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Best Stainless Steel Litter Boxes

The 5 Best Stainless Steel Litter Boxes In 2023

Every cat needs a litter box or two, and there are all sorts of preferences for different cat owners and cats. For those looking for a litter box that is easy to clean, resilient, non-smelly, and reliable, a stainless steel litter box could be right for you. Before we jump into the best options on the market today, read this next section to see the benefits of a stainless steel litter box.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Litter Boxes


– Tough And Resistant Material

  • Replacement is needed every few years which is less often than once a year with a plastic litter box.
  • Doesn’t get scratched as easily.
  • Less bacteria growth than plastic litter boxes
  • Will remain rust-free.

– Better For The Earth

  • Since you don’t need to replace a stainless steel litter box as often as plastic, this is more eco-friendly.

– Doesn’t Soak Up Smells

– Quicker And Less Hassle Cleaning

– Sleek Aesthetic

– Usually Bigger Than The Average Litter Box


– Higher Cost

  • You can expect stainless steel to be twice the cost of a plastic litter box.

– Only A Few Choices

  • All are simple open litter boxes. 
  • If you want a hooded or top entry litter box, there are no options with stainless steel. 

– Some Cats Don’t Like Stainless Steel

  • It will be colder and less comforting to the touch than plastic.

Important Features To Look For In A Litter Box

  • Big Enough
    • It is important that your cat can fit easily inside the litter box with extra space. This gives them space to not step on their own waste, bury waste comfortably, and have all the space to do what they need to. Our recommendation is to purchase a litter box with the dimensions of at least 15 inches wide, 21 inches long, and 6 inches tall. It is better to have a litter box on the bigger side.
  • Rounded Corners
    • Some options of stainless steel litter boxes have sharp corners. This is dangerous and should be avoided. There are plenty of options that don’t have this feature. 
  •  High-sides
    • The litter box needs to have walls that are at least 6 inches tall. Any less height will result in litter being kicked outside.

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The 5 Best Stainless Steel Litter Boxes

1. iPrimio

One of the advantages of the iPrimio Ultimate litter pan is that it is huge and it will never retain the smell of cat waste and litter. Also, this stainless steel litter box is very tough and will last a lot longer than a plastic litter box.

The box has an ergonomic design with rounded edges. It comes in an extra-large size, so it’s great for a big cat like a Maine Coon.

The only true problem with this box is that some have complained that the litter sticks to the cat litter box more than they thought it would.

iPrimio is our number one choice because it’s large and durable.


  • Durable
  • Very large


  • Litter sometimes sticks
  • More expensive

2. Dimaka

The Dimaka is a highly regarded choice because it is odor-free and litter will not stick to it. 

Many cat owners have expressed surprise at the odor control of the litter box, and the rounded edges also ensure safety. This cat box will not rust. There are also small rubber pads on the bottom so it is non-slip.

Unfortunately, this stainless steel litter box is a bit heavier, which makes it harder for cat owners to dump out the litter when the time comes to do so.

The Dimaka is great for cats of all sizes, it’s durable and odor-resistant.


  • Durable
  • Non-stick
  • Safe


  • Heavier than other litter boxes

3. Yangbaga

One of the interesting things about the Yangbaga is that it not only works for cats but bunnies, as well. It’s available in multiple sizes, which is great for those who want to purchase multiple litter boxes for their varying-sized cats. 

Also, many cat owners point out that this stainless steel litter box is really convenient and quick to wash out and that the high sides prevent stains from spray.

The Yangbaga is known to slide a little bit, which can be annoying. Overall, it’s a great deal in terms of the cost.


  • Durable
  • High-sided


  • Slides a bit

4. OhmBox

There are lots of great options out there when you are looking for a stainless steel cat litter box, but there’s a huge advantage with the Ohmbox – it has a lifetime warranty! The litter box is much more expensive than the average litter box, but the lifetime warranty makes it very much worth every cent. The Ohmbox is also so large that it might be the number one option for those with huge cats.

Also, a portion of the profits goes to the MEOW Foundation, which helps rescue cats and house cats.

The litter box is also very easy to clean. However, there is one drawback – some have complained that the walls aren’t high enough. Preventive Vet suggests the walls for a litter box be 8 – 12 inches, while this one has walls that are only 6 inches.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Absorbs odor
  • Portions go to MEOW Foundation


  • Short sides/walls
  • Pricey

5. Update International

This is a great option because it’s more affordable than many of the other products on the market. 

You can purchase the Update International in both “half” and “full” versions, so you can pick which size makes sense for your cat. This is a great steam pan for smaller cats. 

Many cat owners have pointed out that their steam pan has lasted for years. When compared to other products, it is extremely affordable.

