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Where To Put Cat Litter Box In Small Apartment

Living in an apartment with a cat can have many challenges, like where to put your cat’s litter box in a small apartment. There are many things that you need to consider when looking for the perfect place for your cat’s litter box.

litter box in the corner of an apartment

With a little time and a little bit of experimentation, you can find the perfect location for your cat’s litter box that both you and your cat agree on.

Key Takeaways

  • Place the cat’s litter box in a location that is easy to access and clean, such as a bathroom or utility closet, ensuring it’s also easily reachable by the cat.
  • Opt for low-traffic, quiet areas for the litter box to provide privacy and minimize stress for the cat, considering the use of furniture pieces to conceal it in places like living rooms.
  • Ensure good ventilation for the litter box spot to reduce odors and avoid humid areas like bathrooms where steam can cause clumping litter issues.

Things that you should consider when picking a location for a cat’s litter box in a small apartment

When looking for a place to put the litter box, these are some main things that you need to consider.

Easy to access

litter box in small apartmentYou will want to place the litter box in a place that is easy for you and your cat to get to.  Your cat may be able to squeeze into small places to get into their litter box, but it will be hard for you when it comes times to clean the litter box.

Look for a location that both you and your cat can easily access.·

Low traffic

Many cats like a location that is private and where not a lot of people can watch them while they are using the litter box.  It is best to find a part of the house that has an area that does not have a lot of traffic all the time.  If there is too much traffic in the area that you chose, your cat may find an area in the corner to use the bathroom instead.


Most cats like to use their litter box in quiet.  If you pick an area that has a lot of noise, your cat may not use their litter box.  Keeping your cat’s litter box right next to loud appliances or electronics will .  Find a quiet area in your house that is out of the way for your cat’s litter box. ·


You will want the area that you chose for your cat’s litter box to be well ventilated.  Litter boxes can get very smelly if you do not clean them regularly.  By putting the litter box in a highly ventilated area, you can cut down on the smell from the litter box. ·

Not humid

If you use clumping cat litter in your litter box, picking a humid area can cause the litter to clump.  If you put this litter box in your bathroom where you take a very hot shower each night, the steam from the shower can leave you with a very messy situation.

What are good locations for a cat’s litter box in a small apartment?

Once you have considered all these different things when picking a place, these are some places in your house that you may want to look at to store your litter box. ·


Many people will put the litter box in their bathroom.  This is a quiet and private area that is out of sight from most visitors.  The only downside to putting your cat’s litter box in your bathroom is that when you need to use the bathroom, it may already be occupied by your cat. ·

Utility Closet

litter box in utility closetIf you have a utility closet that your cat can have constant access to, this may be a good place to place the litter box.  This area would be out of the way and easily accessed by your cat.

Usually, these areas are quiet other than when your washer or dryer is running.  Most cats do not mind the sound of the washer and dryer near their litter box, and many people find this is a great place for their cat’s litter box.

Living Room

Most people do not want a litter box sitting in plain sight in their living room.  However, many decorative pieces of furniture can be placed in a living room where your cat’s litter box can be stored underneath like a litter box privacy tent.  These will give your cat’s litter box a nice place to be stored that your guest will not even realize is your cat’s litter box. ·

Laundry Room

The laundry room in a small apartment is a good place for your cat’s box because they are easy to access, are a low traffic area, and have good ventilation. Also, it can be convenient if the laundry room is where you clean the litter box. The only downside is that they might deter your cat with all the noise that comes from the washer and dryer but for most cats, it will be fine.


Another alright option is to keep a litter box in your bedroom. Some question how safe it is to keep the litter box in the same room as you sleep. If you have an area in the corner of your bedroom that your cat can easily access, this makes for a great spot.  This is usually out of your way but still easy for your cat to get to. Check out the next section to learn more about the safety of keeping the litter box in your bedroom.


Is it safe to put the litter box in my bedroom?

It is unclear if it is safe to have your cat’s litter box in your bedroom. It is most likely okay but still not a 100%. You can read on here to get more informed on this topic. If you have no other option than to keep the litter box in the bedroom, then it is most likely fine. Many times, you can get a nightstand that doubles as a litter box house underneath. Having a litter box in your bedroom may also make you keep your cat’s litter box very clean to avoid smelling the litter box at night.

How many litter boxes do I need?

You should have one more litter box than you do cats.  So if you have two cats, it is best to have three litter boxes.  This can make for a fun time trying to find locations for all of these boxes in a small apartment.


In a small apartment, it can be very hard to find an area that is best for your cat’s litter box.  It can take some time and a lot of patience to find the perfect area that both you and your cat like for their litter box.  Once you get your cat’s litter box in a new location, give them time to see if they also like this place.  You will quickly know if they do not approve, they will either use the new spot or they will not.