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5 Best Sphynx Cat Sweaters In 2023

Most people, when confronted with a chill, will don a sweater or coat and thus begin the ‘warm and cozies.’ Lovely, right? But…what if you couldn’t? What if at all times you were sure to shiver? That’s what the Sphynx cat has to put up with.

Breeding of these cats saw a marked surge in the late 1960s, and care has always been a bit different with these felines as compared to their short and long-haired counterparts. Not only should you bathe them much more frequently due to natural oil buildup, but you should ensure they’re covered up with a raincoat or sweater – especially if you live in a climate which tends to run cold (after all, the modern Sphynx is sometimes otherwise known as the Canadian Sphynx!).

Providing a Sphynx with some stylish cat sweaters not only helps them with their difficulties in body temperature regulation, but it can also protect them from damaging UV rays.

So bundle up, settle in, and join us as we dive into some of the best Sphynx cat shirts available.

Quick Look

The 5 Best Sphynx Cat Sweaters


Right off of the bat, we have this beautiful cat sweater by Khemn. Not only is it handmade, but it features double fleece material available in three fashionable colors.

This sweater is sure to be perfect for chilly autumn or winter nights, and your Sphynx will definitely enjoy the luxurious feel of the fabric.

Can someone say bunny ears? If you’re in the right climate and season, the bunny hood will be perfect for keeping your Sphinx’s vulnerable ears nice and toasty. Not only that, but your Instagram will be on fire with all of those cute pictures!

Some drawbacks to consider are that depending on where you live, this sweater’s fabric might be a tad too warm. Double fleece is definitely something you want to be sparing with if you’re on the west coast in the summertime.

Something else to note is the fabric may get dirtier easier, something especially problematic with cat litter and general household dirt and dust.

We know that the Klemn sweater will be ideal for those northern Canadian or bitter midwestern USA winters!


In this day and age, style, and comfort in one package is of the utmost importance. I know this, you know this…so why shouldn’t your hairless wonder? Sphynx cat clothes are just as important as human clothing!

The Bonaweite is made of 100% breathable cotton and available in four colors. This slouchy and vogue turtleneck vest piece is purrfect for the local cat coffee shop and more importantly, is suitable for year-round wear.

A great part of this cute little cat sweater is definitely its season friendly versatility. Get as much value out of your dollar in the heat of August as you would in the iron days of February.

(Did we mention we love its comfort level and style?)

We have lots of great things to say about this sweater, but one thing that sticks out is that it will definitely shrink if not washed correctly due to being made from cotton! Take care to hand wash or use your delicate cycle with cold water only, and hang to dry.

We recommend this sweater as much as we’d recommend wearing your favorite, most versatile pair of jeans!


Another gem here, and what a gem it is! This product is wonderful for so many reasons. Featured in a beautiful sky blue which is sure to suit any Sphynx cat’s coloring.

It is also could potentially double as an anxiety coat due to its plush fabric and snug, warm fit.

The very first pro to point out is that it’s machine washable! Hello, convenience. Feel free to toss it in the dryer as well – worry-free.

Aside from the beautiful color, quality craftsmanship, anxiety assistance, and rave reviews…you even get a keychain in the bargain!

Some might say the fit is a bit too snug. If you’re not after the anxiety-reducing benefits of a slightly-too-tight feel then this might not be the garment for you, although there’s always the option of sizing up!

4. Frisco


From one of our favorite sites for all things pet related, Chewy, comes some lighter fare. Bring out the poolside photos or the golf course gaffes! This shirt is delightfully summer inspired with its posh striped design and breathable soft polyester blend fabric.

Another easy machine-washable piece, this is an easy sweater to wear outside. Why not risk a little dirt!

This little number features a collar, a leash hole, and a straightforward pullover design that makes this sweater super easy to put on (for even the more fussy hairless kitties) and a breeze to take off.

This sweater is definitely not ideal for those of us unfortunates living in colder climes! This garment is definitely more ideal for cool and breezy summer days, so don’t purchase this with the expectation that it will suit every season!

What’s not to love about a cool and breezy summer polo shirt? We think it definitely belongs in every Sphinx’s clothing wardrobe!

5. Frisco


How could we curate a list without featuring one with the famous Fair Isle style of knitting?

While the Chewy featured Frisco brand boasts many a Fair Isle style sweater, we’ve chosen their winter-inspired one! All this talk of different seasons and pumpkin spice and dry leaves certainly came to mind after a while.

This is absolutely perfect for October, hands (or paws) down. Plush and comforting, your hairless kitty will feel perfectly cozy in this sweater, but look as sharp as could be.

Also machine washable like most of its predecessors, this is a Halloween inspired look that’s all too easy.

While definitely suitable for autumn weather, it might look a bit odd having your cat wear this in July! He or she may also find it uncomfortable in the heat, so be sure to have plenty of backup options in their wardrobe.

Ultimately, what’s not to love? It’s so cute! It’s a cozy and comfortable hairless cat in a sweater!


It all boils down to your climate and how well your Sphinx reacts to certain fabrics and stimuli. Some won’t like a Fair Isle inspired sweater and will prefer something cooler. Some will balk at the idea of anything less than a luxe jumper with double fleece!

You know your cat, but it’s important to have a versatile wardrobe that will assist with your Sphynx’s somewhat poor temperature regulation abilities.

We take pride in our carefully curated lists and strive to give you honest reviews that will steer you to products that provide value; all of these are affordable and high-quality choices.

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