There is one con – the sharp corners might not be the safest thing for your cat. A way around this potential hazard is by putting some padding on the corners to make them safer.


  • Durable
  • Great for small cats
  • Affordable


  • Sharp corners

DIY Stainless Steel Litter Box

Buying a stainless steel cat litter box can be pretty expensive, but there is a way to get a cheaper product that is comparable in quality. If price is a concern, looking into purchasing a stainless steel steam pan. This isn’t exactly DIY since you are not creating your own litter box but it is a good way to save money and you do have to do a little customization to make it suitable for your cat. Get a steam pan that has plenty of depth to ensure that it can work as a litter box. There will need to be space for about two to three inches of litter and it should have some additional height to ensure the litter stays inside. Since these steam pans are made from the same material, they will have all the same great qualities as an actual stainless steel litter box without it being too expensive.

The only negative with this is that the corners on these steam pans can be sharp which can pose a risk to your cat. To prevent your cat from hurting themselves on these corners, you can add some padding to make them not dangerous. Once you can make sure that the corners of the pan aren’t going to be dangerous for your cat, you will have a stainless steel litter box that costs way less.


Do cats like stainless steel litter boxes?

Cats are more likely to like this kind of litter box than other litter boxes. This is because the material is of higher quality which will give your cat a more enjoyable experience when using their stainless steel litter box.

Stainless steel is not going to retain odor as much as plastic litter boxes which will make it more appealing for a cat to use. It is also easier for an owner to wash this kind of litter box which will lead to a cleaner litter pan which your cat will definitely like.

One aspect that cats might not like is the feel of the stainless steel. It will be colder and more rigid which your cat might find uncomfortable.

If you are transitioning from a plastic to a stainless steel cat litter box, it is going to take your cat a little bit of time to get used to the feel of the new litter box. There is also always a chance that your cat will dislike the stainless steel permanently and not want to use it, so keep that in mind.

Is a stainless steel litter box better than a plastic one?

Stainless steel litter boxes are better than typical plastic ones. They are more sanitary, tougher, last longer, and will not absorb odors. Stainless steel litter boxes are of higher quality, so they do cost more, but other than that, they have very little downside. In the next section, we go into all the pros and benefits of having a stainless steel pan to explain exactly why they are better.

What is the best way to keep a litter box from smelling?

The best way to keep the litter box from smelling is by scooping and cleaning it often. All other efforts you do to help fight odor will be useless unless the litter box is cleaned and scooped when it needs to be. It makes sense if you can remove the source of the odor, then there won’t be any odor. For one cat with one litter box, scooping once to twice a day should work. Any litter that you scoop out, replace it with some new litter. The litter box needs to be deep cleaned and the litter completely replaced every week or two. 

baking soda

There are some other things that you can do to help combat odor that you can supplement with a good routine of scooping and cleaning. A tried and true method is adding a bit of baking soda to the cat litter. Make sure to put this out of reach of your cat. If you haven’t replaced your litter box in a while consider replacing it. A litter box can become infused with smell over time from constant exposure to litter and waste. 

Keeping the litter box as close to odorless as possible is worth all the effort as it will not only be more pleasant to be around for you and your family, but it can also prevent litter box issues as your cat will be comfortable with using their litter box.

How to clean a stainless steel litter box?

Cleaning a stainless steel litter box is just like cleaning any other litter box but it is easier. The surface prevents litter from sticking as much as it would in a regular litter box. This makes the cleaning process a lot smoother. To clean a stainless steel litter box, first dispose of all the litter into a trash can. Then, allow the litter box to soak in a combination of warm water and a tiny amount of soap for around 10 minutes. After the soaking is complete, grab a washcloth and scrub the litter box to remove any lingering litter and stains. Let the litter box dry and fill it back up with litter.

What type of litter box is best for the environment?

The best kind of litter box for the environment is either a stainless steel litter box or a 100% recyclable litter box. A litter box made from stainless steel is a eco-friendly option because you don’t have to replace these litter boxes nearly as often as plastic litter boxes. I would consider recyclable litter boxes to be the most eco-friendly since these boxes can be recycled and the material can be reused to make new boxes or for other purposes. 

Is there a stainless steel litter box with high sides?

Yes, iPrimio sells a stainless steel litter box that comes with a plastic piece that attaches to the litter box to help keep litter and pee inside the litter box. If you have a problem with your cat peeing over the edge of the litter box, check out our post on litter boxes that are made for this problem. The walls are 12 inches tall on 3 sides, and only 6 inches tall on the entrance side. Here is a link to that on Amazon.


Stainless steel doesn’t retain smell, is easy to clean, and is very durable. The team at Kitty Cat Reviews believes that all feline owners should consider purchasing one of these. If you are considering replacing your old litter box, look into getting a stainless steel litter box.

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