A cat drinking from a whisker relief cat bowl

8 Best Whisker Relief Cat Bowls In 2021

No matter how bossy the little kitty is, there is never a reason to un-love them. While getting the idea of a cat is a high right now, you should know there are things to take care of.

One of the easily ignorable things is whisker fatigue. If whiskers have a strain on them, they tend to hurt the poor animal. As a parent, it is your job to ensure that you make it easier for them with the best whisker relief cat bowl. These bowls help the whiskers stay in a neutral position when the cat eats. Eventually, this allows painless days for the cat. 

Read the top 8 best whisker relief cat bowl reviews to pick the best one. 

Quick Look

The 8 Best Whisker Relief Cat Bowls


The Dr. Catsby Cat Bowl is a unique shape for convenience for your kittens. 

The unique shallow design reduces the chances of whisker fatigue in your feline. The test on this bowl shows both big and small cats being comfortable in this bowl. 

The plan also allows for fewer spills. The base is silicone to stick to the ground. However, the top container is easy to lift. There are holes in the side to help raise the dish. 

The material of this bowl is a stainless-steel material. This makes it resistant to wear in case your cat is in a scratchy mood. The article has an approval of the FDA and is free from BPA. The capacity of the bowl is about 1.5 cups. 


  • Stainless Steel, BPA proof material.
  • Skidproof silicone mat.
  • Suitable for big and small cats.


  • Temperature-sensitive foods not suitable.
  • Not high.

This cat bowl is perfect for cats that are sensitive to the touch of whiskers. The non-skid design makes it easy for the owner to clean-up too. 


This eclipse bowl is all your cat needs if she is susceptible to whisker sensitivity! 

The Jackson Galaxy Eclipse Cat bowl has a unique design and stainless-steel material with the ability to kill bacteria. It prevents acne on your kitty. The plastic feet have a slight elevation to them. The height allows cats to eat without digestive problems. 

The design is like a flat bowl. The lining has a slight curve, which keeps the food in the place. The design changes in whiskers’ fatigue. It is also suitable for big and small cats, both. There is room for about 3 oz—cat food in this bowl. 


  • Slight blend from the center.
  • Elevation in feet.
  • Suitable for all cats.
  • Stainless steel to kill bacteria.


  • Feet are not non-skid. 

This unique cat bowl is a great design. However, you still have to use a foot mat to reduce spilling. 


This high-rise Cat Food Bowl by Kitty City will never let your cat throw up when eating. 

Kitty City’s Cat Food Bowl is a high bowl for your cat. Top pots reduce the risk of cats throwing up when they eat because their stomach faces no pressure.

The relatively shallow design is also suitable to relieve cats from the pain of whisker fatigue. The oval design allows your cat to reach the far end of the bowl without any hassle. 

These dishes hold up to 6.5 ounces of cat food at one time. The material is plastic. However, the plastic is safe for pets. It is also safe to use in dishwashers. 


  • Suitable height for easy eating.
  • Oval shape to reach to the other end.
  • Pet-friendly plastic for safe eating.
  • Easy maintenance in the dishwasher.


  • A bit slippery. 
  • Cats can quickly turn it over.

The kitty city cat food bowl is great to relieve some neck and whisker strain. However, use it with a food mat to make it work better. 


The Lorde Cat bowl is a stylish yet useful cat bowl. 

The Lorde Cat bowl is a bowl for people who like to go extra miles for their pets. You can choose multiple colors as well. This bowl is shaped like a cat face with ears. That’s not all! It has angled heights all over to reduce whiskers’ fatigue. To help convenience further, this cat bowl has non-skid feet. 

The material is melamine, which is safer than plastic in every way. It is dishwasher safe as well. There is no BPA and no potential to retain smells. The capacity is about 8 ounces. Overall, this cat bowl is quite safe for your cats. 


  • Angled to help with whisker strain.
  • Different colors.
  • Not slippery legs.
  • Does not retain the smell.
  • Is safe material.


  • Not much height.
  • Footpads slip off easily. 

These cat bowls are an excellent aesthetic for your house and an excellent use for your cat. Add a little height, and they are perfect. 


Two bowls mean dual the convenience with the Lepet Cat Bowls. 

Lepet Cat Bowls are a unique design of cat bowls. They naturally come in a pair, and there is a marvelous reason for it. The design is like an elevated Solid Bamboo rack. It has room for the two bowls on each side. It is perfect for both wet and dry food. 

You can also put water in one and the food in another. The design is brilliant, with room to easily lift the bowls. The engraving is in the shape of a cat head. The bamboo rack is also easy to raise with the handles.

The rack saves the bowls from toppling over, moving around, and creating a mess. Once they fit in the space, they are safe from straining the cat whiskers. There are two bowl options; ceramic and stainless steel. Both are safe materials for microwaves and healthy for cats. The capacity for both bowls is 1.25 cups. 


  • Bamboo rack for stability and height. 
  • Easy to lift rack and bowl features. 
  • Bowls safe from harmful chemicals.
  • 1.25 cups each capacity.


  • A slight chemical smell when you unbox.

