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5 Best Harnesses For Savannah Cats

For those of you in a hurry, the best harness for a Savannah cat is the Kitty Holster in our opinion.

Walking a pet might seem more like a dog thing. It is a little peculiar to think about walking a cat on a leash. I am there with you.

Savannah cats are weird cats in general. One of their many quirks is that they like to go on walks in a harness. This video shows a Savannah cat going on a walk.

One of the explanations for this is that they are bred from a Serval, a wild cat in Africa, which gives them different characteristics than any regular domestic cats.

That also explains why Bengal Cats like to be walked with harnesses as well since they are a mixed breed of wild and domestic cats.

Since now you know why your Savannah cat might be inclined to get outside on a harness and leash, let’s go on to what are the best harnesses for savannah cats below.

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The 5 Best Harnesses For Savannah Cats

Kitty Holster Cat Harness For Savannah Cat


The Kitty Holster is my choice for a harness, as it is simply a good item.

This holster will work well for whenever you want to take your Savannah cat on a walk.

The Kitty Holster is made from cotton which will not overheat your cat. It also has an extra layer on the inside of the harness to help prevent your cat from having allergies.

Since it is made from cotton, the harness can be washed in a washing machine. This is a must, because we both know that the harness will get dirty.

This harness has many different options of colors, so you can pick the right color for your fashionista kitty.

This harness is known for securely keeping cats inside. That being said, it is not overly hard to put on your cat as well. It utilizes two buckles to make sure your cat can not slip out of the harness.

All in all, the Kitty Holster is a fine option of a cat harness.

Paws and Pal Cat Harness For Savannah Cat


The Paws And Pals is another fantastic choice when you are trying to find the right harness to take your Savannah cat on walks with.

Don’t fret about your cat not being stylish, as there are a ton of colors to go with.

This product has an extra-large option which will be necessary for certain Savannah cats.

Since the weight of a Savannah cat can vary quite a bit, it is also important to get a harness that is adjustable to fit the wide range of sizes a Savannah cat can be. This harness does just that.

Another great feature of this harness is it can be cleaned in a washer. Thank you very much!

The material is very tough, so you can expect the color from not fading even after lots of use.

The neck region of this harness has cushioning to support your kitty, and prevent straining when you have to pull on the leash.

The Paws & Pals will serve a cat owner looking for a reliable and stylish harness.

Harness for Savannah Cat


The Kurgo is a great option when it comes to cat harnesses for Savannah cats as it comes in a huge variety of sizes.

Savannah cats can be BIG! So, it is important to get appropriate fitting harness.

The Kurgo is made for dogs, so you will be sure to find the right size for your Savannah cat.

The Kurgo utilizes steel as part of their harness for extra strength and durability.

It also can be used to protect your kitty when driving.
There are places on it for seat belts to loop in to protect the pet you hold dearest.

The strap design of this product is better for a hot day as there is more airflow.

All in all, I highly recommend the harness for owners of Savannah cats.

Ninja Harness For Savannah Cat


The Ninja Harness by Necoichi is by far the most extravagant choice when it comes to cat harnesses.

The photo above says it all. It looks super cool. It even has a little tag hanging off that brings together its gander in entirety. If you are the person that needs your cat to be looking stylish, then look no further than the Necoichi.

All that being said about its appearance, it is also pretty practical in terms of its functionality.

It is made from Cotton, PVC, and polyester.

This harness can be adjusted to fit your kitty better.

The harness comes in a one size fits all for simplicity.

This harness might be a teensy bit small for the largest of Savannah cats. If it is the case that you own a Savannah cat that is on the larger size, I suggest looking elsewhere. Maybe check out the Paws & Pals harness.

I like how good this harness looks and would recommend it if your cat will fit appropriately inside the harness.

Let’s get on to the next the Comfort Soft….

Coastal Savannah Cat Harness


This harness is a little bit more unique than the other harnesses we have talked about so far.

It uses nylon webbing rather than being made from cotton.

This can be better in a sense as it less smothering than other harnesses and will be less hot. This is a better option for when you are walking in the summer. You do not want your Savannah cat to get too hot.

Also, the comfort harness is designed to not put too much strain on your cat’s neck when you pull on the leash. Every harness must have this feature to keep your cat in tip-top condition.

This harness is still maybe not quite big enough for Savannah cats.

If you have a cat that weighs over 12 pounds, you are going to look into other options of harnesses.

Overall, this harness is a nice choice when you have a not huge Savannah cat.

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Can Savannah Cats be walked on a leash?

Yes, Savannah cats can indeed be walked on a leash, thanks to their high energy levels and desire to explore. Leash training becomes a way for these cats to get to know their environment safely. They are highly intelligent and adaptable creatures, known for their larger size, which makes them more suited for leash walking compared to other breeds. However, it’s crucial to ensure the use of a proper harness, as mentioned earlier, for their comfort and security. Training them to get used to the harness and leash at a young age will make the experience enjoyable for both the pet and the owner.

How do you harness train a Savannah Cat?

Harness training a Savannah cat is much like training any other breed. Start by letting the cat familiarize with the harness indoors. Gradually start using the leash in a controlled environment, offering treats and praises to associate the harness with positive experiences. Patience is key, as the process might take time depending on the cat’s comfort level. It is also important to introduce short outdoor sessions to gradually expose the cat to different sights, sounds, and smells while still providing a safe and controlled environment. Remember to always prioritize the cat’s well-being and comfort throughout the training process. For a more detailed explanation, go to this wonderful resource.


Finding the perfect harness for your Savannah cat is crucial for their safety, comfort, and your peace of mind. An ideal harness should be sturdy, adjustable, and comfortable, allowing your cat to explore the outdoors without the risk of escape. Shopping for one may require diligence, but the reward of seeing your pet secure and content is well worth the effort. Overall, investing in a high-quality harness is an investment in your Savannah cat’s well-being and happiness.

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