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Where To Put A Cat’s Bed

Cats are known to sleep a lot. In fact, they sleep more than 14 hours per day. So picking a place to put your cat’s bed is a decision that should not be taken likely. We all want our cats to have the best sleep possible, and one of the biggest factors involved in them getting quality sleep is the location of their cat bed. Down below, the team at Kitty Cat Reviews wrote a list of characteristics of good places to keep your cat’s bed. We also suggest actual locations that are good to put a cat bed.

cat sleeping on bed

Characteristics Of Good Spots To Put A Bed

A Place Your Cat Already Sleeps

Your cat already most likely has a spot in your home that they choose to sleep in. This is a good spot to the bed as you already know that your cat likes it. It will also be easy to get them to sleep on their bed in this spot since they are already used to sleeping there.


When cats are resting, they love to be warm and cozy. Try to find a spot that is always warm or is near a window that lets the sunshine in. You can also use a self warming cat bed to help them stay at a nice temperature.


Cats love to sleep on somewhere high up in the air looking down on the ground. This can be explained by the natural instincts of felines. Cats prefer to be at an elevated position so they can be aware of what is around them and so that they can be safe away from any potential dangers. 

Near Where You Sleep

Some cats love sleeping near their owner, so if this seems like your cat, then try to find a spot in your bedroom.  Other cats want their own area to sleep, so putting the bed where you sleep will not always be the ideal spot.


Like all other creatures, cat want a place that will allow them to be at peace while they sleep. Don’t put the bed somewhere where your cat will be disturbed frequently.

Good Locations To Put A Cat Bed

The team at Kitty Cat Reviews put together a list of good spots to put a cat bed that matches all the criteria that was talked about above.

On The Edge Of Your Bed

The edge of your bed is a good spot so that they can be close to their owners. Bedrooms are usually relaxing places, so your cat will be able to sleep uninterruppted.

On A Cabinet That Is Near A Window

On top of a cabinet can be a good location, since it is high up. Also, if the cabinet is near a window that gets sunshine, your cat will be able to bathe in the sunlight during their beauty sleep.

In A Quiet Room

If your cat prefers to be sleep in completely peaceful conditions, you can put the cat bed in a room that gets rarely visited. Make sure that the room also is warm, and make sure that your cat likes the room you put the bed in. If after you put the bed in the room and it seems like they are avoiding sleeping there, try another location.


Why won't my cat use their bed?

A common issue is cats choosing not to use their bed. This can be frustrating as you might have just bought them a new bed, and even though it looks very comfortable, they still will not go near it. One of the potential causes is that the location of the bed is not quite right. Try moving the bed around to see if they start to use it more. Another reason is that some cats are so used to their old ways of sleeping that changing to a new bed is nearly impossible for them. If this seems to apply to your cat, the best solution is allowing them time to adapt. Encourage them to try out the new bed and be patient even if they don’t use it at first. You can also offer rewards such as play time and treats to associate using the bed with positivity. For more tips to entice them to start using their bed, check out this article we wrote.

Does it matter where a cat sleeps?

Yes, it matters where a cat sleeps. Cats want a place to sleep that is secure, quiet, and cozy, like a marshmallow cat bed helping them feel safe and at ease while they rest. It is also a good idea to provide a cat with multiple distinct sleeping areas, as cats often change their sleeping spots. Providing a comfortable and appropriate sleeping environment contributes significantly to a cat’s overall health and happiness.


Cats are known for their finicky nature, and it’s no surprise that they may not always choose to sleep in the designated bed area. However, don’t be discouraged! Keep experimenting with different spots until you discover the perfect one that your cat adores. Often, the ideal location is where your feline friend already prefers to snooze, so simply placing the bed there will ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction for your furry companion.

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