The Lepet cat bowls work in every way to make sure that your cat is safe from any strain. 


ThinkPet Cat dish ensures that your cat is all at ease when they eat. 

The ThinkPet ensures that your cat does not have whiskers fatigue. The two different size options allow you to feed according to the appetite of your cat. It also comes in two different colors to keep your cat’s style. The design of the bowl is uniquely slanted. 

This style makes it suitable for the cat to reach their food without much hassle. Moreover, it saves the whiskers from fatigue and pain. 

The construction is ABS material. This material is safe from high and low temperatures, from dishwashers, and even from corrosion and wear. The base of the bowl has a silicone strap. The silicon helps in ensuring that no slip when in use. 


  • Angled design. 
  • ABS material safe from wear.
  • Silicone straps for anti-slipping. 
  • Comes in different sizes and colors.


  • The bowl is easy to tip over.
  • Not suitable for all size cats. 

Thinkpet cat bowl is a simple design with features to make it easy for your cat to drink. However, it still needs a mat because it tips over sometimes. 


The Lesotc cat bowls are a fun style for your cat to enjoy their meals without any strain on their whiskers. 

Lesotc cat bowls have a cat shape design with ears. They are great ways to ensure your cat eats as luxuriously as you do. The material on this is melamine. 

This high-quality construction material makes it odorless, non-toxic, and durable. The material ensures silence when in use. There is also an antiskid system in the base to keep the bowl stable. 

The design has an angle to ensure that whiskers and neck are not at par when eating. The legs have a slight lift to help reach the food quickly. There are two colors available in this cat bowl. 


  • Angled design to reach food.
  • Silent material.
  • Antiskid system on the base.
  • Slight elevation.


  • Not safe in the microwave.
  • Can cause chin acne.

The angled design of Lesotc Cat bowls makes it easy for cats to reach food. 


The Premium cat food bowl is a high cat bowl that ensures all cats have a digestive friendly way to eat. 

The premium cat food bowl looks like a cake stand, but it is not. This is a high cat food bowl. The height helps the cat reach without any strain in their necks. The height also helps keep the cat from puking after eating. This cat bowl is also whisker relief in design because of the shallow bowl. The capacity of the container is 2 cups for food. 

The material of this cat bowl is porcelain. This body is safe to use in the dishwasher and does not accumulate bacteria. This feature makes it safe for chin acne. The base is broad to reduce the chances of tipping. 


  • Lifted for ease.
  • Porcelain material.
  • 2 cups of food capacity.
  • Wide for whisker relief.


  • Slippery. 
  • No size options.

The Premium Cat Bowl does not allow the bacteria to stick. 

Buyers’ Guide

The following are critical factors that will help you choose the best whisker relief cat bowl. 


The material of the food bowl is essential. Imagine eating from a plate with lots of chemicals. If it is dangerous for you, it is hazardous for the feline as well. Plastic is never okay! 

The following materials are the top ones that are safe too. 

Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel perhaps is the most durable. This material can also kill bacteria, which causes chin acne in cats. The content is not silent, but it is the safest. 

Ceramic – Ceramic is also considerable material. It is durable and does not really move or tip easily. However, it is easy to break with the wrong movement. 

Melamine – This alternative to plastic is only suitable if it does not have BPA. It is durable and lightweight. However, some versions may grasp smell. 


The next important thing to consider is size; the size of the cat and the size of the bowl. While the design of some dishes is universal, generally, you have to check. 

If your cat has a big head, then regular size bowls may not work. Of course, this theory is obsolete with different designs.  


Elevation helps cats reduce strain in their backs, necks, and whiskers. Getting high bowls is better for your feline. Consider the size of your cat before you pick a height. 

However, keep in mind that there are suctions on the base or something to prevent these from tipping. 


While people ignore this factor, it is crucial. Make sure you know the exact amount of food that is safe and healthy for your cat. Consult a vet for more information. Once you have that, you can get the cat a bowl with the right capacity for food. 


Why Do You Need a Whisker Relief Bowl for your Cat?

Your cat needs a whisker relief bowl because of its natural shape. Whiskers play an integral part for cats, and they feel with them. When they are out of their natural form, they cause fatigue and pain. Your cat may not even eat appropriately if it is in fatigue. 

Can a Significant Bowl Work Just as Well?

That is very precise. It may not work well for cats with big heads. Moreover, big bowls may just cause your cat to drown in their food. Individual dishes are the way to go because they have proper designs that help keep them safe and healthy. 


Looking at all the best whisker relief cat bowls in the market, it is hard to choose which one is the best. However, the best amongst them is still the Lepet Cat bowls. The best thing about them is the whole structure. It allows you to raise the dishes with no chance of tipping. 

There are also two bowls and two material options for them. Of course, they are safe for whiskers because of the width of the pots. This cat bowl gives all the best things to your cat and aesthetics for you. 

Choosing the right cat bowl is crucial for the parenting of your kitty. Make sure to keep all the factors in your mind. If you have any confusion, you can ask your vet or a professional. You have the responsibility, ensure that your animal is happy and comfortable around you.