The Best Cat Arch Groomers and Corner Scratchers

Self groomers can be a good way for your cat to groom itself, whether that is using a corner scratcher or arch. Sometimes they are attached to cat trees.

As a cat owner, you already do so much for your cat.

I mean a lot. You take them to the vet when necessary, provide them with all their food, put water out for them, give them your love and affection, and so much more.

And, on top of that you are also expected to brush them. That seems like a lot. Your cat just sleeps and walks around all day, it would be nice if they could use some of their time to contribute to the chores that you have to do for them.

Well, self groomers allow your cat to remove hair, and beautify themselves without the use of their tongue or you. They just rub their bodies up against a brush or some bristles mounted to a base or corner, and then they are in business. I love this tool!

It allows your cat to relieve stress by brushing and massaging themselves, and it means you have less work to do later in regards with having to groom them. If you have a long-haired cat that just dumps hair all across the house, it might also mean less shedding due to more excess hair being captured in the self groomer.

Now, you have less housework and vacuuming. Wow.

As I said earlier, I really like this product.

In this post, we will describe the various types of self groomers, and the Kitty Cat Reviews team has hand-picked a list of the best groomers to assist you in keeping your cat’s coat at a groomed state.

Our List Of The Best Self Grooming Arches And Corner Scratchers

The Best Self Groomers


included this as my first pick because of how much value you receive with just this purchase. The product has its main function of being an arch groomer but also is a cat tower.

This arch groomer utilizes bristles instead of plastic which is a lot more strong and durable, and better at brushing your cat.

The crazy thing about this product is with everything included, it is one of the least expensive cat trees I have ever seen. The cat tree is the base for this arch groomer. There is also a scratching post and a hammock which is pretty cool. The material of the product is faux fur. Faux fur is super fuzzy.

The arch groomer might be a little smaller than others but I just had to include this product as our favorite because of all the other stuff you get.


This cat scratch arch is not part of a bigger product. It is just a grooming arch.

If you want all the benefits of a grooming arch, but don’t want a huge tree to accompany the arch groomer, this might the product for you.

The base of this item is a carpet scratching pad which can also be useful for shortening your cat’s nail and keeping them at a good length. This groomer is able to work with all sizes of cats.

This arch groomer also comes on the low end price wise compared to other arch groomers I summarize today.


The arch groomer by AikoPets is like the other arch groomers.

This specific product is different because it also includes a scratching pad, and comes with a bag of catnip.

The AikoPets arch groomer is a little pricier than the other arch groomers, but just by a few dollars.

It is still a great arch groomer, and hence why it has made my list of best self groomers.


The Perk Tail is actually quite different from other arch groomers. The brush around the arch is not bristles, but instead spiky plastic things. This kind of brush is better at scratching your cat, but not necessarily collecting extra hair.

Another difference with this tree is the base is made of felt material.

This tree extends 10 inches high, which works well for the average cat as they are 9 inches.

People describe this arch groomer as more flimsy which might be a good reason to look at a more traditional arch groomer.


This is the first corner scratcher I review.

I believe this corner scratcher is the best corner scratcher around because of its great value and how it just is a good product. A purchase of this self groomer comes with two corner scratchers.

I absolutely love this item because of how convenient it is. It is easy to take apart which makes removing hair a walk in the park.

You can also easily attach this to wherever you decide to put it with just some glue. This corner scratcher also has some catnip included with it.

Overall, I highly recommend this corner scratcher.


Here we have our second favorite corner scratcher.

This corner groomer is able to be installed with the screws and tape they supply with the corner scratcher. This corner groomer has two options of colors, blue and grey.

This product is also made out of eco-friendly plastic which is nice to see this company trying to make a positive effect on the earth.

The reason I put this beneath the other product is it has slightly worse reviews.

Buyer's Guide To Picking A Cat Self Groomer

Type Of Self Groomer

When choosing a self groomer for your cat, you have to realize that there are two different types of groomers. One is an arch groomer and the other is a corner groomer.

A cat groom arch is basically just an upside-down U that has a brush coiled around the upside-down U. The upside-down U is then attached to a base. Your cat walks through the arch, and the roundness of the arch contours to the shape of your cat.

A corner scratcher, on the other hand, is just a small little spiky brush that can be mounted easily to corners, and other similar features. This brush is more useful for getting little specific areas on your cat.

