of toy as it is a great work out and play session for your cat.

Again the price of this toy is pretty cheap, so you can add it to your cat’s toy stash without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, the SlowTon is a fun RC toy that can get your cat running around and having a blast.

Buyer’s Guide To Picking An RC Cat Toy

When picking a toy, there are a few things you should consider to ensure that your cat has the best experience with their remote-controlled toy.

What kinds of RC toys are there?

There are only a few different kinds of RC toys. If you want to buy a toy that isn’t wildly expensive, but still functional, this narrows the kinds to two.

First off, there is the RC toy that uses a remote control car to transport and dart the actual toy around that your cat is trying to pounce on. An example of this toy would be the LATT, a car with the tail toy attached to the front. I honestly believe these are the best kind.

The other kind is an RC car that is the thing your cat hunts down. For example, a mouse that has wheels controlled by a remote would be this kind of RC toy.

How long will this toy survive?

RC toys in general do not last a long time. Combine that with a cat hunting them down, biting, and hitting them with their paws, most of these things do not last that long.

When you are out searching for an RC toy for your cat, I would read the reviews to see if the toy tends to break fast.

You will also want to see how long the battery lasts. Having to replace the batteries frequently is not fun. Almost all of these toys just use batteries instead of being rechargeable.

Is it a choking hazard?

Ask yourself this. I do not think it is worth it to get your cat an RC cat toy that your kitty has even a slim chance of choking on. I had a mouse RC toy on this list, but I was too worried that it could be a choking hazard so I took it off.

How realistic does it look?

This question can help you pick a toy that will be more engaging for your cat. Getting a toy that reminds them of hunting prey is what you should be looking for.

This could be a little tail, or one that looks like a mouse or other small animal.

You should consider this as this can be the deciding factor if they choose to play with the RC toy 24/7 or not at all.

Common Questions

Why should I get my cat toys?

Getting your cat toys has so many benefits.

Toys can improve the quality of your cat’s life a lot.

Cats would hunt all their food in the wild. They would have to kill prey to survive.

Nowadays, they have all the food provided to them. Cats need an outlet to express this primal attribute of theirs, hunting, and cats toys are a great solution.

Without cat toys, cats can express this by being destructive in your home which you do not want.

Cat toys also encourage cats to get up and run around. Obesity is a huge problem for cats these days. The extent is huge. Your cat is more likely to be overweight than not.

If you want to check if your cat is overweight, I wrote this article that compiles some informative resources to find out. Exercise is a great way to combat this epidemic. Check out our article on the best toys for fat cats. There is also a lot of other ways to help your cat lose weight.

RC cat toys in particular get them running around and chasing a toy that will burn the most calories.

Why can a RC toy be better than a regular toy?

I believe that RC toys are better than regular toys in some aspects, because they allow you to have some personal bonding time with your cat. It is kind of like grooming where you just focus on your cat, and making them feel happy.

When you control the toy they are chasing, it is also pretty fun. You get to try to juke them with the device, which is nothing less than exhilarating.

You must give you and your cat some one on one time to play. It is beneficial for both of you according to this post.

RC cat toys give you some personal time with your cat. A negative about this though is that these toys do need someone to operate them.

If your cat loves their RC toy, they will only be able to truly play with them when you are available. That leads me on to my next common question and answer.

What are some alternatives to remote control cat toys?

There are plenty of alternatives to remote control cat toys. You have the regular toy that isn’t electronic or anything, but looks like prey or is squeaky.

The other kind you have is automatic cat toys. These are much more similar to RC cat toys as they both are interactive.

Automatic toys operate to keep your cat more entertained. These toys have random movement which can be realistic of what it would be like hunting down an animal.

There is an automatic toy that is a fish that flops around. This is called a cat kicker fish toy.

Automatic toys do not allow you to personally control the toy, but they allow you to have an interactive toy that can keep your cat playing even without your presence.

Here is a review of the best automatic cat toys.


All in all, the LATT is my favorite RC cat toy.

Remote control cat toys can provide your cat a fun, and interactive play experience. It also gives you the chance to have some 1 on 1 time.