The grooming arch is going to be a lot bigger than a corner scratcher. A cat groom arch might not be the best choice for people who care about the aesthetic of their home as this one stands out more.

The corner scratcher looks more modern, which might fit more modern houses better. If you know you want just a compact little device, then the cat groom arch is not where to look.

On the other hand, the grooming arch can be a lot more efficient at brushing a lot of your cat once. It brushes a lot more surface area at once. It might be harder for your cat to reach certain spots on their body.

The corner scratcher is better at grooming specific points.

Generally, a cat corner scratcher is a lot cheaper than a grooming arch. A corner scratcher will be in the 5 – 10$ range while a grooming arch will be a little more expensive around 10 – 15$.

There is also a third type that is basically an arch groomer and corner scratcher in one. It is just anarch groomer, but it contains the short spikes of a corner scratcher.

I actually wrote a review about this kind as well up above.

Sometimes using both types of groomers can get the trick done.

You have one that removes as much hair as possible and the other to get out any itch spots your cat has. It sounds like a power duo to me.

General Advice For Picking Any Groomer

These groomers are all pretty similar, but even though they appear the same, one can be a lot better quality than the other.

One way you can spot this is by price. An incredibly cheap one probably means it is made with some poor materials or is badly made.

Also, I would just check out the reviews for the product. If there is a general consensus that it is a pretty good product based on high reviews, you can make sure you are buying a quality self groomer. Always also check the negative reviews as these can tell more than the positive ones. These ones could warn you if the manufacturer makes a lot of faulty products, and then you will know that you should buy from someone else.

If you care about the color of the groomer, cat corner scratchers usually come in more color, so this could push you in the direction of using this self groomer over an arch groomer.


Does my cat need additional grooming other than the self groomer?

Yes indeed.

Cats usually need some additional grooming from their human. Brushing your cat has a lot of positive benefits, and allows you to spend some time with your kitty. This article describes why you should groom your cat even short-haired ones.

Brushing is not the only way to properly groom a cat. You can also bathe them with shampoo.

Grooming is a necessity in order for your cat to keep a healthy coat that is not uncomfortable.

How can I get my cat to use the self groomer and be self grooming?

Honestly, with something like a self groomer, it should not be very hard to get your cat to use it. This product scratches and combs them which feels nice, especially when the cat has control of how and where they are scratched.

With a little bit of time, your cat will discover the beauty of the self groomer and will start using it.

If you are having trouble getting them to start to use the scratcher or grooming arch, you can manually brush them with it. For example, you can grab the cat corner scratcher and replace that with your usual brush for one grooming session. Your cat will realize that the scratcher is safe and nice, and will see it and begin to use it on their own.

If you see your cat using the self groomer, you can reward this behavior to make a positive association in their mind.

Some reward ideas are giving them love, and maybe giving them a treat.

Why should I get a self grooming arch?

Basically, a self groomer for your cat will free up some time. This groomer will remove some of the hair that you would have had to brush off your cat.

If your cat is able to remove all the hair that is going to fall off anyways before it does, then you will have to spend less time vacuuming up their dang hair. It can also provide your cat with a way to remove all their itches.

How nice is scratching an itch? Really nice, right. Well, if your cat has an itch they can’t reach, then this can get it. Brushing is also pretty soothing, and so self grooming with an arch or corner scratcher can allow them to partake in a relaxing activity.

Self groomers can also reduce the number of hairballs your cat has to suffer with. Arch groomers are better at collecting the most amount of hair, but both self groomers can do the trick.

The more excess hair that is removed, the less amount of hair your cat will swallow while they are grooming themselves with their tongue. A good grooming routine where you brush your cat can also reduce hairballs.

If you want more information on dealing with hairballs, here you go.

Self groomers are definitely not a necessity. This product is a convenient thing. But, it can save you some time, and allow your cat to groom themselves more efficiently.


Self groomers are a pretty fun product. They are pretty genius as cats already spend a lot of time grooming, so why not supply them with a tool that can allow them to do this more efficiently.

Check out our favorite self groomer.

Self groomers are not intended to completely replace actually grooming your cat.

Please keep this practice up.

Grooming is one of the best times you can spend with your cat where you two can truly connect and bond. Plus, it provides your cat with some good health benefits.

Self groomers are rather affordable and have some nice benefits.